Homophone, homograph and homonym

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  • 1. ELT Session onhomophones, homographs and homonyms By Dr. Nicholas Correa Director, New Horizon Scholars School
  • 2. Homophone:Homophones are words with similar or same pronunciation but withdifferent spellings and meanings. can cane man mane fair fare mar Mare fat Fate See* Sea* Meet* Meat* Feet* Feat*
  • 3. HomographHomographs are words with same spellings but different pronunciation and meanings.They can be also called heterophones or heteronyms 1 Blessed: /blɛsɨd/ Adj: having divine aid ɛst/ vb: past tense of Blessed: /ˈbl blessed 2 Bow: /boʊ/: n: a weapon ʊ Bow: /ˈba/ vb: to bend 3 Conduct: /ˈkɒndəkt/: n: Action ʌ Conduct: /kənˈdkt/: vb: to lead 4 ɪ Buffet: /bəˈfe/ ~ /ˈ bʊfeɪ/:n: sideboard ʌ Buffet: /ˈbfɨt/: vb: to strike meal 5 Wind: /ˈ wɪnd/ n: air movement Wind: /ˈwaɪnd/: vb: to tighten a spring 6 Use: /ˈ /: n: benefit, function juˈs Use: /ˈ /: vb: utilise, employ juˈz 7 Tear: /ˈtɪər/: n: rolling of tears Tear: /ˈtɛər/: to separate , split, destroy 8 Resume: /ˈrɛzjʉmeɪ/: n: curriculum vitae Resume: /rɨˈzjuˈm to start again /vb: 9 Read: /ˈ / riˈd Read: /ˈrɛd/ 10 Minute: /maɪˈnjuˈt/ n: Minute: /ˈmɪnət/adj: small
  • 4. HomonymHomonyms are words with same spellings and same or similar pronunciation but different meanings.
  • 5. Examples:1. I couldnt bear to give my pet bear to a zoo!The first meaning of bear is to tolerate. The second one is an animal.2. Grace didnt feel well after falling into the well.The first meaning of well is good health. The second one is anunderground supply of water.3. The oil well is yours and the gold mine is mine. The first meaning of mine is underground supply. The secondone is belongs to me.4. The rose bushes rose out of the fertile ground. The first meaning of rose is a flower. The second one is togrow.
  • 6. List of Homonyms1 Address: Location Address: Speech, lecture, etc2 Attribute : Quality, Attribute: characteristics3 Close: adj: nearby Close: vb: to shut4 Delta: n: land at the mouth of Delta: n: fourth letter of Greek the river alphabet5 Novel: n: fiction Novel: adj: new, original, fresh6 Pen: marker Pen: n: enclosure7 Patient: n: sick person Patient: vb: tolerant, enduring8 Desert: arid/barren region Desert: ice cream