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  1. 1. ELT Session By Dr. Nicholas CorreaDirector, New Horizon Scholars School
  2. 2. Read the words below and match them to the pictures. Giveyour observation about these words knight flower hair bare hare bear night flour
  3. 3. Homophones Homophones are words that have same/similar sound but arespelt differently and have different meanings. e.g. one and won
  4. 4. Read the poem carefully and rectify spelling wherever essential.An Ode to the Spelling Chequer by Janet E. ByfordPrays the Lord for the spelling chequerThat came with our pea sea!Mecca mistake and it puts you riteIts so easy to ewes, you sea.I never used to no, was it e before eye?(Four sometimes its eye before e.)But now I’ve discovered the quay tosuccessIt’s as simple as won, too, free!Sew watt if you lose a letter or two,
  5. 5. ExerciseThe words in bracket sound the same. They are calledhomophones. Choose the correct words to complete thesentences(a) The boy applied oil on his (hare/hair).(b) Mary put some (flower/flour) in the cake mix.(c) Harish didnt have a very good sleep last(nights/knights).(d) A rabbit looks like a (hare/hair).(e) (Bare/Bear) is a carnivorous animal.
  6. 6. Write the homophones of the following words.Example: sun / son.planwriteSeeWhichWhereKnewNoSo
  7. 7. Answerplane PlainRight Rite, Wrightsee seathere theirWhich Witchwhere Werebee BeHere HearKnew NewNo Knowso saw
  8. 8. ExerciseChoose the correct homophones and complete the sentences.(a) We (meet/meat) our friends while enjoying the party .(b) As Raj was late he (missed/mist) the train.(c) Our grandma narrated a very interesting (tale/tail).(d) Mohan is 70kg he has excess (wait/weight) .(e) The cat hurt its (pour/poor/paw).(f) He likes to (pour/poor/paw) in the drum.(g) The people in the villages are (pour/poor/paw)(h) Rakhesh posted the (mail/male) yesterday.
  9. 9. The teacher reads the words, writes on the board and asks the children to explain the differences between these words. (a) or and oar (b) sail and sale (c) sour and sore (d) maid and made (e) main and mane
  10. 10. Find homophones for some of these words. allowed ball base beach boy check days die due faint fur great in key lane leek war waste might week packed pale place rain read profit seen road sight
  11. 11. Homophonesad/add tale/tail nin/inn cell/sell rain/reign/reinsail/sale meat/meet weak/weekaloud/allowed tea/tee hair/hareits/it’s sea/see cent/scent/sent read/redalter/altar one/won weather/whetherknew/new there/they’re/their hall/haulseam/seem deer/dear read/reedate/eight or/ore/oar we’ll/wheelknight/night to, too, two hear/heresew/so/sow flour/flower right/write,beat/beet pale/pail toe/tow which/witch knot/not flu/flew heard/herdsome/sum pare/pair rode/rowed/roadblue/blew wail/whale who’s/whose know/no for/four hour/our rose/rows your/you’reson/sun plane/plainbreak/brake waist/wastelead/led great/gratestair/stare prince/printsbuy/by/bye wait/weightmade/maid groan/grow
  12. 12. SPOT THE HOMOPHONES!See if you can find all the homophones that have beenused incorrectly. Underline the words that you need tochangeLast knight when I looked up the sky was darkblew. I new I wood sea stars but eye wassurprised buy there brightness. Who had maidthem seam sew beautiful? I was shore they hadbean maid millions of years ago, and I was court upin there beauty. I wanted to stair at them fourever, butt my piece was disturbed. Nun of thiswould bee forgotten but I knew it was to grate tolast.
  13. 13. HOMOPHONESWrite the following passage with the correct homophones. Makesure that ALL spellings are correct, using a dictionary if necessary.Won knight I sore a pear of men buy the see. Eye thought there feetwere stuck butt sum people came and court hold of them and pulledthemout. Watt were they doing? They had to no that the tied was comingin!The men had taken a long thyme to get hear. Now they had to go alltheweigh back again. The won with lots of read hare looked odd. He washolding too parcels tide up with string that had nots in. I thought eyenew him. Was I write?If you have time when you have finished this, try writing your ownpassage with homophones used incorrectly. Have fun!