Announcing Trekk: Drupal for the University, Evolved


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Drupal Connect announces a Drupal distribution for higher education institutions, targeting advanced migration and complex content distribution workflows.

Trekk is an exciting new Drupal 7 Distribution designed to meet common University pain points unaddressed by existing solutions.

Trekk has 3 major benefits:

1. Sharing content across sites—many of our clients have needed to share courses, faculty bios, news, etc between multiple department or school sites. Trekk allows you to add that professor bio to the upcoming symposium or cross-list a certificate course without duplication of efforts or the burden of maintaining multiple content versions. We’ve designed Trekk to be flexible and robust, you can share content in Drupal-friendly format so client sites can use Views, Panels, Display Suite and all of the other tools your team is familiar with OR you can share raw data as JSON for ultimate flexibility. Best of all, it’s easy to keep things in sync—the data flow is one-way, so there’s no confusion about where changes occurred AND client sites can be configured to override and customize in safe ways via a workflow and permissions system.

2. Built-in support for Flatfish—a Ruby library we wrote to make it easy to migrate your legacy site. By working with HTML, Flatfish avoids messy database schemas, backend platform concerns (eg Oracle or MS SQL with various versions), and VPN credentials or FERPA/confidential data concerns—you can literally start moving your old site today!

3. Permissions and workflow designed with Universities on Trekk in mind. Trekk has built-in roles and permissions to make it easy to share content without worrying about breaking branding, policies, or governance; but at the same time allows department or school client sites to maintain their autonomy—customizing look and feel where appropriate.

We’re incredibly excited to announce this Distribution. Come learn more about Trekk’s benefits and a basic overview of the implementation.

We look forward to sharing our work so far and hearing your thoughts and ideas.

Speaker(s): Christopher Jones

Experience Level: Beginner

Published in: Technology, Business
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Announcing Trekk: Drupal for the University, Evolved

  1. 1. TrekkThe Next Evolution of Drupal in the University 
  2. 2. Introduction Drupal Connect – expert Drupal development Higher Ed Experience – Stanford, Stevens Institute of Technology, Georgetown, Yale, Point Loma Nazarene University Chris Jones – Senior Developer, Trekk co-developer
  3. 3. What is Trekk? A Drupal distribution for universities Aimed at schools and large departments
  4. 4. Why Another Distribution? Clients repeatedly looking to:  Intelligently share data across sites  And migrate content, often from awkward legacy systems (HTML, Oracle, MS SQL, etc)
  5. 5. Other Distros: Different Needs Open Academy  Faculty and department sites— focuses on ease of use, drag- and-drop. Open EDU  Brand new. Multi-site focus.
  6. 6. Trekk Serves Different Needs  Intelligently share content  Migrate content from legacy systems  Reduce the costs of duplicated effort  Strengthen brand recognition  Reconcile competing editorial priorities  Enrich the user experience
  7. 7. What Trekk Does Flexible content sharing  More than just Views + RSS  More than one way to share Flexible workflows  Enforce brand and policy compliance  Empower diverse constituencies
  8. 8. What’s Stopping You Migration is costly and complex New systems need to interoperate with legacy systems Legacy systems can be difficult to migrate
  9. 9. Meet Flatfish Designed to do two things:  Save on costs  Shrink time lines All while streamlining planning and QA
  10. 10. What Trekk Isnt A turnkey solution Focused on layouts and content types Another layer of dashboards and wizards Meant for faculty and small department sites
  11. 11. Is Trekk Right for Me?Do you have: Numerous large sites running on Drupal Legacy sites to migrate A complex organizational structure that needs flexibility A requirement to share content in a robust yet flexible manner Brand compliance requirements
  12. 12. Learn More Call our CTO, Jonathon Whitener, at 512.363.5488