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The Nuxeo vision for 2009 and beyond
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The Nuxeo vision for 2009 and beyond


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The Nuxeo team is involved in 3 different cooperative R&D projects, as well as other internal or collaborative endeavors, which all aim at expanding the scope, performance and ease of use of the Nuxeo …

The Nuxeo team is involved in 3 different cooperative R&D projects, as well as other internal or collaborative endeavors, which all aim at expanding the scope, performance and ease of use of the Nuxeo Platform, and to keep up with the ever changing needs of ECM in the face of Enterprise 2.0.

Published in: Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. 2009 NUXEO DEVDAY 2008 Éric Barroca, CEO
    • 2. avoid this
    • 3. support this
    • 4. Nuxeo
      • Founded in 2000
      • Sustained growth for 8 years
      • Pioneering Open Source ECM software vendor
      • International organization: customers, partners, community
      • 40+ employees
      • Business -oriented Open Source
    • 5. € 2M just raised!
      • Invest on products & packages
      • Accelerate international expansion
      • Keep our technology ahead of the competition
    • 6. Recent Customers
    • 7. Nuxeo Galaxy Enterprise Platform Nuxeo Core WebEngine Rich Client Platform Nuxeo Platforms Document Management DAM Correspon-dence Management Wiki / Blog Engine ... Horizontal Applications Enterprise Content Publishing NewsWave Editorial System ... Vertical Applications
    • 8. Subscriptions Nuxeo Connect helps development and operation teams to build, deliver and run apps based on Nuxeo’s platforms Connect Operations Operations Teams Support Guaranteed Answer Delay High availability Certified bug fixes Connect Project Development Teams support Consulting & Coaching Code & Architecture Review Certified bug fixes
    • 9. Professional Services Nuxeo provides large organizations with high level services to help them use, customize and extend our software Training Nuxeo certified trainers provide training courses adapted to needs from integration to development. Certification is also available on the training curriculum.
      • Consulting
      • Nuxeo experts provide:
      • Architecture improvement
      • Functional specification
      • Project Management
      • Bespoke Code review
      Add ons Software development, mainly through the design and implementation of extra components extending Nuxeo Service Platform
    • 10. Great Technology
      • 3+ years of work
      • Focus on the platform
      • Components everywhere
      • Impressive feature set
      • Large deployments
      The best ECM platform we’re heard of! ;-)
    • 11. extensible scalable versatile proven modular modular modular modular modular
    • 12. Nuxeo Platforms Nuxeo Core Embedable and versatile content repository Nuxeo Runtime Nuxeo EP Nuxeo RCP SI Integration Enterprise App Thin Client - Web Heavy DM / Collab Business Apps Productivity-focused Native Look ‘n Feel Desktop Integration Nuxeo WebEngine REST Social Features Scripting Content Apps
    • 13. What next?
      • We’ll be busy next year!
    • 14. Nuxeo Workshop
      • Deep integration with dev tools (ex: m2, hudson, hg)
      • Handy editors (doctypes, forms, query, etc.)
      • Fast code/deploy/test cycle
      • Live content browser & debugger
      Lean environment to imagine and create next-generation content apps
    • 15. Nuxeo Command Center
      • Monitoring Services
        • extensible sensors
        • nagios integration
      • Admin Console
        • live monitoring (operations, jobs, stores, pools, etc.)
        • visual operations (backup, restore, cluster, etc.)
    • 16. Nuxeo Platform 6 aka New York aka New York
      • Easier coding simplify, tool, lighten
      • Leverage the cloud all things distributed
      • Focus on content apps
      • Nuxeo Runtime 2 hot reload, IoC, scripting
      • Nuxeo Core 2 CMIS, fully distributed
      • Better packaging
      Content apps for enterprises
    • 17. Nuxeo in the Sky
      • Grid technologies at the core
      • Everything distributed
      • Cloud storage for Nuxeo Core (sky's the limit)
      • Grid for distributed job execution
      • Built-in horizontal scaling
      the first ECM platform built on and for the cloud
    • 18. Join us
      • Send feedback
      • Discuss in the forums
      • Fix bugs
      • Contribute addons
      • Write howto & recipes
      • Blog about the project
      • Experiment