Power Point  Pga Sales Short
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Power Point Pga Sales Short

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for more infromation go to www.pgasales.net and look for the ATMOX logo under the product bander.

for more infromation go to www.pgasales.net and look for the ATMOX logo under the product bander.

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  • 1. The smart and scientific way to manage moisture in the crawlspace. Crawlspace Moisture Management January 26, 2009
  • 2. Understand Moisture Problem
    • Which has more moisture?
    70 Degrees 90% Relative Humidity 95 Degrees 45% Relative Humidity
  • 3. Understand Moisture Problem
    • Dew point is a better measurement of moisture.
    • In this illustration, there is actually more moisture outside than in the crawlspace.
    70 Degrees 90% Relative Humidity 95 Degrees 45% Relative Humidity 70 Degree Dew Point 67 Degree Dew Point
  • 4. Why Dew Point Matters
    • Dew point is a measurement of the moisture in the air
      • Humidity levels can trick you.
      • Humidity is relative to the temperature
    • Once you get to 100% relative humidity at a given temperature the capacity of moisture in the air has been reached
    • This is when you get condensation.
  • 5. Crawlspace Moisture
    • What is causing the moisture?
      • Water intrusion
      • Ground moisture
      • Limited height and airflow blockage
      • Decks and porches
      • HVAC systems
      • Sprinkler systems
  • 6. Dealing with Problems
    • What are the options?
      • Temperature sensitive vents
      • Fans on humidistat or timer
      • Closed crawlspace with dehumidifier
      • Conditioned crawlspace with HVAC
      • ATMOX Crawlspace Management System
  • 7. Crawlspace Environment
    • Crawlspace must be properly ventilated
    • Only drier air from the outside will help the crawlspace
    • This is the basic principle of ATMOX
  • 8. How ATMOX Works
    • ATMOX controls use sensors to measure dew point inside and outside the crawlspace.
    • The system knows when to ventilate to improve conditions.
    • It is completely automatic and adjusts for temperature conditions and time of year.
  • 9. ATMOX EZ System
    • The ATMOX EZ System
      • Runs entirely on DC-Power – no electrician needed for installation
      • Can run up to 6 ATMOX DC-Powered Fans
    • The ATMOX EZ 4-Fan Kit
      • Includes 2 Exhaust and 2 Intake DC-Powered Fans (Each 145cfm)
    • Optional Additions to System
      • Additional Exhaust Fans and Dead Corner Fans available
  • 10. ATMOX UL AC-Power Fans
    • Fans create a cross circulation of natural air flow
    • Fans are extremely quiet
    • Can be controlled by various means
    • Suggest control by ATMOX Smart or Compact System
    Double fans are either intake or exhaust. Single fans are mounted internally for “dead corner” ventilation. UL AC-Fan
  • 11. Modular Solution
    • Every crawlspace is different.
    • ATMOX is easily adapted to unusual crawlspaces.
    • ATMOX can be modified to accommodate crawlspaces as needed through our various systems and fans.
  • 12. ATMOX INC
    • For more information, contact:
      • J. Paul Abrams
      • PGA Sales & Marketing, Inc.
      • Phone: 910-279-1222
      • Email: [email_address]
      • Web: www.pgasales.net
    • www.atmox.com