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Suzzapi white paper

  1. 1. Suzzapi – An alternative recipe for Pizza! Author: Nataraja Upadhya ( Page 1 Suzzapi – A tastier, healthier and easier alternative to Pizza Note: • Suzzapi is a new dish that is inspired by the pizza with an objective to improve it beyond pizza. • Each and Everyone in the world is encouraged to use this recipe or commercialize it in any manner with or without any suitable modification. • However, any individual or organization other than the creator is hereby prohibited to claim this dish or the name of the dish i.e. “Suzzapi” as their own proprietary concept or product or trademark/service mark/copyright. • The wish of the creator (Mr. Nataraja Upadhya from Bangalore, India: is quick and widespread adaptation and adaptation of this dish across the corners of the globe. At the same time, no one else is permitted to have any type of exclusive right of any sort on this recipe or any name or concept associated with this recipe. What is Suzzapi? Suzzapi is a pizza that is cooked and served differently. The crust of the pizza in this case is made into small crispy pieces and is served as a distinct component along with the sauce. Variations in Suzzapi • When the small crispy pieces are served on the top of the sauce, the dish is called Suzzapi- Island. • When the sauce is poured on the small crispy pieces, the dish is called Suzzapi-Marsh. • When the sauce and the small crispy pizza pieces are served separately in distinct utensils, the dish is called Suzzapi-Twins. • When the cheese is added to the Suzzapi-Marsh, and the whole combination is further cooked in the oven for the cheese to melt, the resulting dish is Suzzapi-Melt. Why the name Suzzapi? The name Suzzapi has two parts, Su-zzapi. The term “zzapi” represents the mutation of pizza recipe; The term “Su” in Sanskrit means good, benevolent and special. Why Suzzapi? Suzzapi is intended to serve as a better, tastier and easier alternative to pizza without losing the good aspect of the pizza. The following are the advantages of Suzzapi over pizza:
  2. 2. Suzzapi – An alternative recipe for Pizza! Author: Nataraja Upadhya ( Page 2 1. Cheese or oil is optional for Suzzapi. Suzzapi tastes better than Pizza in either cases. This is primarily for two reasons. The pizza dough is turned into crispy aromatic pieces and the distinction between the components enables the simultaneous interplay between the crisp and the zing taste of the sauce in the mouth towards increased relish. 2. Pizza needs to be cooked and served as a special dish given its size and the recipe. Suzzapi is simple as the recipe is modularized and simplified. 3. It is cumbersome to serve and eat pizza. Suzzapi is easier both to serve and eat. Suzzapi eating can be sophisticated too as it allows the use of spoon and fork. 4. Suzzapi is easier to cook, pack, deliver and serve compared to Pizza. 5. Suzzapi can be cooked easily at home and its quality can be at par or better than the commercial offerings 6. Suzzapi making is easier for the commercial exploitation too. There is no need for the sophisticated ovens and the recipe offers more flexibility to pre-cook the ingredients prior to dispatch to the outlets. 7. In case of carry-out (parcel), packaging is easier and there is no risk of losing taste if the dish becomes cold in transit. The dish can be easily reheated without having to lose the taste. 8. Suzzapi can be manufactured as a packaged food and sold through retail outlets. The packaged Suzzapi has the flexibility to eat as is at room temperature or can be reheated prior to serving. 9. Suzzapi crisps can be sold separately from the Suzzapi sauce. The distinction between the crisp and the sauce gives more flexibility for the commercial packaged offerings. Raw crisps can be packaged in the local bakery for consumption after oven/pan heating within short duration (1-2 weeks). Processed crisps can be packaged for shelf life of 3-6 months. Frozen raw crisps can be stored in cold storage and be used with a shelf life of 1-2 years. Similarly, the processed Suzzapi sauce can be prepared and packaged for use as is, or with a need to cook/bake in an pan/oven/microwave before serving. The sauce can be packaged as a frozen item too, requiring defreeze or reheat prior to serving. 10. Suzzapi recipe has more allowance for customization suiting to the diversity of palate across the globe. For example, in an Indian version of the Suzzapi, for example allows to add “Paneer” either into the sauce or to be served as a garnish on the sauce/crisps. Similalry one can use the Indian bread (Chapathi, Parota) crisps or meditaranian bread crisps or any other variant from anywhere in the world! 11. Suzzapi costs less due to modularization, simplicity of preparation, packaging and use! 12. Suzzapi can be prepared as a healthy alternative. Cheese or oil is not required to make Suzzapi while the cheese/oil lovers can continue to stick to their preference. The crisps can be made using different types of flours. Suzzapi can also be prepared to suit as a gluten free diet. 13. Unlike pizza, Suzzapi tastes good to eat in room temperature. 14. One does not need an oven to reheat Suzzapi unlike pizza. 15. Suzzapi can fit in as an universal food choice across regions and cultures. 16. There are many more advantages which will become clear as more and more people start using Suzzapi.
  3. 3. Suzzapi – An alternative recipe for Pizza! Author: Nataraja Upadhya ( Page 3 Original Suzzapi Recipe Note: Improvements or modifications to this original recipe is encouraged! Suzzapi primarily has two components; the crisps and the sauce. Suzzapi Crisps Suzzapi crisps are made originally by acquiring Pizza base from the bakery, roasting the base on a pan in low flames after applying clarified butter (or oil) to both the sides. After the pizza base turned golden brown, the base is further cooked in the microwave oven for 2 minutes for fast drying into a crispy thing. The crispy base is now cut into small pieces using a sharp knife. There are many ways to make the Suzzapi crisps. One does not need to go to the bakery for the Suzzapi base, rather make it from the scratch using suitable flour and roast it either using only the pan or using only the oven or with the combinations of both the pan and oven. The bottom line is that the crisps are crispy, aromatic, neither undercooked nor burnt and healthy to eat. Suzzapi Sauce Suzzapi sauce is similar to the pizza sauce except it is prepared and served separately from the crisps. The original Suzzapi sauce preparation: The vegetables suited for the sauce (onion, tomato, bell pepper, potato, pineapple etc) are cleaned, de- skinned where needed, and cut into small dices. The vegetables are then sautéed using minimum cooking oil. Olive oil was used for the original preparation, but one can use any type of fat to suit their taste. The hard vegetables like potato are sautéed first, the medium hard vegetables are added later and the soft ones like tomato are added last. The Italian spices (rosemary, thyme, basil, oregano etc.) are added to the vegetables. The ground garlic, green chillies and the herbs from the kitchen garden (Tulsi, Mint, Cilantro, Parsley etc) are added for both the aroma and the taste. As an option, cooking vinegar is added for the tangy taste, brown sugar is added for the sweet taste. Optionally the tamarind paste can be added for the sour taste. The red chilli powder or black pepper powder or combination of both helps to bring spicy hot flavor. In the end, as an option, the tomato sauce is added for enriching the taste. One can skip this step to avoid using processed food. Bottom line is that the sauce has “zing” in its taste and is healthy to eat. How to Serve? Suzzapi is served in different ways:
  4. 4. Suzzapi – An alternative recipe for Pizza! Author: Nataraja Upadhya ( Page 4 Suzzapi -Island is the Suzzapi crisps poured on the sauce. Suzzapi-Marsh is the Suzzapi sauce poured on the crisps. Suzzapi-Twins is the sauce and the crisps served separately in different utensils so that the choice of proportions between the two is decided by the one who eats. Suzzapi-Melt is when Suzzapi sauce is poured on the crisps, then the cheese is added on to the sauce and the whole dish is cooked in the oven for the cheese to melt and the dish is served hot on a hot plate. A medium size spoon is sufficient to eat the dish irrespective of the variations in serving. An additional fork is required if Suzzapi is made using cheese. Suzzapi has flexibility when it comes to the serving temperature. Though it may be preferred to serve all ingradients hot, it is convenient to eat the dish at room temperature too. Also, one can serve the crisps at room temperature while the sauce is served hot. While the Suzzapi-Melt is served hot, it will be tasty even after it cools down to the room temperature. How to use Cheese? Cheese is an option for the Suzzapi dish. One can consider different types of cheese, but those who are hooked onto pizza taste may consider the cheese used for making the pizza. One option is to sprinkle grated cheese while serving. Alternatively, the cheese can be melted to be part of the sauce. In the case of Suzzapi-Melt, the cheese is sprinkled on Suzzapi-Marsh and the dish is cooked in the oven for the cheese to melt. This variation is preferably served hot by moving the hot plate from the oven to the serving table. How to store Suzzapi? Suzzapi crisps can be stored in air-tight containers like cookies. So, one can prepare the Suzzapi crisps and use them for weeks. Prepared Suzzapi sauce can be stored in the refrigerator and reheated for next serving. Alternatively, one can freeze the sauce in a freezer, store for a long time and defreeze later prior to serving. Suzzapi-Island, Suzzapi-Marsh and Suzzapi-Melt variations also can be stored and reused, but there may be some loss of taste (zing) akin to eating a reheated cold pizza, though the loss of taste may not be as much compared to the case of reheated cold pizza. What you can do? • Please try this recipe in different styles and combinations.
  5. 5. Suzzapi – An alternative recipe for Pizza! Author: Nataraja Upadhya ( Page 5 • Please consider modifications to suit your taste, kitchen and culture. • If you like this dish, please propagate it to your family, friends and colleagues. • If you are an entrepreneur and like to be in the food business, leverage this recipe commercially. • As an option, please mention this dish as an innovation from Bangalore, India • Please write to for questions and comments, thank you!