Expecting the Unexpected


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expect the unexpected things when handling travel agency

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Expecting the Unexpected

  1. 1. An Overview
  2. 2.  Use Common Sense Consult Your Company  Stay Calm  Use Other Resource People as Allies Document any Unusual Occurrences  Head Off Problems before They Occur
  3. 3. Money MattersTheft & Losses Luggage ProblemsTransportation Problems Other Accidents
  4. 4.  Travelers should never carry money in a predictable places Valuables shouldn’t be left in hotel room Travelers must avoid dubious neighborhood and should be alert to anyone who bumps into them Tour managers need to steer tour members away from scam such as overprice souvenir shops, worthless attraction, stores that sell phony brand name items
  5. 5.  Food poisoning can occur anywhere Many cosmetics, perfumes & medications increase the possibility of serious sunburn Medication should never be removed from its original container Insect repellent are important in the tropics country
  6. 6.  Your client can get a cash advance from atm or bank He can have family or friends to wire new funds You may need to advance a little company or personal money to help you client
  7. 7.  Ask your client to call the issuing institution immediately Certain credit card companies have local offices that can issue a temporary card within a few hours
  8. 8.  A client must report the theft to local police in order to replace a stolen passport Then go to the issuing embassy or consulate
  9. 9.  Tour manager must reported to the responsible authorities for dealing with any negligent handling Then, fill out a damaged property form including luggage insurance Compensation is under tour supplier or tour operator decision
  10. 10.  If the posted departure time for your flight hasn’t changed, keep your clients at the gate If the posted departure time has been changed, determine what the gate attendants are willing to do for your group Explain the nature of the delay to your passengers and warn them not to wander too
  11. 11.  Notify the local police immediately Remain with the deceased until police have arrived Call tour company so it can inform the client’s relative and friends, and follow up with a letter of sympathy Do everything you can to comfort the rest of the group and get their minds back on the vacations
  12. 12.  Make a mental map of hotel exits when check-in Call for help if the phone work Take exit stairways, not the elevator Hang a bed sheet out the window to signal for help Above all, don’t panic.
  13. 13. Q&A Thank You