Presentation by Steve Alter and Carrie Peters


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'A Walk Through Engagement and Gamification' by Steve Alter, Director of Social Business Strategy, Ant’s Eye View and Carrie Peters, Marketing Vice President, BigDoor

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  • Carrie and Steve
  • Carrie & Steve Great slide here from Intel Shows how much activity is going on There’s tons of data and ways for people to engageBut with so many ways to engage are people becoming less engaged – spending less time on one site and overall not as loyal to sites
  • Carrie & SteveCarrie - Marketers spend more to acquire users rather than engage with them
  • Steve
  • CarrieHow many people here have a LinkedIn account? Did you know that LinkedIn encourages participation through gamification? Once you create a profile LinkedIn encourages users to complete their profile by showing them a progress “complete” barBy providing a visual representation of your profile completeness Linkedin hopes to trigger behavior that drives us towards completeness.
  • Carrie Jimmy Choo is another great example of creating a social program that used game techniques to engage their fanbase. The @catchachoo program was created to introduce a line of tennis shoes to women in London. The brand is known for heels and they created a unique campaign to engage women. The utilized Foursquare and created a scavenger hunt; follow on Twitter and checkin on Foursquare for the chance to win new shoes20,000 participants in a single day in London
  • Carrie Creating a social referral program is a great way to build engagement.Dropbox has really mastered the art of the social referral programIs everyone familiar with Dropbox? Dropbox is a free, cloud-based file sharing service.They have a great referral program – when you sign up you’re given a set number of file space which you can increase by sharing with your friends. More than 50 million people use Dropbox which launched in 2008.
  • Carrie and Steve
  • Steve The people you see further along the journey understand this shift and – for the most part – have embraced it. (And, no, pull is not new, but it is something that social networking and digital media set free, and that customers now expect.)
  • Steve This is a pure pull play, an experience that benefits by seeming all about the customer, while providing deep value to SBUX through engagement and interaction.
  • Carrie Measuring the efficacy of a program is important – we built our framework around 4 KPI’s: Loyalty, Engagement, Virality and Revenue
  • Steve
  • Steve
  • Carrie It’s important to test your program – find out how they are responding and be able to iterate quickly and change the impact Slider tool we built – we call it RAMP - Real-Time Audience Management Process Iteratively roll out their rewards program.Randomly selected control group for comparison to the exposed group in order to accurately determine actual performance lift and return on investment.
  • Carrie & Steve
  • Presentation by Steve Alter and Carrie Peters

    1. 1. +A Walk Through Engagement &Gamification
    2. 2. Who we are• •• • •••
    3. 3. Lots of activity…
    4. 4. …equals lots of value…Product Group QUALITY Ideation 5 Star Reviews Staff Reviews Expertise Early Warning Field IncidentMarketing DEMAND Awareness Message Reach Product Buzz Trusted Expertise Demand LeadsServicesSolutions CREDIBILITY Awareness Message Reach Thought Leadership Blogs Customer Stories CONVERSION Rating & Reviews Sharing Syndication Community Answers Co-Browsing CLOSE RATE Blogs Thought Leadership Customer Stories Co-Browsing Collaboration RESOLUTION Listening Outreach Support Widgets Command Center @DellCares Advocacy REPUTATION Influencers Blogs Rich Media Outreach Thought Leadership Corporate Reputati
    5. 5. …but only if people participate a• •• • Sources: Gartner, Neochange, Forrester and Colloquy Photo: Eurleif
    6. 6. What is “engagement” anyway?
    7. 7. Task completion
    8. 8. Surprise and delight
    9. 9. Social sharing
    10. 10. Enter gamification • • • • • • • •
    11. 11. From push to pull to always on
    12. 12. Gamify for speed, impact and scaleCustomersEmployees
    13. 13. Next generation analytics
    14. 14. Measuring what matters
    15. 15. Tracking behavior, not just activity
    16. 16. Actionable analytics
    17. 17. What it means for you••••• • •
    18. 18. Questions?