2014 NAEA Elementary Awards Survey
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2014 NAEA Elementary Awards Survey

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  • 1. NAEA 2014 Elementary Art Specialist Survey We are thrilled you joined us today at the Elementary awards celebration. Please complete the following survey and place in the box at the front. In addition to gathering information, we will use these sheets to draw for door prizes. Name ________________________________ State ______ Email address ___________________________________________ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the first NAEA convention I’ve attended. This is not the first NAEA convention I’ve attended. As we continue to strive to make the member experience better, it is necessary for us to survey our constituents about the needs they have and how the Elementary Division can continue to best address those needs. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. The information will be used as we plan the 2015 New Orleans National Convention, March 29-31, as well as continue our work during the upcoming year. 1. I am planning to attend the 2015 New Orleans National Convention, March 26 - 29. YES NO NOT SURE If NO, what is influencing your decision to not attend? 2. The Elementary Division “Conversations with Colleagues” is scheduled for 4:30-5:50 today in the Convention center, Meeting Room 15A on the mezzanine level to introduce members, greet new attendees, give an overview of the convention, and discuss the revised National Standards for the Arts, and give out door prizes. Do you plan to attend this meeting? YES NO NOT SURE If YES, what topics would you like to discuss? 3. What elementary sessions would you be most interested in attending at the 2015 convention? Please rank your top 5. ___ curriculum ___ social justice/empathy ___ advocacy ___ meeting individual needs/special education/gifted ___ research-based ___ hands-on/studio ___ interdisciplinary connections/integration ___ assessment ___ technology ___ collaboration ___ design thinking ___ community-based ___ teaching with contemporary art ___ classroom management ___ new national standards ___ NAEA instructional resources gallery (IRG) ___ art budgets ___ Other _______________________ 4. Are you currently using the Ning interactive forum for the division? YES NO (http://naeaelementarydivision.ning.com/) 5. Have you “liked” NAEA Elementary Division on Facebook? YES NO (https://www.facebook.com/NAEAElementaryDivision?ref=ts&fref=ts) 6. Do you hold leadership positions at the state or regional level? YES NO 7. Are you interested in national leadership opportunities? YES NO 8. Would you like to see a stronger connection with elementary and early childhood? YES NO 9. What do you think of the shorter convention this year? Do you prefer 3 or 4 days? YES NO Please include other comments here and on the back! Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. We hope you enjoy the awards celebration and hope to see many of you in New Orleans next year. Nancy and Thom