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NYIBC 2013 is accepting applications from now through December 15th via an online dropbox. Go beyond what you thought possible. APPLY TODAY http://goo.gl/GWS4i #BEYONDGOLD

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  1. 1. NYIBC MissionNYIBC’s mission is to discover the worlds finest young ballet dancers, ages 17 to 24, provide them with an extraordinary educational, mentoring and cultural experience; advance their careers byproducing performances in New York City; and promote international understanding and goodwill.
  2. 2. What Sets Us ApartNYIBC is a three-week artistic education, professional training and performance program for forty-eight talented young dancers from countries around the world— all of whom receive fullscholarships to participate. NYIBC nurtures promising dancers providing them with anunparalleled career advancement opportunity and enabling them to completely focus on training toperform at their highest artistic level.The repertory performed by NYIBC participants is announced upon the arrival of the dancers inNew York. Unlike any other international ballet competition, the classical pas de deux and themodern/contemporary duet are the core of the repertory that NYIBC participants learn andperform. The repertory is taught by world-renowned coaches, masters of their profession. Inteaching the repertory, they pass their artistry to the younger artist; they pass on their secrets ofthe art of partnering. The opportunity to learn such outstanding repertory from such extraordinaryartists provides the dancers with professional training and artistic education they could not receiveelsewhere.NYIBC’s unique format in the ballet world provides its participants with a fair level playing field,and distinguishes it from all other ballet competitions.
  3. 3. How We Do What We Do The first two weeks are devoted to taking classes and the teaching and coaching of the repertory. Learning classical and contemporary masterpieces in such a short time period, and performing them in New York City, provides the dancers with a real-life experience of what it means to work in a first-class ballet company. NYIBC participants live and work together during their three-week stay in New York. This gives them the opportunity to see what’s happening technically around the world and learn from each other in a highly collaborative atmosphere. When they come to NYIBC, they must bring a strong technical base with them. The judges and the audience look for the artistry that goes with it.
  4. 4. How We Do What We DoThe performance rounds take place during thethird week of NYIBC in the Rose Theater at Jazzat Lincoln Center. The participants perform forthe public and the illustrious panel of judges.NYIBC participants have to be fast, accurate,concentrated, exact and immersed during theperiod they learn the repertory and while theyare being coached so that when they get toperform onstage, they have the intensity and theartistry that captivates the audience and the jury.Although participants apply as couples, they arejudged on an individual basis. All participantsperform exclusively with the partner with whomthey apply. All dancers invited to participate inNYIBC must compete. Eliminations are madeafter each round. Dancers must participate in allrounds unless both partners are eliminated and,if chosen, perform in the Gala Performance.The opportunity to perform and be discoveredexists for all participants.See next slide for a video insider look at NYIBC
  5. 5. What We Bring To Our AudiencesAudiences delight in the unique format of the performances whereby the dancers perform thesame choreographic version of the pas de deux and contemporary duet chosen for eachprogressive round. They learn to differentiate and appreciate the artistic and cultural nuancesevery dancer brings to each piece.NYIBC is an eye-opening look at the spectrum of interpretations and technical abilities that asingle ballet can call forth. Balletomanes and theatergoers alike also experience the dancers’personal artistry and unique qualities when they perform their solos, which showcase eachdancer’s strengths such as musicality, craftsmanship and technical control to engage theaudience and jury to connect with them as individual artists.
  6. 6. What We Bring To Our AudiencesThe jury, comprised of leading artistic figures from different countries, awards Gold, Silver andBronze medals accompanied by monetary prizes. In addition, the jury gives awards for specialartistic achievements.The Igor Youskevitch Award (a one-year contract with American Ballet Theatre) and the ArpinoAward (a one-year contract with The Joffrey Ballet) are awarded at the discretion of each of thesecompanies’ Artistic Directors.In addition to having access to the professional ballet world stage in New York City, and receivingcontracts, medals, awards and cash prizes, during their time at NYIBC the dancers form aversatile international company in which lifelong associations are born. NYIBC now has a networkof 480 alumni.
  7. 7. Record of ExcellenceNYIBC is committed to excellence with a clear vision and a passion for nurturing internationalyoung talent. NYIBC is a bridge for young gifted dancers to advance their careers and it providesaccess to the international professional ballet world like no other international ballet competition:by focusing on teaching and coaching repertory, the art of the pas de deux, providing dancers witha learning process, and passing the artistry from the mature artist to the young artist.NYIBC attracts hiring artistic directors and choreographers who are confident that a dancer whohas been mentored and trained at NYIBC can endure the rhythm of work and life in a premierballet company.Since the first NYIBC in 1984, our Alumni have gone on to successful careers with leadinginternational companies, including: American Ballet Theatre, New York City Ballet, The RoyalBallet, Paris Opera Ballet, Scottish Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, National Ballet of Canada, Royal DanishBallet, Frankfurt Ballet, Dutch National Ballet, Shanghai Ballet, Miami City Ballet, The RoyalWinnipeg Ballet, Boston Ballet, Washington Ballet, and Ballet Estable del Teatro Colón amongmany others.
  8. 8. Past NYIBC Participants and Where They Are Now1984 - Victoria Mazzarelli, Artistic Director, The Nutmeg Conservatory for the Arts1984 - Alexandre Proia, Freelance Teacher and Choreographer in the process of starting Proia Dance Theater1987 - Kenneth Greve, Artistic Director, Finnish National Ballet1987 - José Manuel Carreño, Performing Artist, Master Teacher and Artistic Director of Carreño Dance Festival1987 - Maximiliano Guerra, Director, Choreographer and Principal Dancer at Ballet del Mercosur and Co- Owner/Director of Fábrica de Arte1987 - Xin Lili, Artistic Director, Shanghai Ballet1987 - Anders Nordström, Principal Dancer, Royal Swedish Ballet1987 - Yang Xin Hua, Director, Shanghai Ballet School1990 - Barry Hughson, Executive Director, Boston Ballet1990 - Diliana Nikiforova, Prima Ballerina, Sofia National Opera and Ballet1990 - Silvina Perillo, Principal Dancer, Teatro Colón1996 - Gillian Murphy, Principal Dancer, American Ballet Theatre and Principal Guest Artist, Royal New Zealand Ballet
  9. 9. Past NYIBC Participants and Where They Are Now 2000 - Sarah Lamb, Principal Dancer, The Royal Ballet 2003 - Cesar Morales, Principal Dancer, Birmingham Royal Ballet 2003 - Ludmila Pagliero, Danseuse Étoile, Paris Opera Ballet 2003 - Victoria Jaiani, Company Member, The Joffrey Ballet 2003 - Kathleen Breen Combes, Principal Dancer, Boston Ballet 2005 - Joseph Gatti, Soloist, Boston Ballet 2005 - Gleidson Soares Vasconcelos, Company Member, Ballet Arizona 2007 - Eun-Ji Ha, Principal Dancer, Finnish National Ballet 2007 - Wu Husheng, First Principal Dancer, Shanghai Ballet 2007 - Paulo Arrais, Principal Dancer, Boston Ballet 2009 - Amber Neumann, Company Member, The Joffrey Ballet 2009 - John Mark Giragosian, Company Member, The Joffrey Ballet 2009 - Ricardo Santos, Company Member, The Joffrey Ballet