Health = Weight Loss = Happiness
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Health = Weight Loss = Happiness






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Health = Weight Loss = Happiness Health = Weight Loss = Happiness Presentation Transcript

  • Health = Weight Loss = Happiness Brought to you by Dr. Leon du Plessis (M.Tech Hom)
  • Fact Fact = Diets don’t work|2012
  • Modern society Modern society = over fed + starving to death ?|2012
  • Modern Culture Modern Culture = High Caloric intake + Low nutritional intake = Culture of death|2012
  • Primitive Culture Primitive Culture = Low Caloric intake + High nutritional intake = Culture of life|2012
  • Health Health = What we eat + What we drink + What we think|2012
  • Stored Fat Stored Fat = Junk Food + Indoor Lifestyle = Death|2012
  • Addiction Addiction = Drugs = Sugar + Food additives|2012
  • Cholesterol myth = Fat replaced by Carbohydrates Fat free = Loaded with sugar Excess sugar = fat stored in body|2012
  • Sugar Increase in sugar intake = Increase in chronic disease|2012
  • Sugar Increase in sugar intake = Increase in Body Fat|2012
  • High fructose corn syrup High fructose corn syrup = highly refined + isolated + chemically altered = Not full spectrum nutrient complex = Not natural = Not good for you = Lots of sugar = Stored fat|2012
  • High fructose corn syrup High fructose corn syrup = Diabetes Type II + Obesity|2012
  • Food additives MSG = Excites + Activates body fat program = In 90% of processed foods|2012
  • Food additives Aspartame + Caffeine = diet drinks ? = Excitotoxins that kill brain cells + cause carbohydrate cravings|2012
  • Chimps in Zoo Fed in zoo = eat in nature|2012
  • Modern Human Zoo Animal Feed self in cubicle = not what would eat in nature|2012
  • Green Foods Green foods = Detoxifiers|2012
  • Ultimate fast food Juicing = Ultimate fast food|2012
  • Weight Loss = Health Weight loss = real food + being out in nature + movement + sleep|2012
  • Love Love = Safety|2012
  • Acknowledgement and Resources Acknowledgements and Resources Nobody knows everything really and so we also don’t learn anything all on our own. Here are a few of the most important people and organizations I’ve learned from along the way. The ideas that I shared in this presentation are from the movie “Hungry for change”, I do recommend you watch it, I have been following some of the cotributers in the film for many years and learned a lot from them. premiere|2012 22
  • What you can do with this presentation You have unlimited rights to reprint, republish, distribute and copy the presentation in any form. The only condition is that you may not alter it in any way or charge money for it.|2012 23