Intranet and extranet
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Intranet and extranet






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Intranet and extranet Intranet and extranet Presentation Transcript

  • Intranet and Extr anets Presentation by :- MD NURUDDIN KAMAL JAIN B.Tech(BIOTECH) 1st YEAR SHARDA UNIVERSITY
  • Intranet
  • What Is an Intranet?• An intranet delivers collaboration and coordination to employees around the clock – Communication system designed by technical staff – Focus is the message, not the media• Normally runs in a client/server environment and a local area network configuration• Separated from other networks by firewalls, a means of preventing unauthorized access to the company’s internal data or leaks of sensitive company information © 2007 Prentice-Hall, Inc 4-3
  • What is Intranet ? Internal company network that uses Internet standards (HTML, HTTP & TCP/IP protocols) & software. Accessed only by authorized persons, especially members or employees of the organization Intranet = Network + Information Resource + Information Services
  • Intranet SecurityTwo levels of Security required: Internal It can be imposed by Public Key Security & Encryption Key. External Through Firewall.
  • What is Firewall ? Security device located between firm’s internal network (intranet) & external network (internet). Regulates access into & out of a company’s network based on a set of rules. Note : needs to be upgraded from time to time to check latest potential security problems.
  • Strategic Significance• A cost-effective way of distributing information throughout an organization• Links employees and managers around the clock and automates a lot of intraorganizational traffic• Makes it possible for a company to gain better access to its primary resource - the knowledge and experience of decision makers• Enables easier integration of processes © 2007 Prentice-Hall, Inc 4-7
  • Virtual Private Network Fundamentals of Information8 Systems, Second Edition
  • Applications of Intranet Sharing of company policies/rules & regulations Sharing of information of common interest Access product & customer data Launching of personal/departmental home pages Submission of reports Corporate telephone directories
  • Advantages of intranet Fast,easy, low-cost to implement Based on open standards Connectivity with other systems Easy to learn and use Hypertext links Access to internal and external information Improves communication
  • DisadvantagesManagementproblem  Fear of sharing information and the loss of control  Limited bandwidth for the businessSecurity  Unauthorized accessproblem  Abuse of access  Denial of serviceProductivity  Information overload lowers productivityproblem  Hidden or unknown complexity and costs
  • Extranet
  • What is Extranet ? Extranet is an Intranet for outside authorized users using same internet technology. Inter-organizational information system. enable outsiders to work together with company’s employees. open to selected suppliers, customers & other business partners
  • Examples.. Dealers/distributors have access to product files such as :-1. product specification,2. pictures,3. images, etc. to answer the queries of the customer.
  • Components ofextranets .. Some basic infrastructure components such as the internet Including :- TCP/IP protocols, E-mail, Web-browsers, External business partners & Tele-commuting employees place order, check status & send E-mail.
  • Enterprise Collaboration ToolsEnterprise Collaboration Tools Data Discussion Conferencing Forums Groupware Voice Enterprise Chat Systems Conferencing Collaboration Tools Electronic Meeting Videoconferencing Systems pg. 16
  • Benefits of Extranet Improved quality. lower travel costs. lower administrative & other overhead costs. reduction in paperwork. delivery of accurate information on time. improved customer service. better communication. overall improvement in business effectiveness.
  • Disadvantages The suppliers & customer who don’t have technical knowledge feel problem. Faceless contact. Information can be misused by other competitors. Fraud may be possible. Technical Employees are required.
  • Layered System View Intrane Corporate members t Extranet Clients, partners, customers Interne Global society: competitors t
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