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A presentation given at one of the National Youth Agency's regional events on the Governments new ten year youth strategy, "Aiming High for Young People".

A presentation given at one of the National Youth Agency's regional events on the Governments new ten year youth strategy, "Aiming High for Young People".

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  • 1. Aiming High for Young People: A Ten Year Strategy for Positive Activities Action on young people’s participation and volunteering Workshop 2 A Vision for Empowerment – Young People’s Participation
  • 2. The context
    • Recognition of the importance of young people’s participation in decision making processes that affect them – following Every Child Matters: Change for Children and Youth Matters: Next Steps
    • Increased participation in funding decisions following Youth Opportunity Fund and Youth Capital Fund
    • Young people’s participation recognised as core function – need for it to be “built in, not bolted on”
    • Increasing recognition of the value of volunteering to healthy communities and to individual young people
  • 3. Vision for Empowerment in AHYP
    • Society will have a more positive view of young people
    • Services for young people will be sensitive and responsive to their needs, specifically supporting the most marginalised and disaffected
    • Young people will have increasing control over local spending on positive activities and more support to take on local leadership roles
    • Young people themselves will make use of effective mechanisms for holding local providers and commissioners to account for prioritising youth provision
  • 4. Participation in AHYP
    • Empowerment: direct influence and control of design, commissioning and delivery - incl. 5% budget for youth services 2010/2011 and 25% spending on youth activities and facilities by 2018
    • Access: inclusive services that are accessible practically and strategically
    • Quality: need for capacity building to train young people and adults
    • A meaningful dialogue with young people
  • 5. Volunteering in AHYP
    • Frequent references to volunteering - raising young people’s aspirations and cited as one of the activities that can improve outcomes
    • The importance of resilience + social and emotional skills – all advanced by volunteering…
    • Involvement in governance, activism and helping develop public policy all count as volunteering
    • Access to a full range of volunteering opportunities will be critical
  • 6. Key issues concerning volunteering
    • Range and Vision – activities, skills, accreditation and use of language
    • Opportunities and Outcomes – part of the local offer
    • Resources, Planning and Delivery - reconciling local versus national priorities
    • Investing in volunteering – securing the place of volunteering within new priorities for investment
    • Workforce and infrastructure issues – youth workers, citizenship teachers, third sector roles, mentoring etc