Budget simulation


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Budget simulation

  1. 1. Introduction Wayne County High School is a new school, opened in the fall of 2002. As a result, it has a lot of technology already available in the media center and in several classrooms. For example, every 9th grade Academy teacher, Social Studies teacher, Science teacher, and Math teacher has an LCD projector and screen in his or her room. And they are in the process of making this a reality in the Language Arts classrooms as well. There are also three operational computer labs, and several computers available for student use in the media center. The computer labs and the media center all each have an LCD screen and projector available for teacher use, also. All teachers have access to overhead projectors, which can be checked out from the media center. Though there are not enough overheads for every teacher to have every day, there is never an issue with “not being able to get one.” Supply exceeds demand in this case. Also, every teacher has a television mounted in her room, with a VCR. DVD players are available for checkout in the media center. Overall, the school is very well supplied with technology. However, there are still needs. I surveyed one teacher from each of the content areas in the school, and included a teacher from the ninth grade academy, inclusion teacher, media specialist, and administrator. These surveys were administered through email to find overall needs for new technology. I also interviewed one student from each grade level to see what they wanted most from the technology in the school. As a result of the surveys, I have created a prioritized list of the new technology needed. Prioritized List of Technology Items 1. Classroom Response System The media specialist, several teachers, and students felt that a classroom response system would enhance instruction in their classrooms. The media specialist loved how interactive and technology-based this system is. She also loved how it could be used for very diverse purposes. Classroom teachers loved the way it provided a kinesthetic approach to learning and thought it would work great with the learning focused components they implement in their classrooms. And the students thought it would be “fun.” And anytime learning can be made fun, the students say they are interested. 2. Read Aloud Software This software was mentioned by the inclusion teacher, regular classroom teachers, and the media specialist. Several students at the high school require that material be read aloud to them. This modification is included in their IEPs and is essential for their success. Often times Special Education teachers have to be pulled from their classes to read tests, assignments, or class reading aloud to these students. The read aloud software would prevent this “pulling” of teachers from their own classes, while still meeting modifications required through IEPs. Because of the large number of students that require this modification, this software would be of upmost importance. 3. MP3 Players with headsets These would be necessary for the read aloud software. The software converts written text to spoken word either through mp3 or CD format. These MP3 players and headsets provide “listening centers” for students who need this modification. The centers are mobile, so they could be used in the back corner of a classroom, in the media center, or in a teacher
  2. 2. workroom. That way, students can hear the test, assignment, or class reading be read aloud, without interrupting the rest of the class as they work silently. 4. Scanners Though a couple of teachers mentioned how useful scanners would be, this was primarily a main focus of the students. They expressed the need to scan pictures for assignments, and there is no scanner at the school that is available for student use. These could be placed in the media center and the three computer labs for easy student use. Classroom Response System Specifications: - At least 30 controllers because of large class sizes - Wireless Remotes - Windows Compatible State Contract Item Product Company Picture Price Availability Specifications Senteo -Wireless Remotes Learning Services $1,999.00 Interactive -Windows or Mac http://www.learningservicesus.co Response Compatible m/home/ls1/page_4216/senteo_i System -Automatic Tallying nteractive_response_system_res of Responses ponse_system.html -Responses transmitted to Receiver -Responses projected on screen -1 central receiver -32 handheld controllers with screens GTCO -Wireless Remotes AV Superstore $2,278.00 InterWrite -Mac or Windows http://www.avsuperstore.com/mor PRS Compatible einfo.cfm/GTCO.InterWrite/PRS Personal -Numerical %2032%20Class%20Pack Response Keypads System -32 handheld controllers -1 central receiver -Responses directly transmitted to receiver
  3. 3. eInstruction -Wireless Remotes Touchboards $3,955.00 Classroom -Automatic Tallying Performance http://www.touchboards.com/eins of Responses System truction/einstruction_overview.as -Results exported p to various computer programs -Windows or Mac Compatible -1 central receiver -32 handheld controllers - Read Aloud Software Specifications: - Windows Compatible - Able to be converted to MP3 to be listened to on portable player - Converts written text to auditory words State Item Product Company Picture Price Contract Specifications Availability Read -Microsoft Read Please $49.95 Please Vista Plus Compatible http://www.readplease.com/english/pr oducts/ 2003 -Reads emoticons -Adjustable Voice Speed -Highlights text while reading Natural -Converts any Natural Soft $99.50 Soft Prof. written text to Version 7 spoken words http://www.naturalreaders.com/ -Converts to MP3 and WAV files -Toolbar can be added in Microsoft Professional Applications Version 7 -Change speaker and speed Text -Converts text Next Up $29.95 Aloud 2 into spoken audio http://sites.fastspring.com/nextup/pro duct/textaloud?option=mc -Coverts to MP3 or WMA files
  4. 4. -Downloadable voice options -Windows Compatible -Control Speed and Pitch of voices TextAloud MP3 Players with Headsets Specifications: - Must play MP3s - Should Multiple Headsets - Should be Portable State Contract Item Product Company Picture Price Availability Specifications Califone -Four headsets Cousin’s Video $156.90 8104 -MP3 Player http://store.cousinsvideo.com/cal- Classroom -Dual Headphone 8104.html Listening Jacks Center -Built-in Electret Microphone -Includes Carrying Case Califone -Four headsets School Outfitters $169.99 MP3 -MP3 Player https://www.schooloutfitters.com/ Listening -One Year catalog/product_info?pfam_id=P Center Warranty FAM3814&products_id=PRO114 -Dual Headphone 98 Jacks -Built in Microphone -Accommodates 2 GB SD Card 4 Position -Four headsets Ebay $245.00 Listening -MP3 Player Center http://cgi.ebay.com/4-POSITION- -Built-in Volume MP3-LISTENING- Control CENTER_W0QQitemZ11030022 -Carrying Case 6830QQcmdZViewItem -Built-in Microphone -One Year Warranty
  5. 5. Scanners Specifications: - Scanner and Printer Combo - Color Printer - Microsoft Compatible State Contract Item Product Company Picture Price Availability Specifications Canon -Printer/Scanner/ Walmart $59.88 Pixma Copier/Fax All-in- http://www.walmart.com/catalog/p MX300 All- One +$17.33 roduct.do?product_id=7810490 in-One -Scans at 600 dpi (3 Yr. Ext. Photo -Color Printer Warranty) Printer/ -Ink-jet Printer Copier/ -Microsoft Scanner/ Compatible Fax HP -Printer/Scanner/ Circuit City $199.99 Officejet Copier/Fax All-in- http://www.circuitcity.com/ssm/H J6480 One P-Officejet-J6480-Wireless-All-in- Wireless -Scans at 4800 dpi One- All-in-One -Color Printer Printer/sem/rpsm/oid/208219/rpe Printer -Ink-jet Printer m/ccd/productDetail.do?cc_fm=Si milar+Items+Mod -Windows or Mac Compatible -Wireless Capability -Two-Sided Printing Epson -Printer/Scanner/ Amazon $158.99 WorkForce Copier/Fax All-in- 600 Wireless http://www.amazon.com/Epson- One All-in-One WorkForce-Wireless-Printer- -Color Printer C11CA18201/dp/B001DJ9JF4/ref Printer -Ink-jet Printer =sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=electronics -Wireless &qid=1226287587&sr=1-3 Capabilities -2 yr. limited Warranty -Two-Sided Printing -Windows or Mac Compatible