LinkedIn: Rock Your Online Resume

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Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile in your job search and beyond. …

Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile in your job search and beyond.

Topics covered include:

Pro tips for your profile
Adding widgets
Recommendation etiquette
Beta features like Skills, Answers, and other LinkedIn labs tools
Making your profile higher in search results

More in: Career , Business , Technology
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  • 1. By @MarnySmith of @NYCInternsLinkedIn: Rock Your Online Resume Presented by Marny Smith VP, Community Director
  • 2. By @MarnySmith of @NYCInternsAgenda ● Status check ● LinkedIn by the numbers ● Optimizing your profile ● Building your network + leveraging connections ● Cool features
  • 3. By @MarnySmith of @NYCInternsRaise your hand if you... ● Have a LinkedIn profile? ● Have logged into LinkedIn in the last week? ● Have used LinkedIn to search for jobs? ● Have more than 100 connections? 200? 300+? ● Participate in groups or follow companies? ● Update your status regularly?
  • 4. By @MarnySmith of @NYCInterns
  • 5. By @MarnySmith of @NYCInternsLinkedIn by the numbers ● 150+ million members worldwide ● 60+ million in North America ● 2 new members join every second ● LinkedIn supports 17 languages ● 93 percent of job recruiters tap into LinkedIn to find qualified candidates ● 76.9% of users say LinkedIn helped them research people and companies ● 68.8% of users said that it helped reconnect with past business associates ● 49.7% of users said it was good for building new network relationships with individuals who may influence potential customers
  • 6. By @MarnySmith of @NYCInterns Use LinkedIn To: ● Establish and manage your professional identity ● Build and maintain your professional network ● Find valuable knowledge, insights, and opportunities
  • 7. By @MarnySmith of @NYCInterns Optimizing Your Profile Users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn. ● Make sure your profile is 100% complete ● Add a clear professional photo ● Write a summary ● Create a vanity URL ● Customize your websites, add your Twitter handle + contact details ● Get recommendations ● Add keywords
  • 8. By @MarnySmith of @NYCInterns Examples of What NOT To Use As Your LinkedIn Photo 1. 2. 3.4. 5. 6.
  • 9. By @MarnySmith of @NYCInterns
  • 10. By @MarnySmith of @NYCInterns Write a summary. The summary is your opportunity to be creative and inject some personality into your profile. Use this space to explain: ● Who you are ● What you do/want to do ● How you add value ● What makes you unique
  • 11. By @MarnySmith of @NYCInterns Create a vanity URL
  • 12. By @MarnySmith of @NYCInterns Customize your websites, add your Twitter handle + contact details
  • 13. By @MarnySmith of @NYCInterns Recommendations ● Recommendations show you are actively connecting and networking. ● Third party endorsements add value. ● Aim to have at least one recommendation for each position. ● Always be looking for recommendations. ● Dont trade recommendations. ● Ask for them!
  • 14. By @MarnySmith of @NYCInterns
  • 15. By @MarnySmith of @NYCInterns Add keywords ● Think about what words people would use if they wanted to find you on LinkedIn. ● If youre a digital media consultant, try "digital media," "consultant" and "online media consultant." ● LinkedIn recognizes keywords in the following areas: - Headline* - Position titles - Specialties - Interests - Groups ● Weave keywords into your profile where appropriate. ● Dont go overboard.
  • 16. By @MarnySmith of @NYCInterns Leveraging connections + building your network Your connections should represent your real-world network. ● Adding connections ● Introduction etiquette ● Groups
  • 17. By @MarnySmith of @NYCInterns
  • 18. By @MarnySmith of @NYCInterns Adding connections Always include a personal message.
  • 19. By @MarnySmith of @NYCInterns Introduction etiquette Make it easy for your connection to make the introduction. ● Tell your connection how you would like to be described. ● Say why you are requesting the introduction. ● Include details on how the introduction will be beneficial to both parties. ● Be polite and say thank you.
  • 20. By @MarnySmith of @NYCInterns
  • 21. By @MarnySmith of @NYCInterns Groups ● Join groups in your industry. ● Discover popular discussions. ● Find job leads. ● Give advice/ask for advice. ● Follow "Top Influencers" ● Start your own group. You can send messages to people in the same group as you for free.
  • 22. By @MarnySmith of @NYCInterns
  • 23. By @MarnySmith of @NYCInterns Cool Features ● Follow companies ● Updates: stay active + relevant ● Answers: become an expert + get noticed ● LinkedIn Labs: check out experimental features ○ Resume Builder ● Skills & Expertise: discover skills in demand ● Add widgets ● LinkedIn Today: see whats trending in your network
  • 24. By @MarnySmith of @NYCInterns
  • 25. By @MarnySmith of @NYCInterns Set Goals ● Complete your profile: 100% ● Add 25 new connections ● Try out a new feature you haven’t used before ● Send out a request for a recommendation to at least five people you’ve worked with or currently work with ● Add your goal here_________________
  • 26. By @MarnySmith of @NYCInterns Resources ● How to Harness the Power of LinkedIn – INFOGRAPHIC ● LinkedIn: Paid Version vs. Free Version ● Lindsey Pollak - LinkedIn Global Spokesperson ● user guides for Job Seekers * Entrepreneurs * Business Development * Consultants * Non-Profits ● How to build your brand on LinkedIn ● LinkedIn Tips: Getting More from the Social Networking Service ● I’m on LinkedIn, Now What ● Six Newish Things About LinkedIn You Need to Know ● Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2012 ● LinkedIn: Jobs for Students and Recent Graduates ● NY Creative Interns ● Rapportive - app that shows you the LinkedIn profiles of people who email you