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Twitter Update for Social Developers London - March 2013
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Twitter Update for Social Developers London - March 2013


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My presentation about whats going on for Twitter developers for March 2013 Social Developers London meetup

My presentation about whats going on for Twitter developers for March 2013 Social Developers London meetup

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Angus FoxDeputy Secretary, Social Developers LondonDirector, Multizone LimitedTwitter: @nuxnix This talk draws on information from but is in no way endorsed by Twitter Corporation  #justsaying
  • 3. MetadataOAuth API 1.1 Ads API Hosebird
  • 4. Well it is live so its not something to prepare for now – old stuff wont work 1.1 is live most endpoints require authentication slight change to Oauth flow
  • 5.  The transition was painless, and ThinkUp came out of it with cleaner, leaner, and smarter code. The API 1.1 changes affected ThinkUp in two major ways, and a few minor ones. First, per-endpoint rate limiting meant revisiting usage throttling approach.  more calls per hour than it had before.  15 minutes enforcement instead of every 60, means users can update their data more often without maxing out. API 1.1 pushed ThinkUp to move from consuming XML to JSON Twitter data. Adjusting the visual layout of tweets in the insights stream to comply with Twitter’s Display Requirements.
  • 6.  Twitter supports OAuth 1.0a  Allow this application to use Sign in with Twitter has returned to the flow  So applications can explicitly define their intended authorization behavior.  This change allows automatic redirection only for applications that request it.  Applications that use /oauth/authenticate and rely on the automatic redirection behavior for logged-in users must enable this "Sign in with Twitter" option.  If the option is not enabled, users will instead be directed to /oauth/authorize and will then be prompted to complete the application approval flow.Source:
  • 7. The first place to start is at Twitter Ads API
  • 8.  The Twitter Ads API gives partners a way to integrate Twitter advertising management in their product. Selected partners have the ability create their own tools to manage Twitter Ad campaigns while easily integrating into existing, cross-channel advertising management solutions.
  • 9.  We are looking for a limited number of partners We are only able to work with a select number of partners at this time to allow us to collaborate at the level we feel is required. If you are interested in integrating the Twitter Ads API and joining the Twitter Ads API program, please help understand your partnership opportunity through the application below. We will schedule follow on discussions with partners that are a potential fit, so please only go into enough detail to help us understand the potential opportunity in working together. Ads Products will be a part of the Twitter Certified Products Program.
  • 10. The first place to start is at Tweet metadata
  • 11. "status": { "created_at": "Tue Oct 30 21:12:37 +0000 2012", "id": 263387958047027200, "id_str": "263387958047027200", "text": "Better late than never, statuses/retweets_of_me is joining the API v1.1 method roster: ^TS", "geo": null, "coordinates": null, "place": null, "filter_level": "medium", "lang": "en", ...• } filter_level is intended for applications which display a selection of Tweets from a stream• lang is a supported BCP 47 language identifier, or "und"
  • 12. Java-based client for Twitters Streaming APIs Hosebird
  • 13.  Suitable for any level of streaming access — from a low-volume track connection all the way up to the entire stream of public Tweets The first API client library Twitter has released to the world.  OAuth integration,  GZip support,  Reconnect logic which follows best practices. Writing a Java application which consumes streaming data is now remarkably direct
  • 14. Presentations are available from Slideshare