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Creative ways to increase your Facebook fans
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Creative ways to increase your Facebook fans


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Learn the best kept secrets to getting more Facebook fans.

Learn the best kept secrets to getting more Facebook fans.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Creative Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fans
  • 2.
    • Facebook is the #2 most visited site on the web
    • 500,000,000 users worldwide each month
    • 57% female 47% male
    • Fastest growing demographic 35+
    Facebook Stats Review Do you have a Facebook Profile?
  • 3.
    • More than 5 billion pieces of content (web links, new stories, blogs posts, notes, photo albums etc.) shared each week
    • More than 3.5 million events created each month
    • More than 1.5 million local businesses have Facebook fan pages
    Facebook Content Review Do you have a Facebook Fan Page?
  • 4. Tip #1 Add Facebook Like Box
    • Show how many fans you have and which of their friends like your page too
    • They can read recent posts from the Page
    • Users can like your page with one click, without needing to leave your website
    • Online Resources
    • Like Box Social Plugin:
  • 5. Tip #2 Promote Facebook With Email
    • Choose an email service like MailChimp that is integrated with the Like Button
    • Users can “like” your email newsletter article and it posts to their Facebook wall
    • Manually add the Facebook Button to the top of your email newsletters
    • Online Resources
    • MailChimp:
    • Sharethis:
    • Addthis:
    Do you have an email database service?
  • 6. Tip #3 Add Links To Your Signature
    • Add social media links to your email signature line
    • Wisestamp offers over 15+ social channel links you can add
    • Give your customers an easy way to connect with you
    • Online Resources
    • WiseStamp:
  • 7. Tip #4 PPC Ad & Landing Page Technique
    • “ Your Song in a Movie” Contest on Facebook
  • 8. Tip #5 Facebook Reveal Tab Landing Pages Before the “like” After the “like”
  • 9. Tip #6: Custom Facebook Apps
    • We developed Cincinnati Bell a “Love Libs” custom app where users could fill in the blanks and send friends a valentine message
    • 1000’s of “Love Libs” were sent out and users had to visit the fan page to see the message
  • 10. Tip #7: Sweepstakes Giveaway App
    • After the “like” they offered a voucher for free chocolate dipped strawberries. Required a trip to the store to redeem.
    • 170k+ new fans, doubled their sales and helped to promote their new store.
  • 11. Tip #8: Sweepstakes and Coupon App
    • After the “like” fans were presented a
    • surprise coupon value: 10-20% or free shipping
    • 1000’s of new fans Turned a standard coupon into something fun
    Have you received a coupon on Facebook?
  • 12. Tip #9: Creative Sweepstakes
    • Asked entrants to put together a “list” of what they would buy if they won the $500.
    • Results: Encouraged thousands of people to not only visit the Zappos site but to create a list of their favorite items on Zappos, which, in turn, encouraged many consumers to buy.
  • 13. Tip #10: Lucky Coupons
    • “ Feel Good Bucks” when redeemed at the store the coupons were anywhere from $1 off up to cash prizes of $10,000!
    • Jamba was able to generate huge interest in their campaign and drive tens of thousands of consumers to purchase at their stores.
  • 14. Tip #11: Sweepstakes With Coupon Offer
    • 100 customers won a $500 shopping spree. They also offered $1 off coupon for filling out the entry
    • Encouraged users to interact with the fanpage and drove them to the store to buy products
  • 15. Tip #12 Add Facebook Comment Feature
    • Allow users to like, comment and post your products to their Facebook wall.
    • Add the Facebook comment box to any web page for further engagement with your brand
    • Threadless organically built 100,000 fans with this method – word of mouth
    • Online Resources
    • Threadless Ex.:
    • WME Ex.:
  • 16. Tip #13 Link your Facebook To Twitter
    • You have 420 characters on the Facebook publisher and 140 on Twitter. 
    • Facebook shortens your post and inserts a tiny URL back to your fan page.
    • Online Resources
    • Twitter Link:
  • 17. Tip #14 Create Auto-responder salesman
    • Create an automated email marketing system that sends a special offer every 7 days to your email subscribers
    • Link it to a secret page on your website where they can make this purchase
    • Offer this to the “first 5 customers to respond” create a sense of urgency
    • Online Resources
    • Email:
    • Email: http://
    Do you use email auto-responders?
  • 18. Tip #15 Recruit Fans With Mobile Text
    • Users send a text message to 32665 (FBOOK) with the words “fan yourusername” OR “like your username” (without the quotes)
    • Ideal when addressing a live audience at an event, on the radio or TV
    • *Note this only works for Facebook users with a verified mobile device in his or her account
  • 19. Tip #16 Advertise on Print Media
    • IHOP advertised their Facebook offer on the dining table inside their restaraunt
    • They offer a free order of “Rooty Tooty Fresh N’ Fruity” pancake breakfast when you like them on Facebook
    • Online Resource
    • IHOP Facebook Page:
  • 20. Tip #17 Offer E-Commerce
    • “ Social Commerce” is the hot new term and many businesses are offering their products and services for sale on Facebook
    • Benefits: Customer stays on Facebook, can share their purchases with friends on their wall
    • Online Resources
    • E-commerce Provider:
    • Levis Ex.:
  • 21. Tip #18 Use the @ Tag
    • As long as you’re a fan of your own fan page, you can “@ tag” it on your own personal profile wall.
    • Let your friends know about something happening on your fan page by writing a personal status update that includes tagging your fan page with an @ tag.
    • Simply start typing the “@” symbol and the first few letters of your fan page name and it will appear from a drop-down menu to select
  • 22. Tip #19 Autograph Other Walls Pages
    • When “liking” another fan page you can sign off with your signature with your Fan Page link
    • Much better than posting your Facebook URL which can display your entire banner ad cluttering up your friends wall
  • 23. Takeaways
    • What product or service can you giveaway?
    • Do you have an email database to collect these leads?
    • How many leads would make this a success?
  • 24. Keys to Success
    • Offer Unique Prizes – ask yourself would you like to win it?
    • Offer the losers a special discount offer for the same product or service just for playing
    • Be sure you are collecting leads through an email signup form
  • 25. How Can Web Media Expert Help?
    • Create Custom Facebook Landing Pages
    • Create and Manage Facebook PPC Campaigns
    • Design, Setup and Manage Facebook Contests
    • Offer Training for Hootesuite, MailChimp, etc.
    • Design and Setup Email Marketing Auto-Responders
    • Creation of a 12 Month Social Media Marketing Plan
    • Social Media Monthly Community Management – includes design and setup of all social channels, content writing, press releases, weekly contests, monthly reports, guaranteed leads etc.
  • 26. Questions and Answers
    • What questions can I help answer?
    • Thank you for participating!
    • Michelle Hummel
    • Web Media Expert LLC
    • Phone: 513-204-9324
    • [email_address]