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[Webinar] Building Virtual Navigation Structures for the Nuxeo Platform
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[Webinar] Building Virtual Navigation Structures for the Nuxeo Platform


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By default in the Nuxeo Platform, there are multiple ways to browse the content repository: by the navigation tree, a tag cloud, a dashboard, and by simple, faceted or advanced search. In addition, it is quite easy to design and implement your own virtual navigation structure with Nuxeo Studio.
Join Bertrand Chauvin, Nuxeo’s training instructor, for this live webinar with a demo and Q&A to find out how to build virtual navigation structures for your application. If you’d like to play first, you can download the Nuxeo Platform and register for a free 30-day trial of Nuxeo Studio.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Building Virtual Navigation Structures for the Nuxeo Platform Julie Allouch Bertrand Chauvin
  • 2. Agenda (1/2) Why you need virtual navigation and how it can help Demo - Navigating through your documents using a customized instance Behind the scenes – Leverage your documents' properties to create your own virtual navigation structures 3
  • 3. Agenda (2/2) Behind the scenes – Key points we will cover ✔ ✔ ✔ Creating virtual navigation entries Using content views to create virtual documents listings Let your users take control with smart folders 4
  • 4. Why and how it helps 5
  • 5. Getting the right information... the right time, is essential  Different users have different needs and different browsing habits   Your content evolves with time  Spend less time searching, be more productive 6
  • 6. Let's See How It Works ! Life At A Documentation Center 7
  • 7. Behind the scenes 8
  • 8. Understanding the Nuxeo document concept 9
  • 9. A Document In Nuxeo  Is not « just a file » A document contains many properties • meta data, grouped into schemas   But also facets  And a life cycle Nuxeo lets you leverage these properties and query through them.  1
  • 10. Nuxeo Studio 1
  • 11. Nuxeo Studio  Direct access via Connect portal, 30 days free trial  Studio produces no compiled code, XML only. Your local Nuxeo instance connects to Studio, retrieves the configuration made online and deploys it automatically  Upwards compatibility guarantee. Build once, keep it forever  1
  • 12. Use Case 1/ Defining Our First Virtual Navigation entries
  • 13. Virtual Navigations - Principles    Virtual navigation entries search your documents  On a meta data,  By comparing it to a predefined entries list (a vocabulary) Using virtual navigation, we don't care where the document is located They are created in two steps  Fetching the right documents  Displaying the results with the relevant information
  • 14. The Result
  • 15. How Is It Done ? 1
  • 16. Questions ? 1
  • 17. Use Case 2/ Using Content Views To Create Virtual Documents Listings
  • 18. Content Views - Principles  And what if we want to show a documents listing without having to resort to a vocabulary ? Then we can use a content view.  Content views are everywhere into the platform  Content views display the result of a query
  • 19. The Result 2
  • 20. How Is It Done ? 2
  • 21. Questions ? 2
  • 22. Use Case 3/ Smart Folders: Let Your Users Take Control 2
  • 23. Smart Folders - Principles   Their goal ? • Generating a dynamic documents listing • Based on the meta data filled for a document Smart folders combine :  A document's meta data  And a content view
  • 24. The Result 2
  • 25. How Is It Done ? 2
  • 26. Questions ? 2
  • 27. Thank You For Attending ! Bertrand Chauvin – Trainer, Nuxeo France e-mail: Download the platform and try by yourself Questions - Blogs – Roadmap – 2