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  1. 1. Storyboard I an trying to make the trailer miss – leading so that the audience are left wondering what might happen in the film
  2. 2. First few shots show main character in estate. Everything normal Camera angles used: Long Shot [Extreme long shot] Zoom in Sound used: Extremely quiet/ Non diagetic/Diagetic street noises.
  3. 3. Flash Back Flash Back in black and white showing group of people camping. Also see main character from first scene in trailer. Showing people having fun Sound used: Quiet soundtrack Diagetic sound of camp
  4. 4. Third Scene cuts back to the character in the first scene showing blank expression. Camera Angle: Zoom in to character
  5. 5. Fourth Scene: Showing 2 people from the group collecting wood. They split up to find wood. Murderer hiding in the trees
  6. 6. When they return one person finds the other person dead. Murderer gone Shot reverse shot between person one and the person that’s been killed.
  7. 7. Person from first scene walking down main street at night. Different shots and angles used from long shots to show the surrounding area to close ups showing the emotions on the persons face.
  8. 8. Gang of people surrounding person from first scene. Soundtrack kicks in
  9. 9. Fades out and shows title of film Soundtrack slows down when title screen shows
  10. 10. After the title sequence want the camera to act like it’s what the person is seeing which is nothing. I plan to make it seem like the person has a sack over there head. This would be represented with heavy breathing and sounds of water. The sack will then be pulled of the head of the person but before there vision alters the camera will fade out.
  11. 11. Camera then repeats what has just happened but from a 3 rd person view. This gives the audience a view of the room and what is happening to the man. Diegetic sound of water.
  12. 12. Long shot showing who is speaking and what is happening in the room. People begin to explain why there are there and what they want.
  13. 13. Cuts back to flashback This is the view of the person in the trees. From earlier on in the trailer.
  14. 14. Cuts to different shots of the guy running away from something but audience are not sure what. Close up on face showing him to be warn out. Soundtrack gets quicker with the action
  15. 16. Then shows another location where he is running away
  16. 17. This slogan will be in the voice of the main character.
  17. 18. Ends with both people [one bad guy, one good guy] pointing a gun at each
  18. 19. Screen goes back as the audience hear a gun shot.,