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Mz digitalsurrey-120125-published


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Location based mobile apps with open social data are the face of policing on the Internet - Case study and backstory to the Surrey Police mobile phone apps for social engagement

Location based mobile apps with open social data are the face of policing on the Internet - Case study and backstory to the Surrey Police mobile phone apps for social engagement

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Source:
  • “We help the police reach more people by putting bang up to date news and information in a free to download Surrey Police App. The police can now reach every local person who owns an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry. People do not have to understand Twitter, Flickr, YouTube or join anything to read them.”Craig Moore, Multizone Police Advisor(25 years in neighbourhood policing)
  • Social media ‘amplification’ means many people see interventions now and in later searchesjust Tap, Tap and forgetPolice interventions show up ‘nearby’ Amplifies presence in the communityAddresses comments and criticism very quickly generating positive experienceApp is specifically registered to each officerOfficers and staff identified by twitter accountCannot inadvertently send inappropriate updates
  • Transcript

    • 1. Location based mobile apps with open social data are the face of policing on the Internet Angus Fox, Director, Multizone25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 1
    • 2. Agenda• How did we get to here• Our approach to the market• Surrey Police mobile apps case study – Why? – Technology – Metrics and success factors – What’s next• What does this all mean?25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 2
    • 3. Why should police care about social media? Source: Digital Surrey 3
    • 4. Mobile apps are the Internet Source: Digital Surrey 4
    • 5. Surrey Police news item (1 min) Digital Surrey 5
    • 6. HOW DID WE GET HERE?25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 6
    • 7. 25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 7
    • 8. Timely, authentic updates, that the police need to know about“Not a socialnetwork, we arean InformationNetwork”.- Twitter 25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 8
    • 9. Policing the London G20 protest ‚The police must be aware that their behaviour will be monitored, recorded and instantly made public via the internet. They must modify their behaviour and briefings accordingly.‛– Sir Paul Stephenson25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 9
    • 10. Initial premise There must be a place in the market Wanted to build my Fed up with building with a need to own software them for other engage in this new Public Sector? company. people way which has no tools and is ready to try25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 10
    • 11. Initial approach Everything is real-time now Social media is a disruptive technology Web sites were originally a novelty ..Service Effective tools and policy for improvement, Monitoring, Customerengagement can bring about reductions Examples Service, Reputation in costs in.. Management, policy reinforcement25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 11
    • 12. What could a mobile app add?• Cost reduction• Diversion• Positive response• Innovative trailblazer• Governance• Enabler of culture shift25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 12
    • 13. Issues: Governance and Culture Social Control Consistent Tone of Official responses Voice Open and Prescribed policy transparent Self regulating Highly moderated Everybody Censored/blocked25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 13
    • 14. Q. How can social media affect Policing? A. It already does Scotland Yard PC Ward, Facebook BBC News, The sun "Cant wait to ‚PC eager to ‚A PC from bash some hit G20 Enfield was long haired protesters‛ today given a hippys up @ ‚Sick written the G20." message on warning cops under public Facebook‛ conduct regulations‛ Source: Quotes taken from BBC, Sky News, The Sun25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 14
    • 15. Segmenting the market • Encouragement but little or no budget Public Sector • Lots of vested interests • Size and complexity Blue Light Government of market for a small business • On-going distaste for Local social media – desire Police Fire Authorities to control the message25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 15
    • 16. Real issues for UK plc• Nothing happened for months before and after the general election• Structures, leadership and guidance in the public sector leave the potential for disparate fragmented disconnected projects• Duplication of effort, high costs• Unwillingness to work with small businesses – even to reply or keep to meetings – wasted costs we couldn’t afford• Inability to contract / communicate• Head in the sand ‘we can control the message’ mentality• Turf war between ‘comms’, ‘operations’ and ‘IT’• Warned off some by some forces and organisations – ‘tendering rules mean we can’t speak to you at all’, – ‘DiY we could do this ourselves’ – ‘No mobile strategy’ – ‘No budget’ – ‘Don’t understand’ – ‘Not a priority’• Agreed work then silence25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 16
    • 17. Case Study Surrey Police Multizone Vodafone25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 17
    • 18. Why – because communities are social and mobile now! Increased Visibility Advocacy by Insight for the public the public Confidence in Policing25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 18
    • 19. Surrey Police• Top down leadership approach open to transformation and culture shift• Instead of finding reasons not to engage with us Surrey asked ‘what could you do’ and for how much?• Willingness to take a risk with a local company• Passion for neighbourhood policing and for social media• And asked ‘could you just add Crime Mapper’25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 19
    • 20. The challenges• Transform service • Challenge delivery within expensive, outmoded constrained budgets. devices and• Account for what applications with local officers are cheaper devices doing and engage • Open data including with the public crime data, all open• Culture shift ‘don’t networks get better – get good’ • No data protection, no25/01/2012 Digital Surrey security issues 20
    • 21. Runnymede First• A demonstrator for live deployment in Surrey – All open public networks – Analytics – Phone app for the public – Phone app for police officers • No jargon / police speak • Built in governance • Geocoded Twitter Updates – Live end March 201125/01/2012 Digital Surrey 21
    • 22. Why a demonstrator Requirements Demonstrator Huge List of Distillation to possible a release and requirements proof point25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 22
    • 23. The right feature set Surrey Police Police Station info Your Neighbourhood Surrey News Contact us Priorities Photos & Videos Live Runnymede Beat Web Events Officers Surrey Feed email Team Helicopters Runnymede Feed Social Ratings Police Authority Live Map Phone Suggestions Surrey Police Crime Chart25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 23
    • 24. Runnymede metrics•10•100,000•550•605025/01/2012 Digital Surrey 24
    • 25. Runnymede metrics• 10 – average number of attendees at a local policing meeting• 100,000 – population• 550 twitter followers• 6050 iPhone downloads25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 25
    • 26. 7000Proof that app is moreaccessible than twitter? 6000 500011xAmplification of messages 4000 3000to tens of thousands of 2000local people through theapp & social networks 1000 0 Twitter Downloads25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 26
    • 27. Success Factors1. Executive Management support2. Level setting and buy-in at all levels3. Insight into policing and social engagement4. The right features in the software Multizone developed5. Mobile Network operator buy-in and support6. Perfect launch execution25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 27
    • 28. Executive Management support Mark Rowley – Surrey Chief constable – "There has been a lot of bad publicity recently about Twitter and policing and today we can turn all that on its head. What we are trying to do with Surrey Police Beat is to make visible what their local officers are doing for them on a day to day basis. It also allows the public to comment, so it is a two-way flow and it is more dynamic that anything we have had before."25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 28
    • 29. Level setting & buy-in at all levels • Impact Review – Identification of Quick time to value projects / pilots – Maturity Assessment • Boot Camps • Meetings / Seminars – Intensive one or two day workshops or one to one briefings for senior management – The reality of engagement across channels to the public and their representatives – Social engagement programmes – The real return on investment and improvements to service delivery that are possible – Why this is not just about being a bolt on marketing program at extra cost. • Action plan for buy-in25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 29
    • 30. Insight into policing and social engagement Tasking Twitter (Web) You Face Mobile Officers (Mobile) Tube book Apps Flickr Police Updates Social Media Public25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 30
    • 31. Mobile Network operator support• Vodafone, Surrey Police and Multizone worked together to pilot test the apps and devices in Runnymede• Now Vodafone are supplying 500 new HTC Android based phones for officers25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 31
    • 32. Perfect launch execution25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 32
    • 33. After Public Release •Field training •Field training Borough Borough •New •New Roll Out Functionality Roll Out Functionality25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 33
    • 34. Roadmap • Roll out 500 smartphones for neighbourhood officers and staff • Partner with a Mobile Network Operator • Free web app for tasking officers and staff • Next Police Force customer (February) Surrey RevisedMole Valley Runnymede Elmbridge Heath Public App25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 34
    • 35. OUR APPROACH25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 35
    • 36. Need: Phones, developers and tools, and network operators • Built successful mobile apps and platforms before at Openwave, Mercury & HP • Attended Mobile World Congress to meet – Manufacturers – Operators, – Developers • Started to run London Devnest community to get to know – Community developers – Twitter Corp – Interesting technology • Early adopter of Appcelerator Titanium development toolchain – Codestrong Conference Source: Gizmodo – Passionate London Titanium Community25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 36
    • 37. The right mobile experience Technology Location Social Mobile Based Open Data Sharing Services World class First time Multimedia Analytics tools and app store best practise approval25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 37
    • 38. Elaboration via mockups• The right features• Performance and other technology ‘givens’• Publish to app stores• Realised the need for 2 apps – A Police App and a Public App25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 38
    • 39. Police App• Easy, quick error free updates• A normal part of work not a novelty• Built in accountability• Low cost Android phone25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 39
    • 40. Free public app• Easy to use• Improves transparency• Information about local officers• Sets crime in context• A way for the busy public to tell police their views• Diverts people to local, non emergency contact points25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 40
    • 41. Native Apps built with Appcelerator • Actual native controls • Better user experience • Faster • Works offline25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 41
    • 42. Recognised for best practice at CodeStrong 2011 This is pretty cool, Surrey Police official app for connecting with the public to solve crime. It launched around the time of the UK riots and its a great application - Jeff Haynie – CEO Appcelerator25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 42
    • 43. What does all this mean? The explosion of mobile access to local App Development is only part of the information changes everything picture for a successful live project• Engagement provides Access • Force readiness and opportunity to Influence• Answers provide value workshops, Level• Engagement saves officer time setting, culture shift and reinforces presence • Police app, Public app• Answers are amplified feasibility and development inexpensively online in real- time process• Governance is • Skills transfer automatic, officers cannot send inappropriate updates • Willing and able audience• Gives local officers access to • Culture shift the same tools that the public already take for granted • Best practices • All ranks and staff25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 43
    • 44. QUESTIONS / DISCUSSION25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 44
    • 45. 25/01/2012 Digital Surrey 45