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Digital Asset Management: A Platform Approach
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Digital Asset Management: A Platform Approach


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Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. Content Management PlatformFor Business Applications/Digital Asset ManagementNuxeo PlatformBrendan CoveneyDigital Asset Management:A Platform Approach
  • 2. What is Digital AssetManagement?2
  • 3. Digital Assets3• Digital = audio, video,image content• Asset = enhanced withmetadata• Author, format, expiration,IP restrictions, size• Enables searchability andtracking
  • 4. ... Management4• Do you need Flickr?iPhoto? YouTube?• Or a businessapplication?• Secure access• Workflows to modelbusiness processes• Integrations with yourERP, CRM, or otherapplications
  • 5. Digital Assets as Content5• Content is not limited to documents• Media and digital content is nolonger limited to the MarketingDepartment• Many business applicationsrequire image, video, and audiocontent
  • 6. Digital Assets as Content6• Content is a Business Asset• Modeled on what your business does• A gadget for sale, an insurance claim, a video game, amuseum artifact• ... whatever content is in your organization
  • 7. DAM = Content Management7• A “digital asset” models the businessconcept it represents• More than a simple audio, video, orimage file• Complex object• Relationships to other objects• Custom metadata• Custom workflows
  • 8. Why a platform approach?8
  • 9. Power Shift9
  • 10. Ubiquitous Access• By 2016, 1.6 billion smartdevices will be sold• 2/3 of the workforce willuse smart devices for theirwork• Delivery, ingestion,management and control10
  • 11. Cloud• Private / Public / Hybrid• Multi-tenancy• App Level• Container Level• Automation11
  • 12. Future Proofing12Source: Unknown
  • 13. What is a platformapproach?13
  • 14. Platform Approach14Your Digital Asset Management strategy needs tobe an integral component of your broader contentmanagement strategy
  • 15. Platform15• Flexible• Secure• Open• Standards• Scalable
  • 16. Unified Repository16• A single repository for• media content• documents• custom content models• For an inclusive, connected way ofmanaging assets across the enterprise
  • 17. Technology17A technology platform has a two-pronged mission:Provide immediate, easily attainable benefitsReward (and don’t punish) developers who wantto delve deeper
  • 18. PlatformA comprehensive ecosystemthat improves the productivity of applicationdevelopers and application deliverersenabling them to provide successfulcontent driven applications18
  • 19. Application Development19“Application Development - Designing,coding, testing, implementing, and maintaininga custom software solution over time.”Eric Knipp, Gartner
  • 20. Application Development• Designing• Coding• Testing• Implementing• Maintaining20
  • 21. Application Delivery“Application Delivery – Selecting, implementing, andmaintaining a software solution over time.This mayor may not include application development andthat development may be part of a completecustom system or it may simply be coding a fewconnectors as part of an integration effort.”Eric Knipp, Gartner21
  • 22. Platform• Server Software• ComponentArchitecture• APIs• Configuration Tools• Development Tools22• Test• Delivery Platform• Developer Care• Support• Consulting• Community
  • 23. Benefits23• Build applications that are• Sustainable, with a broad approachvision of content management• Cost-effective, by designing for thelong term• Open, and flexible enough to easilyadapt to future requirements
  • 24. Real World Examples24
  • 25. • Manage collections, exhibits, loans,photos, videos• Repository = 20 TB• Unified repository for documentmanagement and digital assetmanagement• Building repeatable processes25
  • 26. • Digital asset = game build• Contains audio, images,and metadata• Control & track access topre-releases• Fingerprinting on builds• Mission critical accesscontrol, distributed on 23sites globally26
  • 27. • Store, manage anddistribute all Netflixonline images• Content Collaborationprocesses for producingmedia assets• Approval tracking withthe movie studios• Creative and EditingWorkflow• Fully Integrated withNetflix Platform27
  • 28. Thank You!28Brendan Coveney- GM, Americas and APACPhone: (+1) 408-506-8630e-mail: bcoveney@nuxeo.comFollow me: @bcoveney