School Front Cover Evaluation


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School Front Cover Evaluation

  1. 1. School Front Cover Development Naomi Hall
  2. 2. Stage One The background for my front cover I decided to use a medium close up. The background to the person in the image was different colours ( black and white) so I decided to black out the background so that text will clearly stand out on it and other images will also do this. Original Image Image for the background
  3. 3. Stage 2 As you can see the logo for the school ion the corner uses the colours blue, yellow and white. So the text for the masthead on the magazine as well as it been the biggest text on the page I have also used the colours of the logo for it. As I said before this helps the text stand out against the dark background and keeps the colour theme on the page constant.
  4. 4. Stage 3 The next thing I decided to do is put the main headline in the banner running horizontal across the page. As the text is black and so is the background I had to make the colour of the banner a lighter colour for the text to stand out. Even though I changed the colour to yellow I found the colour of the banner to overwhelming so I changed the transparency of it so that the background image is slightly visible.
  5. 5. Stage 4 Instead of keeping the banner horizontal I put it on an angle to make it look more interesting. Also the text I used originally was slightly boring so I changed it to a sketchy text as it keeps with the school theme and also the type of font relates back to the masthead.
  6. 6. Stage 5 For the Smaller headlines for the articles in the magazine I put White text boxes so that the text will be clearly seen. So the background image is not obscured by the boxes I also changed the transparency of these.
  7. 7. Stage 6 On the text white text boxes I used the colour blue so that the text stands out against the white. This also relates back to the logo and the text I used for the masthead. At the bottom of the magazine I added the school website this would be good to increase popularity and if readers would like to find out more information then they can easily get the link.
  8. 8. Stage 7 The last thing I did was add smaller pictures related to the article. I think this makes the front cover more appealing and reader friendly.