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Social Media 103: How to Measure and Optimize Your Results
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Social Media 103: How to Measure and Optimize Your Results


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Social Media 103: How to Measure and Optimize Your Results
  • 2. Michelle Hummel CEO of… Thanks for joining me today!
    • Web Media Expert: Social Media Agency
    • Like Social Media: Business Directory & Ranking Tool
    • Send Social Media: Social Media Management Dashboard
    • Social Media Matcher:   Social Media Applications Directory
    • Web Media University: Social Media Training and Certification
    • My book: The Social Media Magnet “ Everything you need to know to attract customers with social media” by Michelle Hummel
  • 3. How do I measure my social media marketing success?
  • 4.
    • Move people to take action, join contests
    • Increase email and blog subscribers
    • More likes, fans and followers
    • Increase sales
    • Improve search engine ranking
    • Increase blog post comments
    • Reduce your sites bounce rate
    • Increase event registration
    • Turn fans into advocates
    • Increase website traffic
    Step #1: Define Your Goals What are your marketing goals?
  • 5.
    • KPI = Key Performance Indicators: a metric used to track if you are accomplishing your business goals
    • Blog comments
    • Downloads
    • Email subscriptions
    • Likes, Followers and Fans
    • Reviews
    • Time spent on key pages
    • Ratings
    • Registered Users (new/active)
    Step #2: Define Your KPI’S What are the results you are looking for?
  • 6.
    • Blog should be part of your website
    • Drive traffic with original content
    • Content is critical even more now with Google+
    • WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms
    Do you have a “Social Media Hub”? Do you have a Blog? Does it live on your website?
  • 7.
    • Fresh Content , you must be writing and posting new blogs for SEO
    • Social Content , you must be providing interesting content others will enjoy and share
    • Easy to share , do you provide your visitors easy ways to share, like, download and/or retweet your content?
    Is your site “Social Media Friendly”? Is your content easily shareable?
  • 8.
    • You want people to share things 
    • You want people be advocates
    • You want people to visit frequently
    • You want people to refer friends
    • You want people to buy products
    • “ Engaged customers and prospects are far more likely to do some or all of the above.”
    #1 Goal “Social Media Engagement” How can you boost customer engagement?
  • 9. How do I find the right tools to measure my success? Introducing Social Media Matcher
  • 10. Must Have Social Media Monitoring Tools
  • 11.
    • Monitor your blog stats
    • See how many people are subscribing, measure content reach, popular feed items (recently and all time)
    • Optimize your blog to be browser friendly, shareable and indexed
    Feedburner How do you monitor your blogs success rate?
  • 12.
    • Identify the most powerful keywords to market your brand right now
    • Provides a list of strong keywords you can use in your PPC ads
    • Update your content to have more search engine friendly keywords
    Google AdWords How do you monitor your site content for SEO?
  • 13.
    • Get your Facebook engagement and ranking score
    • Check your competitors score
    • Monitor your score to improve your results
    • Go back and see if the changes you made are improving your results
    Social Bug Facebook Score Do you monitor your Facebook marketing score?
  • 14.
    • View detailed statistics about your YouTube viewer audience
    • Analyze your marketing efforts and optimize your campaigns
    • Discover popularity, how they find your videos, which parts are “hot” and “cold”
    YouTube Insights Do you monitor your video marketing success?
  • 15.
    • Like Google Alerts but for social media
    • Receive free daily email alerts of your brand, company, CEO, competitor etc.
    • Searches your keyword on blogs, comments, bookmarks, events, news, videos and micro-blogging services
    • Provides metrics around keywords and “sentiment”
    Social Mention How do you monitor your brand on the web?
  • 16.
    • Monitor conversations on Facebook
    • Choose “Public Posts” and “Posts in Groups” to find people on Facebook who are talking about your brand
    • You may find new Pages to Like and/or new people to interact with
    Facebook Search Have do you monitor conversations on Facebook?
  • 17.
    • See how many people saw your Tweet and who they were
    • Run a free report for your hashtag, link or brand name
    • Find out the number of unique users who saw your Tweet
    TweetReach Do you monitor the effectiveness of your Tweets?
  • 18. Break Out For Learning Session
    • Pick a partner
    • Learn about their business
    • Identify two marketing goals
    • Find a monitoring tool on social media matcher to help them verify their success
  • 19. Must Have Social Media Analytics Tools
  • 20.
    • Drill down to see the success rate of any of your social profiles
    • Research to see most popular posts, monitor likes
    • Integrate with google analytics to pull detailed web traffic reports
    • Setup keyword monitoring to oversee sentiment
    SendSocialMedia What do you use to provide analytical reports?
  • 21.
    • url shortner provides analytical click data for every link shortened
    • Click data lets you see how effective your social media promotions are
    • Just log in to your account to see click-through numbers
    BitLy How do you analyze your post success rate?
  • 22.
    • See your global rank versus your US rank
    • See what countries are viewing your site
    • See what the top keywords are being used to drive traffic to your site
    • Review the number of backlinks going to your website
    • Learn the demographics of the visitors to your site
    Alexa How do analyze your web traffic?
  • 23.
    • Grade your entire website for SEO, social media and more!
    • Check on your score and see monitor your results
    • Comprehensive detailed analysis
    Website Grader How do you measure your website success?
  • 24. Just For Fun Social Analytics Communities
  • 25.
    • The “Social Stock Market” for social media
    • Many famous brands have joined in the fun
    • Monitor and grow your “social stock price” based on effective social media engagement skills
    • Invest in other businesses
    • Expand your social networks in a fun way
    Empire Avenue How can you increase your engagement score?
  • 26.
    • Measure your social media “influence” score
    • Meaures for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ etc.
    • Shows you your tops incluces for topics
    • Shows who you are an influencer for
    Klout How do you monitor your social influence?
  • 27.
    • Available only inside
    • Web Media University
    • Search our toolkit directory by your industry, business need, solution etc.
    • Find the right set of tools to save precious time and money
    Access All Social Media Tools How much time could you save with a toolkit?
  • 28. Continuing Education
    • Introducing
    • Social Media Toolkits Directory
    • Social Media Case Studies Library
    • Social Media Book Reviews
    • Social Media 40 Chapter Book
    • 8 Modules of Social Media Video Training
    • Social Media National Events Calendar
    • Access to all my recorded Webinars
    • Ability to get Social Media Certification
  • 29. Special Limited Offer Today Only
    • 1 FREE Month of Web Media University
    • 1 Hour FREE One-on-One Marketing Consultation
    • 3-5 page Social Media Analysis Report
    • Total Value = *$450 FREE
    • *Be sure to signup for this offer before you leave!
    *4 month minimum membership required
  • 30. Takeaways
    • What are you social media marketing goals?
    • What Key Performance Indicators will you use to verify you are reaching them?
    • What social media tools can help your business today?
    • How do you plan on staying educated on social media?
  • 31. Questions and Answers
    • What questions can I help answer?
    • Thank you for participating!
    • Michelle Hummel
    • Web Media University
    • Phone: 513-204-9324
    • [email_address]