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  1. 1. Only 2 Pages are Convertedin the Unregistered Version
  3. 3. News Features Ed: Jerry Schwartz 1314 31 Purchase St, Suite 203, Rye, NY 10580 Multi-Media news service. Number Tel: 415-986-4422 Toll Free Tel: 800-227-0845 Tel: 914-582-8906 Fax: 914-967-5588 of Subscribers: 10,000 Fax: 415-788-5335 E-mail: E-mail: Web Site: www.minireviews.comAtlantic Syndication, The International Division of Web Site: Key Personnel Universal Press Syndicate, see Universal Uclick- Key Personnel Ed: John P McCarthy International Division Founder: Lorry Lokey Founded: 1978 CEO & Pres: Cathy Baron Tamraz Produce capsule movie reviews & other movie SVP, Mktg: Tom Becktold Founded: information; Publishers Weekly book reviews Automotive News Syndicate 1961 for syndication to 70 newspapers worldwide & Subsidiary of Crain Communications Inc Business Wire electronically disseminates some 1,000 to various online videotex outlets including 1155 Gratiot Ave, Detroit, MI 48207 full-text news releases daily to the media, the Bloomberg L P, Comtex, Infonautics, Earthlink. Tel: 313-446-6000 Fax: 313-446-0383 Internet, online services & databases & the global Produce trade paperback book Rating the E-mail:; investment community in 150 countries in 45 Movies & CD-ROM, Mega Movie Guide. Web Site: languages. The companys multichannel delivery Key Personnel network, with access to some 60 international & Commnnication InternationallNational News 1423Publg Ed-in-Chief: Keith Crain Tel: 313-446-6001 E-mail: national news agencies, financial information N Orange Grove Ave, Los Angeles, CA providers & web-based news services throughout 90046Mng Ed: Richard Johnson Tel: 313-446-0371 E-mail: North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Tel: 323-876-1668 Fax: 323-876-1404 Middle East Web Site: Ed: Jason Stein Tel: 313-446-0376 & Africa, provides real-time, simultaneous access Key Personnel E-mail: to key audiences - the news media, trade Assoc Memb: Bonnie J Churchill E-mail:The primary source of industry news, data & understanding publications, institutional & individual investors, for the industrys decision-makers interested in North business-to-business decision-makers & No unsol mss, query first. Syndicated news, print, America. consumers. Business Wire has 24 US offices, Paris, radio & TV, online. Frankfurt, London, Brussels, Tokyo & Sydney offices & reciprocal offices throughout the world. Congressional Quarterly Inc Black Press Service Subsidiary of Times Publishing Co 166 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016 1255 22 St NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC Tel: 212-686-6850 Fax: 212-686-7308 E- California Focus, see Southern California Focus 20037 mail: Key Tel: 202-419-8500; 202-419-8599 (subn) Personnel The Canadian Press/La Presse Canadienne Toll Free Tel: 800-432-2250 (ext 599 subn) Pres: Jay Levy 36 King St E, Toronto, ON M5C 2L9, Canada Tel: Fax: 202-419-8753 (news room) Distribute news to radio stations. 416-364-0321 Fax: 416-364-0207 (news rm) E- Web Site: Key Personnel Number of Subscribers: 168 mail: SVP & Edit Dir: Mike Mills Web Site: Founded: 1945 Bookviews by Alan Caruba Key Personnel Journals & newsletters on Congress, legislation, Gaslight Commons, Suite 1321,28 W Third St, CEO & Pres: Eric Morrison E-mail: eric. politics & national affairs; online computer ser- South Orange, NJ 07079 News- vices. Tel: 973-763-6392 gathering agency owned by more than 102 Canadian daily news papers. Real-time & Web Site: archival database services available. Continental Features/Continental News Service Inc Kev Personnel 501 W Broadway, Plaza A, PMB 265, San Diego, CAEd & Columnist: Alan Caruba E-mail: acaruba@ 92101Monthly cyber-newsletter (book reviews) of the best in Capitol News Service Tel: 858-492-8696 (natl classified ad); 202-452- new fiction & nonfiction. All material is staff- 530 Bercut Dr, Suite E, Sacramento, CA 95811 7453 (Washington, DC) produced. No unsol mss, query first. Accept finished Tel: 916-445-6825 Fax: 916-443-5871 E-mail: books only; no self-published titles. Also review Web Site: www.senior-spectrum.corn Web Site: audiobooks. Key Personnel Key Personnel Number of Subscribers: 6,500 Membership(s): Ed: Steve Baetge Pres & Ed-in-Chief: Gary P Salamone National Book Critics Circle Government & politics. Founded: 1981 Captioned photos on the News Story of the Day; Ashleigh Brilliant Enterprises The Cartoon Bank, A New Yorker Magazine countrylbackground profiles; interview arti- 117 W Valerio St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 Company cles with national officials & international fig- Tel: 805-682-0531 1440 Broadway, 11th fl, New York, NY 10018 ures: News Tip of the Month. Market editorial Web Site: Tel: 212-630-2710 Toll Free Tel: 800-897-8666 commentary/analysis produced in-house. Publish Key Personnel Fax: 212-630-3361 childrens newspaper, Kids Newstime & periodic Pres: Ashleigh Brilliant E-mail: national news magazine Continen- VP: Dorothy Brilliant Web Site: tal Newstime, specializing in covering the un- Founded: 1967 Panel cartoons. No unsol mss. reported & under-reported world & national news,Panel feature; send $2 with SASE for samples & catalog; with 238,000 multi-media, biweekly advertising accept unsol mss. circulation. Accept submissions with SASE; no Catholic News Service (CNS) unsol mss, query first; photos should be screened Division of US Conference of Catholic Bishops 3211 or half-toned (no negatives). Broadcast Wire & Audio Subsidiary Fourth St NE, Washington, DC 20017-1100 Tel: of The Canadian Press 202-541-3289 (busn off/opers); 202-541-3250 Creators News Service Division 36 King St E, Toronto, ON M5C 2L9, Canada (news); 202-541-3293 (admin) Fax: 202-541- of Creators Syndicate Tel: 416-364-3172 Toll Free Tel: 800-434-7578 3255 5777 W Century Blvd, Suite 700, Los Angeles, (CN only) Fax: 416-364-1325 E-mail: Web CA 90045 E-mail: Site: Key Tel: 310-337-7003 Fax: 310-337-7625 Web Site: Key Personnel E-mail: Personnel Dir & Ed-in-Chief: Tony Spence Tel: 202-541- Web Site: VP, Broadcasting: Terry Scott 3293 Key PersonnelData & audio news agency serving Canadian broadcasters Gen News Ed: Jim Lackey EVP & Gen Mgr: Jack Newcombe providing regional, national & international news, Natl Ed: Julie Asher Features on photography, cars, books, music, films, weather, sports & features & alphanumeric cable TV Founded: 1920 fashiou, sports, gardening & other special information displays to Canadas major CATV Distribute news stories & photos to Catholic interests; accept unsol mss; 1,500 subscribers. operators. newspaper clients throughout the US & in 40 See Website for submission guidelines. Number of Subscribers: 600 other countries; accept unsol mss; query first; Number of Subscribers: 1,200 300 members/subscribers. Business Wire Creators Syndicate44 Montgomery St, 39th Il, San Francisco, CA 94104 Cineman Syndicate LLC 5777 W Century Blvd, Suite 700, Los Angeles, CA 90045