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Lifestyle and health

  1. 1. Prof.Vijay Joshi
  2. 2. Who Am I ? Why I am here ?
  3. 3. What did I do ? What would you do ? Diabetic diet,Optisulin ,Karnim ,tab for cholesterol,Triglyceride, ECG and Creatine tested every year ,… on
  4. 4. Year 2000 Year 2009 No cure So I started thinking ? What is health ? Can this treatment cure me ?
  5. 5. Definition of health ?  WHO Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity  Normally, we believe ,if there is no symptom –no pain , no difficulty, we are OK=healthy
  6. 6. Are we really healthy ? Obesity, Diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol levels ,triglycerides and many non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are on rise
  7. 7. world wide 475 million obese adults 1.5 billion adults are too fat. > 200 million school-age are overweight Overall every tenth adult
  8. 8. What is wrong with Obesity ? Obesity =Mother at least 53 diseases Diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and triglycerides--->life-threatening health conditions.
  9. 9. Heart disease -World & India Estimated 17 million die of CVDs, specially - heart attacks and strokes, every year. In India, It is the single largest cause of death among CVD’s tack.htm#ixzz1Hu3iZjiO
  10. 10. The International Diabetes Federation estimates 285 million people around expected to rise to 438 million within 20 years. Each year 7 million likely to be ++
  11. 11. World capital by 2020 ? Estimated thatCurrently, 40 million people by 2025 It will swell to 70 million. One of diabetic-an Indian. WHO and ICMR- the capital of heart attack ,diabetes and hypertension. tack.htm#ixzz1Hu3iZjiO
  12. 12. This is what we see !
  13. 13. What has happened ? Which cause these diseases ? But, these are NCD’s! What could be the reason of it's spread ? four common risk factors: tobacco use, physical inactivity, harmful use of alcohol, poor diet. WHO report on NCD 2008
  14. 14. Oh! Yes, Life style diseases ! ie Manner of living And it is one’s attitude --So does it mean , If life style is ‘good’ higher chances of being healthy ? If not---better chances to be true ! But what is ‘Good’ ?
  15. 15. Let us meet the ‘Doctors’ How these doctors treat us? Sunlight Water Fresh Air
  16. 16. Rest- is it = sleep ? Is it ‘Relaxation’ How much ?How sleep is important to us ? Do we listen to our body ?
  17. 17. Exercise ! Is our life like this? a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise and diet can either reduce or delay the incidence of diabetes by over 50%. /diabetes-facts.htm#ixzz1Hu2SPIkS
  18. 18. And now comes !
  19. 19. Is our healthy ? In a way –diet- means NOT only ‘food’ every thing that we take in ! The Good , the Bad and the ugly ! So-what we ‘chew , smoke, drink ,eat--‘diet’ of all 5 senses
  20. 20. Examine our diet and exercise? Amount of protein,fat,salt,processed food , sugar? Is there an energy imbalance ie intake of calories exceeds expenditure of calories
  21. 21. How much active are we? Do we feel hungry ?and then eat or eat at fixed time ? OR see a great dish and eat
  22. 22. Body is designed to be healthy ! 50,000 cells in your body have died and been replaced, during the time it has taken you to read this one sentence The surface layer of your skin is recycled every two weeks Your entire liver is replaced about every 400 days.
  23. 23. Help to heal and be healthy Your body is in a constant state of renewal. And when you give your body exactly what it needs and avoid the things that harm it, the rate of renewal you will experience will astound you
  24. 24. Dr John Mcdougall
  25. 25. Dr Neal Barnard
  26. 26. Diet -new way A lot of work has been carried out by many doctors following above approaches. They realized –current medicinal system cures symptoms and not the cause of these disease . Dr Neal Barnard, Dr Mcdougall, Dr Gabriel Cousens, Dr Campbell
  27. 27. There is a possibility These studies and experiences in India by SHARAN and others create a reasonably high level possibility of reversing the diseases. The epidemics of obesity, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and cancer are largely related to our modern day life style ---
  28. 28. Whole Plant Based Food !  densely packed nutrients, and fiber, but lack of cholesterol, is extremely healthful. Adopting this diet improves health, and even allows people to wean themselves off prescription medications.
  29. 29. My experience from Dec 09 followed Dr.Bernard’s approach only Plant based food + moderate exercise Major inputs from ‘Reversing diabetes ‘ in March 10, by SHARAN Outcome- No diabetes ,cholesterol , Triglyceride, lost 8 kgs
  30. 30. To summarize..  To remain healthy 1)Go for mainly .WPB food-low fat and organic as much as possible-which is nutritionally sound.  2) Reduce fast/packaged/highly processed and calorie dense food  3)Include-salads , vegetables and fruits
  31. 31. My new role  I got interested in Nutritional science! Started reading, studying and volunteering !  Did a Dip. in Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition from UK thru e-learning.  Started ‘ Yuktahar ‘my own consultancy-individual consultations, group programs, lectures etc  Currently-diabetes,BP,obesity ,acidity and other life style diseases are handled.
  32. 32. Disclaimer ! Only introductory ,aimed to create awareness NOT intended to give complete details. People are advised to attend /consult Programme/consultation by Health Advisors and make an informed decision to make life style change.
  33. 33. Where to get guidance ?  1)  2) Mob 9819751204,
  34. 34.    ! !!
  35. 35. How I could be of help to you? I conduct personal , group consultation. Also on skype for outstation patients. Cases of diabetes, asthma, blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol Currently more focus is on diabetes. Visit Contact 9819751204,24345206