Etiquette and manners of a true hoteliar


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This presentation is very important for the all hoteliers.

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Etiquette and manners of a true hoteliar

  1. 1. Etiquette and Manners of aTrue Hotelier
  2. 2. Etiquette and Manners of aTrue HotelierEtiquette Hints forEntrances&Exits
  3. 3. •The hotel staff should observe guests approaching the door andopen it as the guest walks through.•The door is opened in the direction in which the guest is going.•Always open the door for the personbehind.DOORS
  4. 4. •The hotel staff should greet the guest as he/she passesthrough the door.•The hotel staff must thank anyone who keeps the door open.
  5. 5. ELEVATORS•The hotel staff should show the way using an open palm gesturewhilst holding the door using the elevator door button.•One must always hold the door and help people with disabilities orheavy packages.•If the elevator is too crowded the hotel staff should volunteer toexit.•Never gossip or discuss other guest orhotel issues whilst in the elevator.
  6. 6. •Hotel staff should always use the service elevators unlessaccompanying a guest.•The hotel staff should not stare at the guest or themselves throughthe mirrors inside the guest elevator.
  7. 7. STAIRS•The hotel staff should always let the guest pass unlessleading the way.•Do not rush or push people on a staircase, even if in ahurry.
  8. 8. Etiquette and Manners of aTrue Hotelier
  9. 9. •Always smile while welcoming the guest in your outlet.•Always give the guest full attention and do not say, “Yes” until youcompletely understand what he is asking for. Always provide theguest with at least two alternatives while solving a problem.•Never say “I don’t know”. Tell the guest you will find out for him /her and ensure that he /she is provided with accurate information.•It is highly advisable that you should not argue with the guest. Tryto speak softly and clearly, without artificial accent.•Never discuss negative views about the hotel or other staff withthe guest.
  10. 10. •Try to maintain regular eye contact with your guest. There may besometime you remain busy with your other task. Even then try tohave a look at your guest every now and then.•Maintain a distance of at least two feet from the guests whiletaking an order.•Avoid using hotel jargon and slang in front of the guest.•Personalize the conversation by using the guest’s name wheneverpossible.•Avoid unnecessary movements of hands and facial gestures whiledescribing dishes, or while speaking to guests.
  11. 11. Etiquette and Manners of aTrue Hotelier
  12. 12. •Weight balanced on both feet•Shoulders straight•Chest out•Stomach in
  13. 13. •Keep your hands on the sides or behind your back.•Do not keep your hands in the pockets or on the hips.•Do not cross your arms across the chest.•Do not lean against the sideboard, panels or the hostess desk.•Remember, you may be in view of a guest even when you are notdirectly interacting with him/her. Maintain your poise at all times.•Do not huddle together in bunches inside the restaurant. There isalways something to be done in your area, even when the guests arenot there.•Avoid turning your back to the guest whenever possible.
  14. 14. Etiquette and Manners of aTrue Hotelier
  15. 15. •Walk at an even pace inside the Guest area(Lobby,Restaurant), avoiding any sound of the footsteps. Never runinside the guest area.•While walking in guest areas, if guests are approaching, get asideand give them first right of way. If near a door, open the door forthe guests to pass through.•Walk on the left hand side.•If accompanying a guest, walk on his/her right hand side and openthe door for the guest.
  16. 16. •Walk erect and maintain the poise.•Never push or shove any colleague, no matter what the hurry•Everyone should follow the generally accepted rules of trafficwhile walking through the restaurant. Walk to your left side.