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Singapore airlines
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Singapore airlines


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Malayan Airways Starts Operation 1st May 1947 Due To The Creation Of The Federation Of Malaysia In 1963 The Airline Was Renamed Malaysian Airways From Malayan Airways Fleet Airspeed Counsoul Boeing 737-100 Boeing 707
  • 2. The Rebirth In 1965, Singapore Split From The Federation Of Malaysia. Subsequently In 1966, The Airline Was Renamed Malaysia-Singapore Airlines MSA Also Saw The Introduction Of The Boeing 737-200 Also A Repainted 707
  • 3. The Fleet • • • • • • • • • • Airspeed Consul Douglas DC-3 Douglas Dakota Comet 4 Twin Pioneer Fokker F27 Super Constellation Viscount Boeing 707 Boeing 737 (5)
  • 4. The Split Malaysia Singapore Airlines Split As A Result Of The Singapore Side Wanting To Develop The Airlines International Routes While The Malaysia Side Wanted To Focus More On The Domestic Routes Before Going Regional And Later ,International Result The Airlines Had Split Into Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlines
  • 5. A New Begining For Singapore Airlines After The Split, Singapore Airlines Took The Whole Fleet Of The Boeing 737-200s And The Boeing 707s While Malaysia Airlines System Took The Remaining Fokker F-27 Fleet
  • 6. Routes Singapore Airlines Retained All International Routes Out Of Singapore While Malaysia Airlines Systems Retained All Domestic Routes Within The Federation Of Malaysia. Both Airlines Flew Their Routes With The Aircraft They Got From The Split Of Malaysia-Singapore Airlines In The Early Years Of Their Newly Formed Airline.
  • 7. The First Super B (747-200B) 31st July 1973 Singapore Airlines Recived Their First Boeing 747-200B Aircraft The Series Aircraft Was Given The Nickname “Super B” Singapore Airlines Bought 19 Of The 747-200B’s
  • 8. The First Advanced (727-200 Adv) August 30th 1977 5 Monts After Tenerife ( 2 747’s Collided ) Singapore Airlines Recived Their First Boeing 727-200 Adv Aircraft These Aircraft Were Given The Nicname “Advanced” As A Reference To Their Model Number.
  • 9. A Luxury Liner DC-10-30 On 23rd October 1978 Singapore Airlines Took Delivery Of Yet Another Trijet (1st 727-200 Adv) This Time From Mc Donnel Douglas Singapore Airlines Bought 30 Of These DC/MD-10-30’S
  • 10. Teamwork With British Airways In 1979, The Pinncale Of Commercial Aviation Came To Singapore Airlines The Concorde Was Introuduced To The Singapore Airlines Fleet The Aircraft, Regestration G-BOAD/G-N94AD, Was Jointly Shared With British Airways The Aircraft Was In Service With Singapore Airlines For A Few Years, 1977 And From 1979 To 1981.The Malaysian Goverment Complained About The Sonic Booms The Concorde Created Forcing Singapore Airlines To End Service With The Concorde, The Aircrafts Route Is From Singapore To London Via Bahrain The Plane Was On Service With The Two Airlines, Singapore Livery On The Left While British On The Right
  • 11. SIA Airbus A300-B4 In The 1980’s Singapore Airlines Bought A Wide Variety Of Aircraft. This Period Saw The Introduction Of The First Airbus Aircraft Into The Singapore Airlines Fleet Perhaps The Most Important Aircraft Bought By Singapore Airlines In This Period Was The Boing 747-412
  • 12. The Flagship 747-412 The Boeing 747-400 Became The Flagship Of The Airline For A Long Time To Come.Other Aircraft That Came In This Period Were The Airbus A300,Airbus A310, Boeing 747-300 And The 757200
  • 13. The Grand Opening Of Changi Airport In The 1980’s Also Saw The Grand Opening Of Changi International Airport All Flight Operation Of Singapore Airlines Moved To The New Singapore Airport Upon It’s Opening On 1st July 1981
  • 14. SIA Flight 117 The plane, an Airbus A310 with registration 9V-STP, had taken off from Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at 18:15 SST, with 118 passengers and 11 crew on board. The plane was hijacked in mid-air while en route to Singapore Changi Airport, and landed safely at Changi Airport at 22:15, where an executive group of officials from the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts, along with Singapore Airlines representatives and a negotiating team, were all standing by. The hijackers, who claimed to be members of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), demanded the release of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto's husband, Asif Ali Zardari (later elected President of Pakistan), as well as other PPP members from jail. The hijackers also required the plane to be refuelled in order to fly to Australia. The next morning, March 27, at 02:30, the hijackers pushed two stewards out of the aircraft, after the plane had been moved to outer tarmac. At 06:45, the hijackers gave a last 5-minute deadline, and issued a threat to kill one passenger every ten minutes if their demands were still not met. With three minutes to go, orders were given to initiate the assault: the Singapore Armed Forces Commando Formation (SAF CDO FN) stormed the plane in a 30-second sweep, killing all four hijackers with no injuries to hostages. The plane was completely secured by 06:50.
  • 15. A New Terminal At Changi On July 1st 1991, Terminal 2 At Changi International Airport Was Officially Opened By The Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong.Singapore Airlines Subsequently Moved Operations From Terminal 1 To Terminal 2
  • 16. A Special 747-412 On 13th October 1993, Singapore Airlines Recived The 1000 747 Ever Made In The World The Aircraft Regestration 9V-SMU Was The 1000 747 There Is A little Symbol Near The Cockpit That Says “1000th Boeing 747”
  • 17. The Last 747-200 Was Given To Garuda Indonesia On April 13th 1994 The Last Of The 19 747-200B Were Phased Out From The Fleet, The Airlines Last 747-200B 9V-SQS Was Sold To Garuda Indonesia
  • 18. A New 747-412 (MEGA ARK) On August 5th 1994, Singapore Airlines Took Delivery Of Their First Boeing 747-400 Freighter Aircraft These Freighters Had A Front Loading Cargo Doors And Were Dubbed MEGA ARK By The Airline
  • 19. The 3rd Longest Passanger Aircraft In The World On April 17th 1996, Singapore Airlines Took Delivery Of Their First Airbus A340-300X Of Which They Bought 17. Bought As A replacement For The Mc-Donnell Douglas MD11 Order, The Aircraft Also Soon Replaced By The Order Of The Boeing 777’s. Of The 17 They Bought, 2 Never Flown In Revenue Of The Airline
  • 20. The Replacement For The A340-300X On May 5th 1997. The First Of The Airline’s Eventual 65+ Size Fleet Of The Boeing 777s Was Delivered To Sinjgapore Airlines They Quickly Replaced The A340-300X Aircraft And Also Became The Mainstay Of Singapore Airlines
  • 21. At That Same Month In 1997 Singapore Airlines Celebreated Their Golden Jubilee, Their 50th Aniversarry Of Operations , With A Special Paint Scheme On 3 Aircraft’s Among Theme Are Boeing 747 And 777
  • 22. Tropical Megatop Early September 1998. Singapore Airlines Revaled A Unique Paint Scheme, The Tropical Megatop, On Two Of There 747-412/400’s 9VSPL And 9V-SPK To Promote The Airlines New First And Business Class Cabins
  • 23. SIA Flight 006 Caution To The Wind THX Air Crash Investigation Singapore Airlines Flight 006 Taxis Down The Runway In Heavy Wind And Rain At Chiang Kai Shek Airport (Now Taiwan Taiyouwan)Taiwan Sits In Asia’s Thyphon Alley And Tonight The Island’s Nation Is Raising For The Worst, Flight 6 Needs To Be Airborne Before The Storm Reaches ThemeBlack Box “Tower:Singapore 6 Winds 220 At 24 Cleared For Take Off Captain Fong:Ok Thrust Ref Toga Toga Captain Fong Che Kong Decides To Proceed With Take Off The 747 Dash To Take Off Speed 290 KM/Hour
  • 24. Date Type Site Passengers Crew Injuries Fatalities Survivors Aircraft type Operator Registration Flight origin Last stopover Destination 31 October 2000 Pilot error, Runway confusion, ATC error, Poor airport lighting Chiang Kai-shek Int'l Airport 159 20 71 83 96 Boeing 747-412 Singapore Airlines 9V-SPK Singapore Changi Airport Chiang Kai-shek Int'l Airport Los Angeles Int'l Airport
  • 25. Joining Star Alliance In April 2000 Singapore Airlines Joined Star Aliance Unlike Other Members. Singapore Airlines Has Their Coperate Logo On The Tail On There Star Alliance Liveries
  • 26. MEGA ARK Splits From Airline July 1st 2001,Singapore Airlines Cargo Was Incoperated As A Seperate Subsidary Of Singapore Airlines, The Subsidary Managed The Cargo Holds On All Of Singapore Airlines Aircraft As Well As There Own 747-400F
  • 27. First To Fly The A380 On July 12th 2001, Singapore Airlines Comemorated An Order For 25 Airbus A380’S ,10 Firms With 15 Options
  • 28. SIA Flight 286 This Maybe Crazy But Is Real. On 13th March 2003, Singapore Airlines Flight 286 A 747412,Flight 286 Had A Tailstrike ( A Tailstrike Is When The Stern Of The Plane Hits The Ground On Take Off And Landing)When Taking Off At Auckland International Airport In New Zealand, No One Was Hurt, As A Resuly The 9V-SMT Was Given The Nickname “ Scrape My Tail”
  • 29. A New A340 The 2nd Longest Airplane In The World, And A Happy New Year On The New Year From 2003 To 2004 Singapore Airlines Recived Their First Of 5 Airbus A340-500 Singapore Airlines Will Use The A340-500 Aircraft In Ultra Long Haul Routes From Singapore To Los Angles And From Singapore To Newark Both Of These Routes Were The Longest Scheduled Commercial Airline Routes In History When Introduce Maybe US Airways Was A Copycat Of The Route
  • 30. Another Flagship ! With The Remaining Unused Options For The Boeing 777-200 Family, Singapore Airlines Converted Theme Into Orders For Boeing 777300 Aircraft, First Of Theme Were Delivered On 21st November 2006, Fitted With The Airline’s New Cabin Interior
  • 31. The A380’S First Flight It’s Been Almost 5 Years When Singapore Airlines Ordered The A380, Airbus Industrie Can’t Deliver The Plane To SIA In 2001 Because The A380’S First Flight Was In April 27th 2005 Tourlouse, Blaganac, France And Introduced In The Paris Airshow
  • 32. Singapore Airlines Flight 380 On October 17th 2007, 2 Years After The A380’S First Flight In 27th April 2005 Singapore Airlines Makes A Historic Moment For The Airline, Chief SIA Pilot Captain Robert Ting Is Making A Short Final For The Landing Of The World’s First A380 Being Given To Singapore Airlines, SQ 380 Regestration 9V-SKA Was Flying From Tourlouse, France To Singapore Nonstop. They Invited Prime Minister Lee, CEO Of Singapore Airlines Goh Choon Phong To Be In A Water Salute Next Is The Video
  • 33. The A380’S First Comercial Flight On October 25 2007 8 Days After Delivery Of The A380, The Same A380 Lands In Kingsford Smith International Airport In New South Wales, Australia It’s The First Airbus A380 Commercial Route Went Into Service
  • 34. Question Termin 1. 1. 2. 3. Termin 2 1 2 3 Termin 3 1 2 3