[Webinar] Advanced Workflow Design Techniques
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[Webinar] Advanced Workflow Design Techniques




Part 2: Advanced Workflow Design Techniques
The Nuxeo Platform has an integrated workflow engine with a full-featured workflow designer to help you define custom workflows that model your business processes. This series of two webinars will give a complete functional overview of workflow design in the Nuxeo Platform.
Join Alain Escaffre, Director of Product Management, for this live webinar with a demo and Q&A to find out how the workflow designer works. If you’d like to play first, you can download the Nuxeo Platform and register for a free 30-day trial of Nuxeo Studio.
The first webinar offers an introduction to workflow design for the Nuxeo Platform.



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[Webinar] Advanced Workflow Design Techniques Presentation Transcript

  • 1. / Content Management Platform For Business Applications Designing Workflows for the Nuxeo Platform, Part 2 Alain Director of Product Management
  • 2. Nuxeo / The Platform Drive (bi-directional file synchronization with the desktop) Auth. & Identity Management kit ! Form and Presentation Engine Customizable Web app Automation Client SDKs: Java JavaScript Python iOS Android Ready-to-integrate features (add-ons) ex: comparison, quota, invitation Workflow Engine Conversion kit REST API WEBDAV Repository CMIS 2
  • 3. Nuxeo / The Company • Nuxeo supports customers in creating, building, maintaining, deploying and operating apps • Nuxeo covers the full lifecycle of applications: • • Development Environment: Nuxeo IDE (Eclipse), Maven Tooling • Testing Toolset: Unit, Functional (Sl/WebDriver), Performance • • Application Designer: Nuxeo Studio Deployment tools: Nuxeo Marketplace, Update Center We focus on the complete experience for our customers, not just the software you run 3
  • 4. Agenda • Overview of key advanced workflow features • Overview of available documentation • Learn advanced concepts: Complete our Mission Staffing Workflow 4
  • 5. Key Features (Advanced) 5
  • 6. Key features (Advanced) ‣ Reassignment ‣ Manual delegation ‣ Workflow Automation ‣ Escalation ‣ Multi-task node ‣ Sub-workflow 6
  • 7. Escalation ! ‣ Escalation rules bound to a given node ‣ A rule = a name, an automation chain ID and a condition ‣ Workflow scheduler evaluates rules of all active nodes 7
  • 8. Multi-task node ‣ Create n tasks on one node, one task per assignee ‣ When each task is closed, the task info (name of the user, button clicked, comment) is added to the “TasksInfo” object, available in automation context on the node ‣ If the node is resumed before each user has closed the task, respective tasks go to “canceled” state 8
  • 9. Sub-workflow ‣ A specific node that instantiates a new workflow for the same list of documents, based on the given workflow model ID ‣ Accepts some parameters for initializing the global variables of the sub-workflow ‣ Node is active until the sub-workflow is achieved ‣ Canceling the main workflow will cancel subworkflows 9
  • 10. Overview of Existing Documentation Resources 10
  • 11. Workflow Engine ! ‣ Link : http://doc.nuxeo.com/x/OwzF ‣ Understand deployment cycle ‣ Understand how the graph is interpreted ‣ Example of escalation rules ‣ Workflow specific variables available in automation context ‣ Naming Conventions 11
  • 12. Studio Designer ! ‣ Link : http://doc.nuxeo.com/x/IwGw ‣ Screen by Screen help ‣ Link : http://doc.nuxeo.com/x/IwGw ‣ Simple workflow step-by-step tutorial 12
  • 13. Let’s Go! 13
  • 14. Studio deployment model • Configuration tool • No coding required • Generates a Bundle 14
  • 15. Our Scenario (Same As Part I) ‣ A mission order workflow: a purchase order is received, document is assigned to the staffing committee that will then either ask for more information or assign to someone for fulfilling the mission. 15
  • 16. Implementation ‣ You will learn how to: 1. Make a task reassignable 2. Start a workflow from a button 3. Set up a task reminder 4. Make the workflow move automatically using escalation and automation 5. Use a sub-workflow 16
  • 17. What’s Next? • Download from nuxeo.com/download • Upcoming Webinar • Building Virtual Navigation Structures for the Nuxeo Platform • • For geeks: nuxeo.com/ developers • Source code: nuxeo.github.io/ • Documentation: doc.nuxeo.com • Questions? answers.nuxeo.com Mon, Jan 20 www.nuxeo.com/webinars Free 30-day trial of Nuxeo Studio 17
  • 18. Thank You! Alain ESCAFFRE Director of Product Management e-mail: aescaffre@nuxeo.com Follow me: @aescaffre 18