Road Map for G-Global portal (in english)


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Road Map for G-Global portal development (in english)
Authors: Nugerbekov S.N., Achilov N.T.
Created by: N. Achilov

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Road Map for G-Global portal (in english)

  1. 1. G-Global international development map Main goals: Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists Astana Nobel Prize Club ANPC EECSA projects: Increase number of Increase the amount of Portal image devel- Increase number of Attract new experts and Promote Increase Increase the portion of Develop better website experts to 5,000 material that experts opment experts who refer more of the public G-Global in print, the rating to one of the foreign contributors to the content and functionality Portal founded: 15 February 2012 - realization contribute to G-Global materials Internet, TV, radio top 10,000 website to 40% - monitoring AEF Updated: 15 December 2012 - assessment - developmentPortal Info-communicative G-Global platform Experts calling in Promotion Portal developmentlanguages: G-Global Sections: Functions: portal Main goals: Main goals: 1. Publications (all users) Articles, reports, overviews Performances WAC English Books, collections Books 1. Calling in through state 2. Calling in through interna- 3. Calling in through pro- 1. Promotion in the media and 1. Development of functionality ( May 2013) 2. Expert overviews (experts) Analysis Statistics agencies and other organiza- tional institutions: UN, WB, fessors, members, staff and social neworks (LinkedIn, Xing, 2. Elimination of technical errors tions: MFA RK, MEDP RK, IMF, ADB, EBRD, USAID. volunteers Facebook, Youtube) 3. Section analysis Astana Nobel Comments Research MINT RK, MEP RK, 2. Direct advertising (АТL) 4. Development of content Club 3. Targeted promotion (BTL) Russian universities, SRI 3. Debates Pros and cons discussion Debates Journal EER Comments, opinions Discussions Main activities: Main activities: Kazakh 4. Projects Presentations Investment projects Recommen- 1. Meeting scheduled 1. Letters from EECSA 1. Letters from EECSA 1. Presentations and training for staff, 1. Meetings with providers and experts dations for February 10 2. Organization of presentations 2. Event organization providers and volunteers 2. Training for providers, staff and experts G-20 leaders Searches for investors Social projects 2. Road map approval and joint workshops (presentations, training) 2. Presentations, mailings, exhibitions, 3. Organization of research and evaluations 3. Monitoring 3. Organization of training 3. Road map and monitoring conferences 4. Road map and monitoring Solutions search Innovative projects 4. Road map and monitoring 3. Letters of cooperation to partners CRM system 4. Road map and monitoring AEF Experts’ opinnions Research projects French Comments Web-sites: Staff: AEF Staff: ANPC Experts’ opinion 5. Blogs Quotes EECSA 1. Responsible coordinators from 1. Responsible coordinators from 1. Responsible coordinators from 1. Experts for material preparation 1. Experts/analysts for each section—12 Questions Announcements state agencies state agencies state agencies for each segment and sections (5х6) = 30, for Chinese 2. Responsible curator from 2. Responsible curator from 2. Communication experts regions — 6. Total 36 2. Experts/analysts for segments—5 G-Global Photos/videos Clips, documents EECSA EECSA 3. Editors, designers, 2. Experts for media channels (TV, radio, 3. Experts/analysts for regions—6 contests 3. Communication experts 3. Communication experts journalists, clerks press) for regions — 6х3=18 4. Moderators of technical support online, 24 Participants’ questions/ peoples answers 4. Responsible editor, designer, analyst 4. Responsible editor, designer, analyst 4. Administrators by sections 3. Experts for social media in 2 Internet hours a day—3х8х3 = 72 6. Person of the Month 5. Volunteers (2-3) 5. Volunteers (5-10) 5. Volunteers (5-10) languages: 20-30 5. Volunteers for regions 6, for segments 6, for EEYF Experts’ video announcements 4. Volunteers 30х3 = 90 (for 3-site version) sections 12. Total — 24 youth forum 6.Translators 8x8 = 64 Spanish ( 3rd AEF) Conferences Seminars Database: 7. Online conferences Uni lectures Round tables Meetings Results: Nobel laureates at universities (4thAEF) Online conferences Video advertisements Arabic Webinars Presentations 1. Analysis of socio-economic devel- 1. World economic outlook 1. Recommendations for UN, G-20, international organizations, 1. Reports Exclusive opment of Kazakhstan 2. International statistics about eco- governments. 1. Topics for discussion 2. Development plans interviews Training Interviews 2. State-programs nomics, social matters, demographics 2. Publications of experts 2. News, announcements 3. Statistics ( 5th AEF) implementation reports 3. Reports on world economy 3. Strategic plans for development 4. Countries and regional overview 3. Organization of webinars, 3. Advertising, videos, movies 4. Site maintenance 8. Virtual working groups Development of common documents Team-building 4. Articles and publications of 5. Articles and publications of experts interviews, lectures 4. Posters, booklets 5. Quickness of response German 4 Projects, blogs 5. Number of involved experts, companies, 6. Materials quality TV debates experts (5th AEF) Development of common projects Brainstorming 5. Debate moderating sponsors, partners 7. Analytics quality 6. Number of contacts, requests. 8. Ratings 7. Coverage in media, internet 9. Feedback 8. Feedback Online G-Global contests Experts ranking Material ranking translation AEF (May 2013) Topic directions: More than 50 topics Access ways: Government of Kazakhstan EECS Multipolar world Economic Global tolerance Social stability Other (politics, strategy, development (religion, culture) (labour market, (sport, tourism, Economics school ANPC (March 2013 ) security) (economics, finances) unemployment) transport) Internet TV, Mobile Astana Economic Forum— World Anti-Crisis Conference— radio devices AEF WAC More than 8,000 participants from With UN support 100 countries Segments: participants Segments: world regions Recommendations for UN, G-20 countries and other international Users of Experts of Media International Government, Business, America Europe CIS Asia Near East and Africa Australia and organizations G-Global G-Global organizations NGO investors Oceania G-Global portal: ranking among 30 million world AEF portal: ranking among 30 million world Average (AEF and G-Global): ranking among 30 G-Global portal statistics: G-Global: website AEF website: websites on websites on million world websites on Visitors --- 152 countries Monthly index — 107,452th place Monthly index — 92,723th place Monthly index — 99,500th place Visits — more than 2 million per year Registered —14,000 users Registered — 30,000 users Registered — 44,000 users