Festivals celebrated in Hong Kong


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Festivals celebrated in Hong Kong

  1. 1. Today, our group is going to presentto you about the festivals in HongKong .The three festival that we are goingto present to you all are:•Hungry Ghost Festival•Chinese New Year•Dragon Boat Festival
  2. 2. Hungry Ghost FestivalWhy do they celebrate Hungry Ghost festival?As they miss their families and ancestors deeply, they actively carry ontheir traditions, and also to show respect to them.When do they celebrate the festival?The festival lasts for a month every year which starts from the first dayof the seventh lunar month until the end of the month.How do they celebrate the festival?They celebrate the festival by burning incense and joss papers,performing live Chinese operas and dramas for ghosts and distributingfree rice.Where do they celebrate the festival?These performances usually take place in parks, piazzas, pitches orother sufficiently spacious places.
  3. 3. Chinese New Year Hong Kong is a year-round party destination but nothingmatches the warmth, colour and spectacle of seeing the city celebrate the Chinese New Year. Asia s world welcome chinese new year with colorful flower market , breathtaking fireworks , dazzling world-class night parade , bustling incense - filled temples , lively event and much more .Chinese New Year is the longest and most important festivalin the Chinese calendar. The origin of Chinese New Year isitself centuries old and gain significance because of several myths and traditions.
  4. 4. A ran ge of i n tern ati on al parti ci pan ts i n clu d i n g them ed floats an dperform ers from Thai lan d .S haoli n k u n g fu grou p an d an acrobati c trou pe from Chi n a . A processi on that featu res a gi an t fi sh statu e from J apan .A cu ltu ral d an ce grou ps from K orea an d M old ova an d m an y m oreTrad i ti on al d ragon an d li on d an cers, balleri n as, hi p hop an d jaz z d an cetrou pes, costu m ed characters wi th gi an t props from H on g K on g .The Chi n ese N ew Year flower m ark et i s on e of the best way sto soak u p all the fu n an d exci tem en t of the com i n g S pri n gFesti val. You r sen ses wi ll be treated to a ri ot of colou r an darom a , an d the chan ce to m i n gle wi th the crowd s as theysearch for that perfect au spi ci ou s blossom or plan t for the hom eor offi ce.
  5. 5. What is Dragon Boat Festival ?Dragon boat is about two dragon boats racing in alively, vibrant spectacle. They race in teams in thedecorated dragon boats which follows the beat of theheavy drums that are crafted and painted in “dragon”heads and tails which could at least carry 20-22paddlers.
  6. 6. Why do they commemorate Dragon boat ? It is to commemorate the death of a popular Chinese national hero ,Qu Yuan , whom had drowned himself in Mi Lo River over 2,000 years ago to protest against the corrupt rulers. It is said that the townspeople attempted to rescue Qu Yuan , by beating drums to scare fish away and throwing dumplings into the sea to keep the fish from eating his body.
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