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How to find readers for your blog & build a community through social media
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How to find readers for your blog & build a community through social media


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. How To Find Readers for Your Blog & Build a Community through Social Media
  • 2.
    • The most popular CMS in use today
    • Powering nearly 8.5% of all websites
    • 10,000+ plugins available
    • 100+ million total plugins downloaded
    • 13+ million total downloads of WordPress at a rate of approx. 2 per second
    WordPress Fun Facts *Data compiled by Chase Granberry of Authority Labs Search rank Monitoring
  • 3.
    • Famous Brands Like:
    • Playstation
    • MTV
    • Lexus
    • eBay
    • CNN
    • NASA
    • Ford
    • Sony
    • People
    Who is using WordPress?
  • 4. Optimize WordPress For Social Media
  • 5. Tip #1 Add Facebook Like Box
    • Social Proof – show your current fan base
    • They can see if their friends like your page too
    • Show recent wall posts
    • Like your fan page without leaving your website
    • Online Resource
    • Like Box Social Plugin:
    Do you have a Facebook fan page for your business?
  • 6. Tip #2 Make Content Shareable
    • Give your potential customers an easy way to share your content
    • Online Resources
    • “ Like-Button-Plugin-For-Wordpress”
    • “ Topsy Retweet Button”
    • “Smart Share”
    • Demo // Download
    Can potential customers share content on your website?
  • 7. Tip #3 Install Powerful Comment System
    • LiveFyre is used by TheNextWeb
    • Shows Twitter Retweets with profile images
    • Users can subscribe to email comment notifications
    • Real time comments
    • Online Resource
    • “ LiveFyre” Plugin
    Would you benefit from a more powerful comment blog system?
  • 8. Tip #4 Add Blog Feed To Facebook
    • Facebook fans have an easy way to read and subscribe to your blog
    • Automatically posts blog content to your fan page
    • Online Resources
    • NetworkedBlogs:
    Can Facebook fans easily view and subscribe to your WordPress Blog?
  • 9. Tip #5 Add Blog Feed To Linkedin
    • Linkedin Profile
    • Company Profile
    • Online Resource
    • Linkedin WordPress App:
    Can Linkedin connections easily view and subscribe to your WordPress Blog?
  • 10. Tip #6 Add RSS Links To Your Signature
    • Wisestamp offers over 15+ social network links
    • Easy way to connect with you
    • Online Resources
    • WiseStamp:
    Do you promote your WordPress Blog on your email signature line?
  • 11. Tip #7 Add Live Chat Box
    • Works with Skype & GoogleChat
    • Easy install HTML code on your website
    • Emails you the total chat conversations
    • You can provide additional links to other sections of your website
    • Online Resource
    • SnapEngage:
    Would you benefit from a Live Chat Box on your website?
  • 12. Optimize WordPress for Sales
  • 13. Tip #8 Strong “Call To Action”
    • You have 3 seconds to grab your prospects attention
    • Watch my video – connect with the “visual” audience
    • Free Download – capture email
    • Free Social Media Score – provides a warm lead
    • Learn how we can help – get down to business
    What main actions would you like someone to take on your website?
  • 14. Tip #9 Create Paid Membership Site
    • Create 4 levels of paid membership
    • When creating content you can set page level restrictions so users can only access certain areas
    • Online Resource
    • “ s2Member” Plugin
    Could you benefit from a paid membership site?
  • 15. Tip #10 “Fans Only” Special Offer
    • Create a stand-alone page with a special “fans only” offer
    • Only people with this URL can access
    • Post to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.
    • “ First 5 customers to respond” get the deal
    • Online Resource
    • “Exclude Pages From Navigation” Plugin
    What’s the strongest sales offer you could make to your fans?
  • 16. Tip #11 Create Email Auto-responder Salesman
    • Create a “Fans Only” Automated Marketing System
    • Send these special offers to your email subscribers every 15 days
    • Online Resources
    • Email:
    • Email:
    Do you use email auto-responders?
  • 17. Grow Your Followers with Linkedin
  • 18. Tip #12 Create an Industry Related Group
    • Think about what type of customer you want to attract
    • Create a LinkedIn group that would interest those people
    • My best customer is someone who A) is considered an entrepreneur B) would be interested in learning more about Social Media
    • Online Resource: http://
    What group would help you reach your target audience?
  • 19. Tip #13 Promote Your Group
    • Create an icon to represent your group like my “E” for the Entrepreneurs Advice Club
    • Promote this icon along side your other social media channel icons
    • It will generate curiosity and you will find more people joining your group
  • 20. Tip #14 Engage Your LinkedIn Group
    • Add your WordPress blog feed
    • Set-up other industry related blog feeds to keep your members informed and engaged with great content
    • Online Resource:
  • 21. Tip #15 Join and Participate in Groups
    • Maximum groups you can join is 50
    • Frequently post and participate in these groups
    • Follow thought leaders in the group and/or your competition to learn more
    • Online Resource: http://
  • 22. Tip #16 Grow Your Network Fast
    • Go to the Groups Directory and search for “LIONS” or Open Networkers (Linkedin Open Networkers)
    • Post that you are an Open Networker
    • The more connections you have and can stay in front of the better your rate of success
    • Online Resource: http://
  • 23. Keep Your New Followers Engaged
  • 24. Tip #17 Be a Thought Leader
    • Go to and keyword search for blogs that provide content related to your industry
    • Find great content related to your industry and share it
    • Online Resource
    • Blog Directory:
    • http://
    What industry related blogs have great content you could share?
  • 25. Tip #18 Create Marketing Strategy
    • Brainstorm weekly blog topics you will write
    • Research industry related fun tips, trivia questions and facts
    • Decide what days and at what time you will post certain content
    • Create an editorial calendar with excel and plug in content
    • Monitor and engage with the responses
  • 26. Tip #19 Automate Marketing Calendar
    • Schedule posts to automatically send to Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter & WordPress etc.
    • Save precious time
    • Keep your audience engaged
    • Demo: Post: Having a great time at WordCamp Columbus!
    • FB , TW , LI
    • Online Resource
    How much is your time worth?
  • 27. Tip #20 Create a “Fan of the Month” Club
    • Create a page on your blog called “Fan of the Month”
    • Ask your fans random trivia questions and award them with random points
    • First to answer correctly wins and gets their name added to the board
    • Great way to create a fun and engagement
    • Online Resource
    • Fan Of The Month:
    • http:// /about/fan-of-the-month/
  • 28. Takeaways
    • What plugins can you install to grow your WordPress followers today?
    • What marketing techniques can you start implementing to improve your sales?
    • What content would you add to your Marketing Calendar?
  • 29. Questions and Answers
    • What questions can I help answer?
    • Thank you for participating!
    • Michelle Hummel
    • Web Media Expert LLC
    • Phone: 513-204-9324
    • [email_address]