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Jaggery is a framework to write webapps and HTTP-focused web services for all aspects of the application: front-end, communication, Server-side logic and persistence in pure Javascript. One of the …

Jaggery is a framework to write webapps and HTTP-focused web services for all aspects of the application: front-end, communication, Server-side logic and persistence in pure Javascript. One of the intents of this framework is to reduce the gap between writing web apps and web services.

As a pure Javascript server-side scripting engine, Jaggery combines all the strengths of Javascript with flexibility and freedom at both the development and deployment stages. Most JavaScript webapp development mechanisms restrict developers to a framework-specific structure or patterns, which demand an additional learning curve. By contrast, with Jaggery, any developers who are versed in Javascript have everything they need to get going.

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  • 1. {Jaggery.js}“The delicious javascript framework” http://jaggeryjs.org 31st May 2012
  • 2. Why do we need another server-side jstoolkitRight now, when writing a web app we need to walk through multiple layers of technology  HTML(5)/JS, PHP/Ruby/Java, ORM(SQL)Information captured at the client need to be transformed at each layer  JSON/CSV/XMLIts not straightforward to build a natively REST/JSON appDeveloping an API coupled to the app is a nightmare
  • 3. What is JaggeryA completely Javascript way of writing all parts of the Web applications and services  Eliminates the mismatches across different layersCloses the gap between Web apps from Web services by allowing one to create both applications and APIs at the same time.
  • 4. What jaggery offers for multi-tier web appdevelopmentA vanilla platformNo heavy frameworksNo restrictionsOnly a set of APIsSmooth & easy deploymentEnterprise grade runtime
  • 5. What it has, as of nowA module architectureThe runtime augments the features of a web serverIt talks smoothly in JSONCan handle URL patternsCan talk to databasesA Shell that can execute the jaggery scriptsIts a new platform, we believe everybody will start building cool things
  • 6. How to make things work Extract jaggery-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT_M5.zip to a directory you prefer. lets call it JAGGERY_HOME Navigate to {JAGGERY_HOME}/bin directory which contains all the Jaggery execution scripts. Run sh {JAGGERY_HOME}/bin/server.sh ({JAGGERY_HOME}/bin/server.bat in windows) command to start the server Point the browser URL to http://localhost:9763/taskmaster
  • 7. The famous "Hello World" in JaggeryCreate a directory called helloapp at {JAGGERY_HOME}/apps/Create a jaggery file helloworld.jag inside the helloapp directory and add the following code snippetThats it! now point to {http://localhost:9443/helloapp/helloworld.jag}
  • 8. The APIhttp://jaggeryjs.org/documentation.jag
  • 9. The extensibilityJaggery can be extended using modules  Yeah ! go on write some You can import any script which is written for commonjs as a jaggery moduleIf nothing for the rescue, you can expose even a JAVA library as a module for Jaggery
  • 10. and you can do this ! 
  • 11. Its awesome coz, its just javascript & JSONend to endIf you simply want to send some JSON to the client
  • 12. Its built to write RESTy apps  Match URLs at runtime  Design URLs at development time
  • 13. Its modularIts extensible via modules  Even the core is written in modules and bound with configuration
  • 14. Its completely open-source, under Apache 2.0Mail us at dev@wso2.comReport your issues at https://wso2.org/jira/browse/JAGGERYThe source is at (which will be soon moved to GitHub) http://svn.wso2.org/repos/wso2/carbon/platform /trunk/products/jaggery/
  • 15. Thank You ! Nuwan Bandara nuwan@wso2.comhttp://nuwanbando.com