Wingate 2010 Materials Order


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This materials order is a part of the collection development plan created for the section on the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression

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Wingate 2010 Materials Order

  1. 1. TitleWave/Follet Title The 1930s: from the Great Depression to the Wizard of Oz Bud, not Buddy Esperanza Rising Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady of the World Franklin D. Roosevelt The Great Depression: A Primary Source History Herbert Hoover A Jar of Dreams The New Deal: Pulling America out of the Depression Something Permanent The Stock Market Crash of 1929, the end of Prosperity The 1920s from Prohibition to Charles Lindbergh Bowling, Beatniks, and Bell-Bottoms: Pop Culture of 20th Century America The Darkness Under the Water America in the 1920s America in the 1920s Eleanor Roosevelt: activist for social change The Great Depression: boom and bust in America Eleanor Roosevelt: primera dama del mundo The Great Gatsby Reading Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry From the Great War to the Great Depression New York noir: the history of black New York The Great Depression The Panic is On: the great American depression as seen by the common man The 1920s Black Cinema Treasures: Lost and found Daily Life in the United States, 1920-1939: Decades of promise and pain Day by Day: The twenties USA Twenties The Great Depression FDR and His Enemies Lectorum Title El gran Gatsby (The Great Gatsby in Spanish) Me Llamo Bud, No Buddy (Bud, Not Buddy in Spanish) Esperanza Renace (Esperanza Rising in Spanish) Amazon Title The Great Depression (Eyewitness History Series) The Roaring Twenties (Eyewitness History Series) The Great Gatsby Franklin D. Roosevelt Y La Gran Depresion (Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Great Depression in Spanish) Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Great Depression
  2. 2. How the Other Half Lives Cinderella Man The Tennessee Valley Authority: Design and Persuasion Understanding the Social Security Act Historical Dictionary from the Great War to the Great Depression Lloro Por LA Tierra (Roll of Thunder, Hear Me Cry-In Spanish) PermaBound Title The Great Depression in America: A Cultural Encyclopedia (2 Vol) Black Tuesday: Prelude to the Great Depression The Depression and New Deal Dust Bowl!: The 1930s Black Blizzards Encyclopedia of the Great Depression (2 Volumes) Prohibition Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl Langston Hughes: The Voice of Harlem Encyclopedia of the Harlem Literary Renaissance: The Essential Guide to the Lives and Works of the Harlem Renaissance Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance Jim the Boy Lifetimes: The Great War to the Stock Market Crash, American History Through Biogrphy and Primary Documents From the Great War to the Great Depression Multicultural Titles are Highlighted
  3. 3. Author Publisher Publication Date Grade Level Review Sources Stephen Feinstein Enslow 2006 Grade 5-8 Horn Book/Spring 07 Christopher Paul Curtis Delacorte Press 2002 Grade 5-8 SLJ/Sept. 1999 Pam Munoz Ryan Scholastic 2000 Grade 5-8 SLJ/October 2000 Barbara A. Somervill Compass Point Books 2006 Grade 5-8 Booklist/Oct 2005 Jeremy Roberts Lerner Publications Co 2003 Grade 5-8 Horn Book/Fall 2003 Stanley Schultz Gareth Stevens Pub 2006 Grade 5-8 SLJ/May 2006 Amy Ruth Lerner Publications Co 2004 Grade 5-8 SLJ/Jan 2005 Yoshiko Uchida Aladdin Paperbacks 1993 Grade 5-8 SLJ R. Conrad Stein Enslow Publishers 2006 Grade 5-8 SLJ/Dec 2006 Walker Evans Harcourt Brace & Co 1994 Young Adult SLJ/1994 Brenda Lange Chelsea House 2007 Young Adult Horn Book/2008 Stephen Feinstein Enslow 2006 Grade 5-8 Horn Book/Spring 07 Multi-Volume Set UXL/Thomson/Gale 2002 Grades 5-8 LMC/2003 Beth Kanell Candlewick Press 2008 Young Adult SLJ/2009 Michael J. O'Neal Facts On File 2006 Grades 5-8 LMC/2006 Michael J. O'Neal Facts On File 2006 Grades 5-8 LMC/2006 Allison Lassieur Franklin Watts 2007 Grades 5-8 SLJ/Feb 2007 Bernard Motut Classroom Media 2003 Young Adult SLJ/Dec 2004 Ryan Jacobson Capstone Press 2007 Grades 5-8 Criticas/2007 F. Scott Fitzgerald Caedmon 2002 Young Adult Booklist/March 2003 Stacey Glenn Tibbets Chelsea House 2006 Grades 5-8 LMC/Aug 2006 Mildred D. Taylor LRS 2000 Grades 5-8 Steve Drake & JoanneDiscovery School Azern, et. Al 2005 Young Adult SLJ/Jan 2006 Pat DeRosa & Lee Hanover Dizzy Home Video Little 2008 Young Adult SLJ/April 2009 Harlan Hogan United Learning 2003 Young Adult SLJ/Jan 2004 Shanachie 2009 Young Adult Video Librarian/Nov 2009 Kathleen Morgan Drowne Greenwood Press 2004 Young Adult Reference & Research Book News G. William Jones University of North Texas 1991 Young Adult Booklist David E. Kyvig Greenwood Press 2002 Young Adult Reference & Research Book News Rodney P. Carlisle Facts on File 2008 Young Adult SLJ/October 2008 Sally MacEachern Grolier 2005 Young Adult LMC/October 2005 Richard C. Hanes Gale 2002 Young Adult Booklist/Dec 2002 Albert Fried Palgrave 2001 Adult Booklist/August 1999 Author Publisher Publication Date Grade Level Review Sources F. Scott Fitzgerald Sep-01 Adult N/A Christopher Paul Curtis Oct-02 Age 10-17 N/A Pam Munoz Ryan Sep-02 Age 10-17 N/A Author Publisher Publication Date Grade Level Review Sources David F. Burg Facts on File Jun-05 Young Adult Library Journal Thomas Streissguth Facts on File Jun-05 Young Adult Midwest Book Review Robert Markowitz(Director) A&E Home Video Jun-05 Young Adult Terri DeGezelle Heinemann Educational Books Feb-08 Ages 7-9 Terri DeGezelle Heinemann Educational Books Aug-07 Ages 9-12
  4. 4. Jacob Riis Bedford/Palgrave Macmillan Dec-96 Adult Ron Howard (Director) Dec-05 PG-13 Jane Wolff, et al. Princeton Architectural Press Jun-07 Andrew Delstein Oxford University Press Apr-09 Neil A. Wynn The Scarecrow Press, Inc. Oct-03 Mildred D. Taylor Tandem Library Oct-99 Author Publisher Publication Date Grade Level Review Sources William H & Nancy K. Greenwood Press Young Jun-05 Grade 8 ALA Booklist 2007 Robin S. Doak Compass Point 2008 Grade 5-9 SLJ 2008 Robert McElvaine Oxford University Press 2000 Grade 7-12 SLF 2000 Richard H. Levey Bearport Publishing 2005 Grade 4 ALA Booklist Robert McElvaine MacMillian Reference USA 2004 Grade 7-12 ALA Booklist Jeff Hill Omnigraphics, Inc. 2004 Grade 7-12 SLJ 2005 Timothy Egan Houghton Mifflin 2006 Grade 9+ Publishers Weekly Brenda Haugen Compass Point 2006 Grade 4-7 SLJ 2005 Lois Brown Facts on File 2006 Grade 9+ ALA Booklist Sandra L. Aberjhani &Facts on File West 2003 Grade 9+ SLJ/2004 Tony Earley Little, Brown & Co. 2001 Grades 9+ ALA/2000 Neil Hamilton Greenwood Press 2002 Grades 9-12 SLJ Discovery Channel School 2005 Grades 7-12 Total
  5. 5. Price Format ISBN # Topic Extra Notes $20.95 Nonfiction 0-7660-2633-7 Great Depression $11.96 Fiction 0-440-41328-1 Great Depression $11.66 Fiction 0-439-12042-X Great Depression $23.95 eBook 0-7565-0992-0 Great Depression $29.27 eBook 0-8225-1122-3 Great Depression $23.25 Nonfiction 0-8368-5978-2 Great Depression $21.95 Nonfiction 0-8225-0821-4 Great Depression $9.66 Fiction 0-689-71672-9 Great Depression $23.95 Nonfiction 0-7660-2570-5 Great Depression $15.30 Nonfiction 0-15-277090-9 Great Depression $42.00 eBook 1-43810-428-6 Great Depression $20.95 Nonfiction 0-7660-2632-9 1920s $304.96 Reference 0-7876-5675-5 1900-1999 $14.44 Fiction 0-7636-3719-X 1920s $34.96 Nonfiction 0-8160-5637-4 1920s $42.00 eBook 0-8160-5637-4 1920s $21.35 Nonfiction 0-531-13871-2 Great Depression $156.60 DVD-Nonfiction n/a Great Depression 1 DVD and Teacher's Guide $20.99 Nonfiction 0-7368-6607-8 Great Depression $19.99 Sound Recording-Fiction n/a 1920s Voice of Francis Scott/6 sound discs/7 hours $30.00 eBook 1-43812-321-3 Great Depression $35.59 Fiction 1-58118-057-8 Great Depression $59.95 VHS-Non-fiction 1-59572-391-3 1920s & Great Depression $14.75 DVD-Nonfiction n/a 1920s $78.96 VHS-Non-fiction 1-59380-291-9 Great Depression $32.98 DVD-Nonfiction n/a Great Depression $59.40 Reference 0-313-32013-6 1920s $32.35 Nonfiction 0-929398-26-2 1920s $62.59 Nonfiction 0-313-29555-7 1920s & Great Depression $214.50 Reference 0-8160-7183-7 1920s Multi-volume set $418.96 Reference 0-7172-6013-5 1920s Multi-volume set $345.96 Reference 0-7876-5701-8 Great Depression Multi-volume set $15.95 Nonfiction 0-312-23827-4 Great Depression $2,272.08 Price Format ISBN # Topic $4.95 Fiction 8495311291 Roaring Twenties $12.99 Fiction 8424186389 Great Depression $6.99 Fiction 43939885 Great Depression $24.93 Price Format ISBN # Topic $80.00 Nonfiction 816057095 Great Depression $74.13 Nonfiction 816064237 Great Depression $15.48 DVD-Fiction n/a 1920s $19.27 Nonfiction 1432905899 Great Depression $19.27 Nonfiction 1403496706 Great Depression
  6. 6. $114.83 Nonfiction 312128096 Great Depression $11.49 DVD-Fiction n/a Great Depression Subtitles in Spanish $26.40 Nonfiction 156898684X Great Depression $35.00 Nonfiction 195366891 Great Depression $84.70 Nonfiction 810848430 Great Depression $22.50 Fiction 613053952 Great Depression $503.07 Price Format ISBN # Topic $148.75 Reference 0-313-33520-6 Great Depression $24.99 Nonfiction 0-7565-3327-9 Great Depression $33.65 Nonfiction 0-19-510493-5 Great depression $18.95 Nonfiction 1-597-16007-0 Great Depression $342.55 Reference 0-02-865686-5 Great Depression $56.23 Nonfiction 0-7808-0768-5 Roaring Twenties $17.52 Nonfiction 0-618-77347-9 Great Depression $25.99 Nonfiction 0-7565-0993-9 1920s $74.59 Reference 0-8160-4967-X 1920s $80.33 Reference 0-8160-4539-9 1920s $15.99 Fiction 0-316-19895-1 Great Depression $71.36 Nonfiction 0-313-31799-2 1920s & Great Depression $69.95 DVD-Nonfiction n/a 1920s & Great Depression $980.85 $3,780.93
  7. 7. sound discs/7 hours