Sebastian Rea of Tribeca Enterprises


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Sebastian Rea, Content Operations Coordinator at Tribeca Enterprises discussed his career path and the importance of networking.

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Sebastian Rea of Tribeca Enterprises

  1. 1. The Way In:Networking your way into a full-time job Sebastian Rea 6/20/12
  2. 2. PERSONAL STORYRealizing My Calling – FILM-Always interested in filmmaking, regardless of hopelessness inferred upon byparents/others- Research, research, research - Various Career Fields & QualificationsWORK HISTORY - started at 13 – Queens Hospital Human Resources Asst. 14 - LaGuardia Community College International Student Secretary 15/16 – Travel – helps put the world in perspective 17 – SilverCup Studios – Gaffer & Grip - Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum Educational Intern 18 – Volunteer at the Tribeca Film Festival (Beginning) - CinemaRosa Film Festival at The Queens Museum of Art – Programming 19 – BAZAN PR Marketing Intern 20-22 – Tribeca Film Festival Content Dept Intern - NYSYLC Volunteer (ongoing) - Contracted as Documentary Filmmaker in Madrid, Spain (2011) - Graduated SUNY Purchase College Dec ’12 1/3/12 – FULL TIME at TRIBECA FILM – Content Operations Coordinator (23)
  3. 3. Get In The FieldRESEARCH EVENTS - Attend events corresponding to your dream career(s) - Film Festivals, Design workshops, Universityconferences, ect - NYC is the capital of the world, exploit her. - Social Skills - Smile and approach someone – maximize socializing - Look people in the eye – confidence - Engage everyone – enthusiastic & political - Must… - have Business Cards ! - be Outgoing and ask questions - meet everyone & stay in contact ! - beef up social networking tools OR Censor themaccordingly
  4. 4. CAREER DEVELOPMENT CENTERS- Don’t Waste Time - Even if you don’t know what you want to do, test out an internship somewhat close to your aspirations. - Talk to a counselor, that’s what they’re there for. - Perfect resume - Make a cover letter (generic & specific) - Polish Interview Techniques- Get to Know Your Professors - Ask them about their careers & field of study - Be introduced to upperclassmen and alumniIf you start early, by the time you finish college you’ll havean agenda full of contacts!
  5. 5. SOCIAL TIPS- Making Social Networking Tools Work For You - Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/LinkedIn/WordPress/Blogger - global networks, keep in touch, reach millions. - Profile check – mold it accordingly, privatize everything else - We live in a new digital networking culture - KLOUT – Mother of all Social Networks - Measures your social networking influence - New method of brands/companies paying attention to consumers of influence – viral marketing - Rewards for posting - Even effects some job interviews - Impress your boss
  6. 6. THE INTERNSHIP- Always be early- Always volunteer to help and ask if there’s anything you can do.- Always observe and be attentive + Take Notes!- Make your internship your top priority (even if it’s no pay)- Ask about the prospects of landing a full time position - Let them know your interested - Familiarize yourself with the process- Ask about returning next semester of staying on board duringwinter/summer breaks. - This lets them know how interested you are in the company. - Shows them you’re motivated- Most company’s don’t like to train new employee’s, that’s why beingan intern is so important – it allows you to be the best candidatefor the full-time because you know the work flow already.
  7. 7. CONTACT INFO Sebastian Rea Content Operations Coordinator Tribeca Enterprises | 375 Greenwich St. New York, NY 10013 p. 212.941.2348 m. 347.421.4661FaceBook-!/Sebz14Tumblr-