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  • 1. Business IntelligenceIT Solutions for Industries
  • 2. Menu Business IntelligenceManagement Information Systems IT Solutions for Industries IT Services List of Companies End
  • 3. ← Business Intelligence BI refers totechnologies,applications, andpractices for thecollection,integration, analysis,and presentation ofbusinessinformation.
  • 4. ← Management Information Systems Is the disciplinecovering theapplication of people,technologies, andprocedures(information systems)to solving businessproblems.
  • 5. IT Solutions for Industries• Aerospace & Defense• Automotive• Banking and Capital Markets• Communication Services• Consumer Package Goods• Discrete Manufacturing• Energy• Healthcare
  • 6. ← IT Solutions for Industries• High Technology• Hospitality and Leisure• Life Science• Media & Entertainment• Resources• Retail• Transportation Services• Utilities
  • 7. Aerospace & Defense Product Design &Development forAerospace & Defenseencompasses,simulation, design,analyzing, testing andoptimizing using anarray of technologyplatforms.
  • 8. ← Real Time Systems
  • 9. Automotive Consolidationamong automotivesuppliers andeconomic pressure hasled to an aggressivedrive towardstechnologicalinnovation and costdominance across theindustry.
  • 10. ← Industrial Robotics
  • 11. Banking and Capital Markets Enhancingoperational efficiency,strengthening riskmanagement capabilityand managing customerrelationships effectivelyare critical to thesuccess of firms in theBanking and CapitalMarkets industry.
  • 12. ← Decision Support Systems
  • 13. Communication Services Service Providerstackle the two biggestchallenges faced by theindustry - quicker andsmarter and legacytransformation toenable flexibility andcost-effectiveness.
  • 14. ← Information and Communication Technology
  • 15. Consumer Package Goods Optimize businessprocesses and systemsacross ProductDevelopment, SupplyChain Planning &Execution, Sales &Marketing Managementand CustomerManagement.
  • 16. ←Supply/Demand Chain Management
  • 17. Discrete Manufacturing Diverse andincreasingly stringentenvironmental andsafety regulations whichdiffer across the globerequire sophisticatedmanagement of internalprocesses.
  • 18. ← Embedded Systems
  • 19. Energy IT solutions willhelp to control costsand increaseproductivity, operationswill run more smoothly,risk-management willbe more efficient,trading will be moreprofitable.
  • 20. ←Customer Relationship Management
  • 21. Healthcare The intensepressures on thehealthcare industry aremore complex than thesimple delivery ofquality medical care.Technological solutionshold out the promise ofrelief - but are notwithout their ownchallenges.
  • 22. ← Expert Systems
  • 23. High Technology Emergingeconomies offer newmarkets and create newsources of competition.Customers are moredemanding, and"consumerization“poses significantchallenges.
  • 24. ←CAD (Computer-Aided Design)
  • 25. Hospitality and Leisure Hotels, cruise lines,tour operators andtravel agents, itenables them to behighly competitive andmore responsive tochanging customerneeds while helpingachieve higher ROI onIT investments.
  • 26. ← Enterprise Software
  • 27. Life Science Higher regulatoryhurdles are making itharder for companiesto bring new drugs tomarket, safety issuesare leading to productwithdrawals. Greatestneed is to escalateproductivity… cost-effectively.
  • 28. ← Simulation
  • 29. Media & Entertainment The Media industrytoday is on thethreshold of a digitalrevolution. There arefar-reachingimplications that touchthe very foundations ofconventional mediaand entertainmentbusiness models.
  • 30. ← Digital Asset Management
  • 31. Resources Industry consolidationthrough mergers andacquisitions, globalization,environmental health andsafety concerns, reducedresearch and developmentbudgets and relentlesspressure to reduce costare just some of thechallenges that impactperformance.
  • 32. ←Enterprise Resource Planning
  • 33. Retail IT services andbusiness solutions forretailers has helpedclients save workingcapital, reduceinventories anddevelop customer-centric metrics to boostsales and minimize lostsales.
  • 34. ← Inventory Control Systems
  • 35. Transportation Services Even as businessevolves, some thingsnever change: youneed to add value whilereducing costs. Thesolution? Cutting-edgelogistics solutions inthe form of innovativetransportation software.
  • 36. ←Database Management Systems
  • 37. Utilities Market leaders arerethinking their strategiesand supporting theirpeople and technologyinfrastructure to meet thenew challenges –supported by more robustyet flexible processes,resources andtechnologies.
  • 38. ← Software as a Service
  • 39. ← IT Services• Application Development and Maintenance• Corporate Performance Management• Independent Validation• Infrastructure Services• Packaged Application Services• Product Engineering• Systems Integration
  • 40. ←Application Development and Maintenance Adopting an offshore outsourcing model should be about more than seeking cost reductions, it should establish a framework to drive continuous improvement and getting maximum returns on IT spending.
  • 41. ← Cor por ate Perfor mance Management CorporatePerformanceManagement is anapproach to bring insystematic and integratedimprovements in themanagement processesto ensure efficiency andeffectiveness in strategyexecution.
  • 42. ← Independent Validation IndependentTesting is the processof ensuring the quality,interoperability andusability of products,applications, systemsand web sites. It bringsa fresh perspective andan unbiased opinion onissues of softwareproblems and risks.
  • 43. ← Infrastructure Services The need for agilityand flexibility to gaincompetitive advantagehas created animperative forenterprises to look atstrategic differentiationusing newer models,such as Modular GlobalSourcing, for deliveringservices.
  • 44. ←Packaged Application Services Package implementationservices can help toautomate value chainthrough off-the-shelfapplication packages toseamlessly achieve thedesired benefits and harvestvalue through package-centric solutions, which areinnovative and configurable.
  • 45. ← Product Engineering Market leadership todaydepends on innovation andgetting your products tomarket faster than yourcompetitors. In such ascenario, having a partner inyour product developmentprocess who understandsyour needs and has thetechnology and domainskills, can go a long way inensuring market success.
  • 46. ← Systems Integration The SystemIntegration Serviceshelp to IT infrastructurework more smoothlyand productively. Thisensures free-flow ofinformation acrossorganization andincreases itscompetitiveness.
  • 47. ← List of Companies• Integrated Chip Design• Communication Software• System Software• Software Development• Global IT
  • 48. ← Integrated Chip Design• Intel• Texas Instruments• Siemens• Synopsis• Philips• Analog Devices• General Motors• Apple
  • 49. ← Communication Software• LG• Samsung• Sony• Motorola• Cisco Systems• Nortel• Lucent Technologies• Kalki Communication
  • 50. ← System Software• Oracle• Novell• Sun Microsystems• Digital Compact• Hewlett Packard• Caravel Info Systems• Huawei Technologies• Lucent Technologies
  • 51. ← Software Development• Infosys• Wipro• IBM• Tata Consultancy• Accenture• Dell• i-flex• Hughes
  • 52. ← Global IT• Microsoft• Google• Yahoo• Amazon• AMD• Unisys• Cybercash• Textron
  • 53. ← Thank You