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  • Identify where Achham is, and point out that most development, funding, tourism is in the KTM valley/east of the country – i.e. NOT the FW. Can also mention Achham (FW generally) was epicenter of Maoist conflict => even more destitution. Don’t spend more than 90 secs on this slide though, our goal is not to give a history of Nepal hehe
  • Goal of slides 6-8 is to offer audience an understanding of where we work and what changes/progress we’ve seen there over the last 5 years. Slides 6 & 7 will offer general numbers, divided into People and Infrastructure, with slide 8 offering a summary of where we are in 2011.
  • “ICU” = intensive care unit (we should spell this out for the audience as many people likely won’t know what that is)

Giz Giz Presentation Transcript

  • Nyaya Health:
    Achieving Justice in Health in Achham
    Mark Arnoldy | Incoming Executive Director
  • Outline of Presentation
    The Nyaya Health Story
    What We Do | Who We Are
    Nyaya’s Unique Model of Delivering Health Care
    A Call to Action
  • “The ease with which young people die in Achham and the ease with which it is accepted continues to horrify me.” -RumaRajbhandari, MD, MPH, March 22, 2011.
  • Nyaya Health: Who We Are
    What We Do:
    Nyaya Health is building a replicable system of hospital- and community-based healthcare in rural Nepal via an open-access, public-private partnership.
  • Nyaya Health: Who We Are
    Social justice-oriented mission:
    To provide free community-based healthcare in rural Nepal that strengthens the public sector
    To develop and disseminate a replicable model of health delivery in resource-poor settings throughout the world
    • Founded in 2005; public-private partnership with Nepali Ministry of Health & Population in 2009
    • Partners In Health (PIH) Partner Project
    • Nyaya Team:
    • 31 full-time employed Nepali staff + ~50 CHWs
    • 1 full-time US-based Executive Director
    • Volunteer Executive Team, Board of Directors and Board of Advisors
  • Where We Work: Nepal – Achham District, Far Western Region
  • Achham: People
    ~270,000 people
    99.6% Hindu
    60% agricultural
    >80% of men migrate to India, and 35% of families rely on remittances from India
    33% literate: 54% men, 14% of women
    <$1USD is daily per capita income
  • Achham: Infrastructure
    >90% of houses have did not have electricity
    0 doctors for 270,000 people
    45% had access to clean water – 2.5x worse than national average
    Hydroelectric plant functioning <50% capacity
    Extremely limited landline telephone capacity, one cell phone tower
    Paved road ended in SanfeBagar
    Airport destroyed during war
    Hospital 5 hours, surgery 6 hours, ICU 14 hours
  • Bayalpata Hospital: Current Services
    • Outpatient department
    • 24-hour emergency services
    • 24-hour birthing center
    • 15-bed Inpatient ward
    • Laboratory with point of care tests
    • Testing and treatment for HIV, tuberculosis, and malnutrition
    • In-house pharmacy
    • Ambulance service
    • X-ray
    • Ultrasound
    • Safe abortion
    • Community Health Workers (CHWs)
    • Telemedicine
  • What problems plague the NGO system in Nepal?
  • Nyaya Health: Unique Features
    • Collaboration with the Government
    • Managed by a volunteer Board of Directors, 31 full-time employed Nepali staff and many volunteers around the world
    • Over 99% of all funds used directly in Nepal
    • Transparency
    • Prioritizing the most marginalized
    70% achhami
    60% female
    35% dalit
    65% female
  • Nyaya Health: Wiki
    • Wiki is a searchable repository of:
    • Management policies
    • Financial data
    • Clinical protocols
    • De-identified clinical data
    • All pages viewable to the public
    • A forum to share lessons-learned from Achham with organizations in similar settings around the world
    • Opportunity for critical feedback and collaboration
  • Nyaya Health at Bayalpata Hospital
    • Mission: infrastructure development in collaboration with the government, not only care provision
    • Government partnership contract for 5 years signed June, 2009 – June, 2014
    • Over 60,000 patients treated to date
  • Inputs and Outputs
    Total Expenditures: $166,000
    Annual Per Capita Public Health Expenditures in Achham: $5
  • Funding
  • Next Steps: Continue Renovations
  • Next Steps
    Next Steps: Scale-up of Surgical Services
  • Next Steps
    Next Steps: Building Solar Power Capacity
  • Next Steps
    Next Steps: Expanding Community Health
  • A Call to Action: Leveraging a $75,000 Matching Grant
    Nyaya Health has just received a $75,000 USD matching grant from the Nick Simons Foundation.
    How can YOU help leverage that for the benefit of Achhamis?
    Connectionfor a funding partnership?
    A personal contribution?
    Facilitating more presentations or meetings?
    Time, advice, mentorship?
  • Questions, Reflections, Comments?