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Marketing 3.0 presentation at Click Marketing Summit Dubai on June 11th, 2012 by Mehmet Nuri Cankaya

Marketing 3.0 presentation at Click Marketing Summit Dubai on June 11th, 2012 by Mehmet Nuri Cankaya

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  • 1. Marketing 3.0The Future of Marketing with Web 3.0 Mehmet Nuri Çankaya Regional Marketing Manager Microsoft Middle East and Africa twitter: @nuricankaya
  • 2. What is Consumerization? What is Web 3.0?How Consumerization of IT will change the future of Digital Marketing How to prepare for Marketing 3.0 Futuristic case studies for Marketing 3.0
  • 3. work-life more blur mobile digital multiple generation devices tech fastCONSUMERIZATION savvy paced
  • 4. Consumerization Is Driven by…
  • 5. Embracing the Consumerization of IT We have four components to our strategyWindows Security and management productivity development
  • 6. VIDEO
  • 7. Installation Phase Deployment Phase Initial Hype Synergy MaturityMarket Maturity Late followers and market maturity Full market potential realization Fast moving infrastructure Leading innovations ~1970 2000 ~2030 60 – 70 years
  • 8. Web 3.0 = Evolving Web Solid Fluid Gas Tight bundle Loose bundle No bundle Immobile Moderately mobile Actively mobile Immiscible Moderately miscible Easily miscible Incompressible Mod. compressible Easily compressible Cold Warm Hot
  • 9. Authors: Halil Aksu Mehmet Nuri Çankaya Uğur Candan
  • 10. Trends Web 3.0 ImpactsCollaborative Smart Economic Impacts Fast Social Impacts Technology Impacts Social Trends Economic Trends Technology Trends
  • 11. “Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two – and only two –basic functions: marketing and innovation.” – Peter Drucker
  • 12. #1 Marketing 3.0 is SmartSemantic
  • 13. relatedknowledge relevance creative interactive socialSemantic Web in Marketing 3.0
  • 14. Creativity Relevance Engage mentROMI vs RCE
  • 15. VIDEO
  • 16. #2 #3 Marketing 3.0 is Collaborative and FastMulti Dimension Devices and Cloud
  • 17. VIDEO
  • 18. LongTouch battery lifeThinner, ligh Modernter, faster security New formSensors factors
  • 19. Windows 8 Windows All the apps Cloud- Get more at reimagined you want connected the Windows Store Reimagined At home and Great Built on a browsing with at work experience solid IE10 across foundation hardware
  • 20. DEMO
  • 21. Why Microsoft?
  • 22. VIDEO