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  • 1. Report Submitted to: Mr. Manoj KumarAssistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Science
  • 2. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) PeopleSoft Group Members Zarfan Surani (FA10-MB-0037) Nazish Verteji (FA10-MB-0033) Ambreen Shumaila (FA10-MB-0015)
  • 3.  Based in Pakistan and East Africa, was established with a mandate to improve teacher education in the developing world. The Institute aim to contribute to socio-economic development by improving the quality of education through human resource development, institutional capacity building, policy analysis and research. The Institute conducts training and offers a variety of academic programmes for in-service teachers, teacher educators and education managers, both from the public and private sectors.
  • 4. Graduate programmes includes: PhD programme: four-year program M.Ed programme (M.Ed): two-year programProfessional programmes includes: Advanced Diploma in Education: Curriculum Areas (1 year field-based) Advanced Diploma in Education: Educational Leadership and Management (1 year) Certificate in Education: Curriculum Areas, like Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English and others (8 weeks) Certificate in Education: Environmental Education, Citizenship Education, information and Communication Technology, Histories and Cultures of Muslim societies, and others Certificate in Education: Educational Leadership and Management (10 weeks) Certificate in Education through Open and Distance Learning
  • 5. Company backgroundProblems on implementationFeaturesComponents a) Human Resource b) Financials c) Supply Chain Management d) Customer Relationship Management
  • 6. Aga Khan University Hospital need to implement PeopleSoftTime and Labor module will replace “Magic” Attendance system.The time and labour model will cover the following aspects of themodule:  Attendance- Recording Time In and Out  Employee Self Service and Manager Desktop  Leaves  Approve / Enter Overtime  Scheduling for shift-employees
  • 7. With the implementation of PS T&L,the departmental head will not need tosend Attendance sheets to HumanResource.
  • 8. Pages View UpdateHome and Mailing addresses  Phone Numbers    Email Addresses  Emergency Contacts Marital Status Name Change Outpatient Medical Entitlement and Usage
  • 9.  Sick Leave Casual Leave Unpaid Leave
  • 10.  Employee Work Group To manage T&L processes especially the overtime eligibility, all employees of AKU will be bifurcated under three categories:  Shift Employees – Eligible for Overtime  Non-Shift Employees – Eligible for Overtime  Shift/Non-Shift Employees – Not Eligible for Overtime
  • 11. Data Conversation.Chain Management.Software engineer has to follows standard codes and balance the customization so that originality of ERP People soft will remain for upcoming versionsCustomization created many problems e.g. standard reports were neglected.Standard procedures were not followed in the beginning which cause my error.Lack computer Proficiency.Training & Development of 1000 users.