Hashtag to Hired: Use Social Media to Land a Job or Internships

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Think your skills at Facebook stalking, refreshing Twitter streams or Googling yourself will lead you nowhere? Think again! Social media can be a great way to build online presence, educate yourself …

Think your skills at Facebook stalking, refreshing Twitter streams or Googling yourself will lead you nowhere? Think again! Social media can be a great way to build online presence, educate yourself and discover new professional opportunities. Feeling overwhelmed? NY Creative Interns is here to help you get started on a social networking extravaganza that will lead you to the internship or job of your dreams.

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  • 1. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns Hashtag to Hired Using Social Media to Land an Internship or Job Presented by Emily Miethner Founder, President
  • 2. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns What You Will Learn 30+ social media networking tips that will help lead you to the career of your dreams The tips demonstrate how to use the tools, but more importantly, how to connect with people
  • 3. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns The Platforms We’ll Discuss – Twitter – Facebook – LinkedIn – Personal Websites and Blogging
  • 4. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns My Story • During College – Intern, Knitting Factory, +1 Music, Time Out New York – Founder of HAGA (Graphic Design Club) – Created Not All Artists are Starving, Networking Night • Post College – Intern, Gawker Media and Flavorpill – Social Media Coordinator, Sterling Publishing – Community Manager, RecordSetter
  • 5. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns NY Creative Interns • Mission – To enable college students and recent grads to find internships, mentors, and inspiration through networking and events • Fun Facts – Largest Meetup for interns and grads in New York City – Speakers from Condé Nast, Etsy, Bravo, Tumblr, Google, Getty Images, NBCUniversal and more – Social and educational events all year round
  • 6. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns
  • 7. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinternshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FRwCs99DWg
  • 8. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns
  • 9. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns General Tips – Assume everyone sees everything – Keep it professional – Know your industry – Try lots of platforms but stick to a few
  • 10. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns
  • 11. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns Twitter – Social networking and microblogging service – 1.6 billion search queries per day – 200 million users Info via wikipedia
  • 12. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns Twitter – Bio should have your job, interests, link to your website, and a fun fact – Follow industry leaders and folks you admire – Use lists to organize people you’re following – Search Twitter to find internships and jobs that may not be listed anywhere else
  • 13. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns Twitter – Get on peoples radar with retweets and @ mentions – Know how to Tweet directly at someone – Use Twitter as a follow up tool – Bookmark tweets by “favoriting” them – Participate in Twitter Chats
  • 14. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns Twitter Chats – #GenYJob: Bring potential students of all ages with the resources and connections they need to make their college and career school dreams come true – #InternPro: Chat about internships and networking – #HFChat: Weekly chat for job seekers & experts
  • 15. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns
  • 16. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns Facebook – Compete.com study ranked Facebook as the most used social networking service – 600 million active users – 138.9 million monthly unique U.S. visitors in May 2011 Info via wikipedia
  • 17. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns Facebook – Test your privacy settings – Delete any questionable photos – Pay attention to what people write on your wall – Include quotes from industry heroes
  • 18. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns Facebook – Like Company Fanpages and engage in smart ways – Switch to the timeline view – Add your employers and education – Include your contact information and websites
  • 19. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns
  • 20. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns LinkedIn – Business-related social networking site used for professional networking – 100+ million registered users – 21.4 million monthly unique U.S. visitors and 47.6 million globally Info via wikipedia
  • 21. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns LinkedIn – Use a professional photo – Customize your websites – Get recommendations – Add keywords and skills – Join alumni and professional interest groups
  • 22. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns LinkedIn – Search the job listings – Look up the profile of the person with your dream job – Follow companies to see employee career paths – Filter college alumni by location, company, and more – Use the resume builder – Make sure your resume and LinkedIn match
  • 23. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns
  • 24. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns Personal Websites and Blogs – Tumblr is easy to set up, has a built in community, and is great for the arts – Wordpress is more customizable, better for long form, and SEO friendly – Flavors.me is a home for all your social sites
  • 25. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns What To Blog About? – Internship experience – Class projects – Industry news – Event recaps – Career goals – Peanut Butter
  • 26. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns Real Life Horror/Success Stories – Google’s party background check • It’s not just what you post on Facebook… – Getting in the door before the interview • Tweeting beyond my resume…
  • 27. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns Resources • http://nycreativeinterns.com/resources • http://twitter.com/NYCinterns/listings • http://bit.ly/massivetwitterchatlist • http://www.linkedin.com/skills • http://www.linkedin.com/answers • http://resume.linkedinlabs.com • http://www.linkedin.com/studentjobs • bit.ly/sreejobs • http://mashable.com/2011/06/19/get-job-using-social-media • http://emilymiethner.com/2010/08/how-to-build-a-portfolio-website
  • 28. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns Resources (con’t) • http://www.brazencareerist.com • http://www.youtern.com • http://www.getgi.gs • http://urbaninterns.com • http://www.branchout.com • http://www.meetup.com
  • 29. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns Join NY Creative Interns nycreativeinterns.com conf.nycreativeinterns.com nycreativeinterns.com/newsletter slideshare.com/nycreativeinterns