NuSpark Marketing B2B Lead Generation Overview


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An overview of what we do, and how we do it, to provide lead generation, digital and internet marketing, and marketing automation services to B2B firms. Based in Philadelphia; but work worldwide.

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NuSpark Marketing B2B Lead Generation Overview

  1. 1. Get Ahead of Your Competition
  2. 2. WelcomeA Capabilities Presentation for YOU
  3. 3. About NuSpark Marketing•Founded in 2010; Team members average 25 years ofexperience•Philadelphia based; virtual team of experts•Provides the process, consultation, strategy, tactics forfirms that need better lead generation, lead nurturing,and funnel optimization•Founder Paul Mosenson is a long-term Media Directorand has been managing digital campaigns for 15 yearssuccessfully, and media campaigns for 25 years
  4. 4. Top Marketing Priority B2B Service Firms: Leads!
  5. 5. Same Goals fromManufacturing Firms
  6. 6. Your Goals1. More Visitors to the Website2. More Lead Conversions3. Shorter Sales Cycle4. More Sales Opportunities5. Increase Market Share6. Better Marketing ROI7. More Profit
  7. 7. Website Visitors Inquiries Leads Opportunities Funnel Sales Optimization Profits From Lead Generation To Sales Resolution
  8. 8. What If…. (At least!) 5% more visitors to your website/landing pages 5% more lead conversions 20% more sales opportunities
  9. 9. Before and After Example AssumptionsAverage Profit Per Funnel Metrics: SAL to SQO: 50%Deal: $5,000 Inquiry Rate: 5% (Sales Opportunity)Monthly Demand Gen Inquiry to MQL: 20% Close Rate: 20%Spend: $10,000 MQL to SAL: 60%Incremental Spend forNurturing: $5,000 Current Optimize 5,000 Visitors 5,250 (5% more) 250 Inquiries 525 (10% rate) 15 Opportunities 32 Nurturing Factor Adj. 38 (20% nurturing) 3 Sales 8 50% ROI 167% Like it!
  10. 10. B2B Buyer Behavior 70% of buyers begin their search for solutions online 70% of buyers start their research by visiting a vendor’s website or landing page 78% of buyers start their purchase process with informal information gathering 59% of buyers engage with peers during the buying process 2010 DemandGen Report
  11. 11. Content Is the Key When Targeting Messages That Satisfy Needs of Your Prospects, Engagement Occurs, and Leads are Generated Value Proposition Target Engagement Buyer Audiences Personas Message Modeling
  12. 12. The Problem With WebsitesWrong RightBrochureware Engaging/InvitingBoring Optimal UsabilityCorporate Communicates BenefitsNot Optimized forConversion Clear Call-to-Action
  13. 13. Content Marketing…..Develops trust Drives traffic to Educates andby providing websites and informs as thebuyers with info landing pages; lead develops,that helps them persuades the fuel of amake decisions prospects to robust leadand reducing convert via nurturingorganizational forms programrisk
  14. 14. Sample Content Roadmap Website White Blog Papers Case Solution Byline Guest Email DatasheetsStudies Briefs Articles Blogging Newsletters
  15. 15. And, Content via Social Improves SEO
  16. 16. We Manage the Content Process •Buyer Persona Development •Buying Stage Mapping •Topic by Buying Phase •Editorial Calendar, with Keyword IDs
  17. 17. Approach Assess Recommend OptimizePeople Platforms Strategy Tactics
  18. 18. Assessment•Goals/Challenges•Audience•Personas•Content/Message•Funnel Metrics(Conversion rates)•Lead Generation/Demand Generation•Social Media•DigitalDestinations/Website•Lead Nurturing/ EmailMarketing•Analytics andMeasurement
  19. 19. 1st, The Development Plan •Strategic Roadmap •Market Research •Buyer Personas •Value Proposition •Competitive Analysis •Database Review •Message Modeling/ Content Mapping
  20. 20. 2nd, The Conversion Plan •Website: Content/Design/ Usability •Landing Pages •Demand Generation (webinars, white papers, demos, sign-ups, trials, blogs, podcasts) •Calls-to-Action •Analytics & Measurement- Conversion Goal Identification
  21. 21. 3rd, The Attraction Plan •Traditional Media •Digital Media •Social Media •Pay-Per-Click •SEO •Direct Marketing •Public Relations
  22. 22. 4th, The Nurturing Plan •Lead Qualification/ Lead Scoring •Marketing Automation •Content Planning & Execution •Email Strategy •CRM Integration •Hand-off to Sales
  23. 23. Lead Nurturing with Marketing Automation“Marketing Automation is a technology platform (SaaS)that allows you to capture, score, qualify, and nurtureprospects by automated processes and drive revenueusing trigger-based, multi-touch communication.”
  24. 24. Marketing Automation Benefits •50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost (Forrester) •10% or greater revenue in 6-9 months (Gartner) •9.3% higher sales quota achievement (CSO insights) •Relevant emails drive 18x more revenue than broadcast emails (Jupiter) •40% greater deal size (Aberdeen)
  25. 25. And That’s Because… •When leads are scored, only quality- sales/ready leads go to Sales; and that increases win rates •Content educates prospects; leads are nurtured based on behavioral triggers that indicate interest; so Sales can focus on continuing the education process knowing the prospect’s interests and needs •When trigger events occur (website visits, downloads, etc) Sales is alerted immediately, meaning faster prospect contact; which increases close rates •By understanding the behavior of their prospects; and having relevant content distributed in a timely manner, Sales can personalize their sales process; and that accelerates closes as well
  26. 26. Do You Have a Plan for Each of These? Paid Media Demand Social Media Generation Measurement Digital Media Search Engine Pubic Relations Visibility Content Marketing
  27. 27. How: The People Local and national consultants •Average 25 years of marketing experience each •2-SEO specialists, 3-social media specialists, 1-audio/video specialist, 1- market research specialist, 1- public relations specialist, plus designers and conversion specialists •8 national content directors; all expert at branding, demand generation, and lead nurturing content •1 media and search marketing specialist; Paul Mosenson All collaborate under a project manager; thus one contact representing entire lead generation team
  28. 28. How: The Platforms Recommend lead generation platforms; negotiate custom proposals, manage the implementation. Platform categories: •Lead Management •Social Media •Search Marketing •Content Management •Website Usability •Conversion Optimization •Marketing Automation •Multi-Channel Tracking •Analytics & Measurement
  29. 29. How: The ProcessOptimizing the Lead-to-Sale Funnel
  30. 30. Oh, We’re Big on Analytics & Measurement
  31. 31. Benefits of Working With Us •Collaborative: We brainstorm solutions as a team. •Experienced: We all have corporate experience •Flexible: We’re here to complement your team; not replace them. We fill in the gaps and optimize results. •Cost-Effective: Since we are an alliance of consultants, the low- overhead savings are an advantage •Results Driven: We’re not satisfied unless your firm is growing; and we’ll go the extra mile to achieve your goals
  32. 32. Our Values•We fully immense ourselves with your marketing goals, targetaudiences, and culture so that we truly understand your business•We focus on 24/7 customer service. We treat every client the same;no pecking order. No matter how large or small, every singlerelationship is equal in our view•We spend your budget like its our own; our goal is to maximizeinvestment-seek the best deals, the best promotions, the best added-value. We strive to drive results like no other firm•We will continually optimize and audit to make sure you’re gettingthe absolute best value•We pride ourselves on win-win relationships. By creating professionalone-to-one relationships with vendors, we typically get increasedvalue and that means increased ROI for you
  33. 33. Thank You; Questions? NuSpark Marketing 610-604-0639 We are happy to help you!Paul Mosenson, Founder