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Nyla Dwiggins<br />December 11, 2010<br />Period 5<br />Time Traveler Persuasive Essay<br />Have you ever wondered what hi...
Persuasive essay
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Persuasive essay


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Transcript of "Persuasive essay"

  1. 1. Nyla Dwiggins<br />December 11, 2010<br />Period 5<br />Time Traveler Persuasive Essay<br />Have you ever wondered what history has taken place in Macedonia? I bet you haven’t nobody ever knows what, who and how, history was made in Macedonia. I can tell you why you should take a trip to Macedonia, because of Alexander the Great, the change that occurred in Macedonia , and the churches, and religious places of Macedonia that are significant in their society. <br />Macedonia is best known by Alexander the Great and his father Philip II. They were the two kings that definitely made Macedonia famous. Philip II was the king that transformed Macedonia into a great military power, winning victory after victory on the battlefields throughout the Balkans. After he retired Alexander the great came into reign. He had defeated many other armies and brought Macedonia to their civilization height. <br /> Macedonia is the birth place of great power. After Alexander the Great had reign, the Romans had taken over the country. So, it wasn’t under the Macedonian culture it now was ruled by the roman culture. It had changed the ways Macedonia had been. The Romans changed the religion and and their culture, it was just the Macedonian culture in turned into the Macedonia-Roman Culture. <br />Some people might say that visiting Macedonia is a mistake only because it hasn’t made a great impact on the rest of the world. It’s not a place that a person would go to as if they were going to Rome or Greek. Macedonia is not popular for the most part; it is only brought upon conversation if Alexander the Great was included. Macedonia isn’t as great as any as the other countries around Macedonia like Rome, Greece it’s not popular at all. Macedonia is just another place in the world.<br />Macedonia has had the fortune of being the birth place great leaders, it has gone through horrible time and came back to its origin culture, and have wonderful places to be shown to the many visitors that come and see them. Macedonia may had places come and go but it will always be able to stand to take whatever comes its way. Whether it has the great leaders or not, Macedonia still stands as a once almighty, powerful civilization.<br />