Leveraging ci onet hendrik deckers


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Leveraging ci onet hendrik deckers

  1. 1. CIOnet Update & Best Practices To build the largest and most active international quality network for CIO’s and IT 2010 June Managers. Prepared by Hendrik Deckers
  2. 2. CIO of international distributor of industrial goods Networking for me is all about making connections that become enduring mutually beneficial relationships. CIOnet provides me the most productive way to build these relationships. Presentations and discussions in CIOnet events and SIG's help me to clarify Networking for me is all about making new concepts and to see how other companies are managing them. I always try to come prepared to the CIOnet activities, so I can share my experiences connections that become enduring mutually and answer questions from my peers. beneficial relationships. CIOnet providestopic of The CIOnet discussions, survey analysis and peer interactions on the me the most productive wayEnterprise Architecture and got us EA made me fully realize the benefits of started implementing EA in our company. to build these relationships. The positive results obtained by my CIO colleagues in the domain of outsourcing, helped me to choose for a co-sourcing model. Hearing the experience of a CIOnet member about his mobile service provider resulted in visiting his company, seeing the benefits, deciding for the same provider and taking full advantage of his experience. Last but no least, networking also gives me the opportunity to discuss 'real life' topics and to build strong personal relations, while having a good time.
  3. 3. The CIOnet Community   Members: 1425 in total •  NL: 298 CIOnet is a Community to •  BE: 438 •  Build Relationships •  ES: 241 1500 CIO & ITmgr •  Share Knowledge •  UK: 368 1250 Academics •  FR: 49 •  Exchange Ideas 23 •  IT: 1000 •  Grow your Network 750 •  Learn from   • Forecast members Peers2009: 1000 end 500 250 •  Make Friends end 2010: 2000 •  •  end 2011: 4000 0   Member management   Ongoing Database Enrichment - Active invitation follow-up   Recruitment campaigns – Yearly Criteria Control 1.  CIO's of organisations with an IT department where headcount > 20 people 2.  IT Managers reporting directly to the CIO of organisations with an IT department where headcount > 200 people 3.  University & High School Professors and Researchers with a direct focus on IT.
  4. 4. CIOnet online community Upload your picture Set your shared info Complete your haves, wants, Connect to other interests, etc.. members Fill in your career & education Join the different groups
  5. 5. CIOnet online community Register for events Search by industry, company, etc.. Filter by country Connect to new members Visit our partners Check the latest activity Join discussions Consult content
  6. 6. CIOnet.com: visitors Up to 500 unique logged-in visitors per week Average time on site around 10 minutes
  7. 7. CIOnet Events Welcome to events in all countries Interact in the group debates Present your experiences Meet peers face to face Consult events reports & slides
  8. 8. CIOnet SIG’s Special Interest Groups Initiate & join national   On Initiative of Members & Advisory Board SIG’s   Lead by members of Advisory Board   Organised by country   5+ CIO’s interested in the topic   Supported by some BP’s if appropriate   Exchange of experiences and strategies   Work on common goal(s)   Prepare CIOnet Event Advanced interaction Run Survey   on specific topics   Write article   … Exchange concrete information and go deep into the details.
  9. 9. CIOnet Surveys CIOnet Surveys   5 to 6 per year Share your opinion   IT Management Topics and participate in the   Initiated by SIG, by partner or by surveys CIOnet   Typical 40 to 60 replies   Results published on CIOnet Learn what your peers think about the same topics
  10. 10. CIOnet Magazine Learn from your Brand Awareness, Member Recruitment, Member Promotion   Goal: international peers Write a column Keep up to date with activities in Spain, Italy, France, UK, The Netherlands and Belgium
  11. 11. CIOnet Advisory Board Join the Advisory Board Enzo Bertolini Jan Peter de Valk Roberto Parra Carl Tilkin-Franssens Chairman AB IT Chairman AB NL Chairman AB Es Chairman AB BE Give direction to CIO, Ferrero CIO, DHL CIO, Repsol CIO, KBC activities of CIOnet Roles & Responsibilities Represent the CIOnet members Be part of the inner Regular Brainstorm & Direction meetings (3x circle per year) Strategic input on direction and focus Promotion & credibility Investment Time: to attend meetings & events Name & reputation
  12. 12. International   BE: launched Q4 2005   NL: launched Q4 2007 Connect with your   ES: launched Q2 2009 peers in Spain, Italy,   UK: launched Q3 2009 France, UK, The   FR: launching in June 2010 Netherlands and   IT: launching in June 2010 Belgium   DE: searching the right partners   DK: searching the right partners   SE: searching the right partners •  First International Conference: February 2011 •  European Sector Forums •  International Advisory Board
  13. 13. CIO of international company in industrial food “When it comes to the introduction of new technologies, we are “close followers” and will always try to copy the best practices developed by other organisations. Networking with our CIOnet colleagues allows us to assess the Networking with our CIOnet colleagues allows risks, investments and possible returns of new projects based on us to assess the risks, investments and real experiences. possible returns we introduced Unified Communication and For instance, when of new projects based on real experiences. Virtualization we first used our network to learn: -  How do other organisations approach this? -  What were their investments and realised cost savings? -  What were the real infrastructure requirements? -  How did they manage the IT & business risks? -  Can our peers help us to sell the business case in our own company? This allows us to develop good business cases for our management, all based on references from other companies.”
  14. 14. CIO of national public services organisation “As a public services organisation we have no competitors and no profit targets, that makes it easy for us to exchange experiences and knowledge with almost any other organisation in the country. CIOnet has helped me to develop my personal think thank that Both for the introduction of Cloud Computing allows me to follow closely where the IT industry is going regarding new technologies and management techniques. and Cyber Security, aligning with my CIO peers allowed me to shorten the decision Both for the introduction of Cloud Computing and Cyber Security, and implementation cycle shorten the decision and aligning with my CIO peers allowed me to with several implementation cycle with several months. months. A private benchmarking exercise we’ve set up with a number of CIOnet members, allowed me to very quickly confirm that the TCO of my workstations is up to par with that of my colleagues from the private sector.”
  15. 15. CTO of a centralised ICT service center “As the CTO of a centralised ICT service center, calculating the returns of our IT investments is always close to my heart. Measuring the benefits of networking in objective numbers and figures is very hard. Still I can testify that CIOnet brings me the right information, the right contacts and real best practices for the technologies that I care about. This professional community of CIO's and IT Managers also provides me an excellent feedback platform from my peers across all different industry segments, being it finance, manufacturing, public sector etc… My experience is that the moretoI the network, the more I My experience is that the more I contribute contribute to the network,more I share, the I learn and that learn and that the the more more I receive. ” the more I share, the more I receive.