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Bragma newsletter 2

  1. 1. BRAGMA Bridging Actions for GMES & Africa Newsletter no.2 | January 2013 The BRAGMA project, coordinated by IICT is a Coordination and Support Action to GMES and Africa, supported by the European Commission. GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) is the European Programme for the establishment of a European capacity for Earth Observation: http://www.gmes.infoSide event of the IST-Africa The rationale to undertake these workshops, in scope of the BRAGMA Project, is:Conference: GMES & • To provide a consolidated validation ofAfrica Workshops the GMES and Africa Action Plan chapterAfter the kick-off meeting in Lisbon, January concerned with the specific Thematic Areas2012, the BRAGMA Project held a meeting in addressed during the meeting, with the goalDar es Salaam, Tanzania, on the 7th of May of contributing to the Joint Africa-European2012, as a side event to the IST-Africa 2012 Union Strategic Action Plan with concreteconference and before the JEG8 Meeting. and visible results;This meeting focused on the organization • To help decision makers in understandingof Thematic Workshops, which are based on the importance of EO for sustainablethe following sub-themes: development and poverty alleviation;1. Marine and Coastal Areas, to be held in Kenya; • To outline operational modalities to reach2. Water Resources Management, which will GMES & Africa Objectives, allowing Africatake place in Nigeria; to make full use of the potential of space systems for sustainable development and3. Natural Resources Management, to be reinforcing Africa’s capacity and ownershiphosted by Egypt. in using and contributing to remote sensing science; • To capitalise on the investment made in the Process launched in December 2007;The key objectives of these workshops will be: • Identify priorities to enhance the use of EO in Africa;• To identify the available capacities withinAfrica regarding each Thematic Area • To define modalities to establish African-(networks, expertise, user communities); European operational collaboration to make best use of GMES Europe services in Africa.• To identify potential synergies with GMESand Africa related projects funded at Experts on each Thematic Area will benational, regional and continental level and selected to prepare each workshop withheighten the available capacities within documents to be distributed well in advanceAfrica regarding the Thematic Areas being to discuss during the workshops – theaddressed (through networks, expertise, collective feedback from all participatinguser communities); experts will be consolidated in the revised chapter of the GMES and Africa Action Plan.• To exchange experience and know-how in Each workshop will cover sub-themes andthe field; Cross Cutting Issues and is targeted for participation from Thematic National Focal• To provide the consolidated and validated Points, Regional Implementation Centrescontribution to the drafting of the GMES (RICs), RECs, AUC, UNECA and the EC.and Africa Action Plan in the respective The expected outcomes of each workshopThematic Area. will be the Revised Chapter on the Thematic Area of the GMES and Africa Action Plan endorsed by African Member States.
  2. 2. Newsletter no.2 | January 2013Side event of the IST Africa Organised as a pre-conference event This was followed by a discussion on the to IST-Africa 2012, target participants synergies which should be establishedConference: one-day public included thematic subject experts as with GMES & Africa-related projects,workshop well as sophisticated end-users of GMES such as closing project GARNET-EO, and Africa-related applications. which produced relevant information toOn the 8th of May 2012, BRAGMA be integrated into the GMES and Africaorganised a GMES and Africa Workshop Both BRAGMA and EAMNet presented Action Plan. The workshop was finalised- this one-day public workshop provided their projects during this workshop, as with an overview of the past, presentan introductory background to the well as their joint effort to support the and future EDF-funded projects, a longevolution of GMES & Africa, focussed initiative, in particular by contributing term investment in the development ofon progress to date and showcased a to the organisation of the first Thematic EO applications in Sub-Saharan Africa:number of relevant projects supporting Workshop on Marine and Coastal Areas. AMESD & in different thematic areas withinGMES and Africa.The BRAGMA GMES & Africa Workshop Report and the JEG8 Meeting Report are available at the following links: from the event are available at tools: It also provides a discussion forum for focuses on the GMES & Africa process. the community to provide feedback The platform can be accessed byonline platforms to BRAGMA, namely considering the everyone, but to be able to make GMES and Africa Action Plan. comments and interact on the platformInformation on the GMES & Africa Capacity 4 Dev is run by the EC’s DG one must sign in as a member of theprocess and BRAGMA activities are DEVCO, and GMES & Africa page.being posted on 2 online collaborativeplatforms:BRAGMA E-collaboration toolCapacity4Dev (run by the EU)The BRAGMA E-collaboration platformis a multipurpose tool, storing relevantinformation by thematic area, for acessby all stakeholders and experts. BRAGMA E-collaboration platform Capacity4dev e-collaboration platformMarine and Coastal AreasWorkshop for thematic including coastal area focal points, marine representatives from related projects and coastal areas expert groups, Regional and programmes, including UNESCO/experts, Mombasa, Kenya Implementation Centres (RIC) focused IOC, EDF Programmes (PUMA-AMESD- on Marine and Coastal Areas, BRAGMA MESA), GEOSS (AfriGEOSS), AfricanAs agreed with the European Commission project partners and Government officials Integrated Maritime Strategy - Maritimeand African Union Commission, BRAGMA who are involved in the Marine and Coastal Surveillance and EAMNet FP7 project.project will focus its activities on three Areas together withof the nine GMES and Africa Thematic In summary the workshop consisted ofAreas, starting with Marine and Coastal a high level official opening session, aAreas. A two day invitation-only Marine session covering the background andand Coastal Areas Workshop for thematic existing EO and marine and coastal areasexperts took place in Mombasa, Kenya 9 - initiatives, as well as a presentation of10 October 2012. the marine and coastal areas baseline study. Following these introductionsThe workshop, co-sponsored by the the participants were divided into threeEuropean Commission (EC), BRAGMA, parallel working groups (based onAfrican Union Commission, (AUC) and interest areas that had been previouslyMoHEST brought together over 80 defined) which consisted of the followingexperts from Africa and Europe Participants at the Workshop topics:
  3. 3. Newsletter no.2 | January 2013• GMES and Africa services for Marine and CoastalArea Management - this topic covered marine andcoastal management, planning and policy issues;data and information needs for marine and coastalmanagement and decision-making; capacitybuilding network of Higher Education Institutions forEO application in marine and coastal management; Participants at the• Networking in a GMES and Africa Service Marine & Coastalspecifically addressing: marine and coastal Areas Workshopsurveillance system and network; forecast systemand a disaster early warning system; a Network ofCoastal Sentinel Stations; Each of these working groups addressed specific discussion topics as detailed in the programme - this workshop was thus a technical• Earth Observation (EO) Science & Technology for consultation forum focused on the mentioned topics.Marine and Coastal Areas in regard to: sentinelstations and in-situ data calibration of marine and The outputs from each of the working groups were presented in acoastal parameters; EO methods and modelling for final plenary session and were compiled and uploaded on a webmarine and coastal management; capacity building platform in order to give the participants an opportunity to makeand maintenance. further contributions. The revised Marine and Coastal Areas chapter of the GMES and AfricaAARSE Conference, Baseline study was endorsed with recommendations to set up a unit atEl Jadida, Morocco the AUC to coordinate the implementation of the Action Plan.The African Association of RemoteSensing of the Environment (AARSE)conducts conferences every two yearssince 1996. The conference providesa platform for scientific exchange &input to policy on science and spaceapplications (e.g. Space LeadershipConferences, ARM Constellation, AfricanSpace Agency). building (e.g. the outcome of the Marine UNESCO High Level Experts Mechanism  & Coastal Environment Workshop). on EO and the African governanceThe AARSE 2012 Conference was Consequently, GMES&Africa and structure to lead the implementation ofheld in El Jadida, Morocco, October BRAGMA are mentioned in the El Jadida the programme. However, participants29 – November 2, 2012 and was Declaration. welcomed the BRAGMA initiative asentitled ‘Earth Observation & Geo-   a way to revitalize GMES & Africa.information Sciences for Environment The Session was well attended and Enhanced consultations betweenand Development in Africa: Global comprised representatives from African Union Commission and AfricanVision and Local Action Synergy’. The UNESCO/IOC, ESA, Vito, AfriGEOSS and Member States are urgently needed.Conference provided an excellent forum several national delegates. Participants  for BRAGMA to engage with relevant regretted the long delay in the follow- The outcomes of the Roundtablestakeholders and experts. up of the Lisbon Declaration related to were presented at the Meeting of GMES & Africa with the subsequent the Joint Africa-EU Strategy (JAES)The GMES & Africa Side Event slow drafting and consultation of the - Science, Information Society and(Roundtable) was held on the 30th GMES & Africa Action Plan. The Session Space Partnership: Joint Expert GroupOctober 2012 from 16:15 - 18:00. The stressed that for GMES & Africa to (JEG8) in Cape Town, South Africa: 6-8Roundtable was organized immediately succeed, there is a need for an African November, 2012.after the Special Session on AfriGEOSS grassroots approach, African ownershipwhich demonstrated the close linkage and African leadership.between GEOSS and GMES. Missing elements in the GMES &The Roundtable managed to bring Africa Initiative include the insufficientGMES & Africa to the centre of the EO involvement of African space institutionsagenda in Africa. and programmes including the African Resources Management Constellation,This was achieved by the fact that the EO African universities, research institutesCommunity recognized that BRAGMA and services providers, the Joint AU/is delivering by facilitating consensus
  4. 4. Newsletter no.2 | January 201310th EUMETSAT UserForum in AfricaBRAGMA participated in the "10thEUMETSAT User Forum in Africa" whichtook place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from environment in Africa: A vision for the future activities. This was preceded by athe 1st-5th October 2012.The programme next 20 years” . presentation by the AUC on the GMESconsisted of an Opening Ceremony, a For the sixth session, which focussed & Africa initiative, thus providing a clearTechnical Visit, seven sessions, and a on Earth Observation for Development connection between the initiative andspecial anniversary session on "Earth in Africa, BRAGMA contributed with a the project that supports it.observation for weather, climate and presentation on its developments andRelevant Events - 2013IPWE 2013 3rd GEOSS African Water Cycle High-level Meeting on National7-9 Jan 2013, Izmir, Turkey Coordination Initiative Drought Policy (HMNDP) - (AfWCCI) Workshop Towards More DroughtGrowing demands for water and 4-5 Feb 2013, El Jadida, Morocco Resilient Societiesincreased pollution loads threaten thequality of many lakes, rivers, estuaries 11-15 March, Geneva, Switzerland The Workshop is a follow-up event toand groundwater bodies around the the 3rd African Water Cycle Symposium, Given the current concerns with climateworld and pose serious threats to public held in Libreville, Gabon, in February change, projected increases in thehealth. 2012, which recognized the need for frequency, intensity, and duration of enhanced cooperation among the droughts and resulting impacts onipwe2013/index.html various initiatives and programs many sectors, in particular food, water, across Africa that address water-related and energy.Innovations in Remote issues, and integrated water resources management (IWRM) in particular. Event meetings/hmndp13/index_en.php23 Jan 2013, London, UK event, hosted by the Centre for Earth AfWCCI/morocco/index.php 35th International SymposiumObservation Instrumentation (CEOI),  on Remote Sensing ofwill provide a great opportunity to catch International Conference onup with the latest Earth observation Natural Resource Management Environmentinstrumentation technologies, as well 22-26 April, Beijing, China in a Changing Worldas highlighting potential areas for 24-27 Feb 2013, Al-Ain, Abu Dhabi Earth Observation and Globallicensing, collaboration or supply. Theevent is open to all interested parties. Environmental Change - 50 Years of This conference will deal with all aspects Remote Sensing: Progress and Prospects relating to NRM and the changing world.h tt p : / / w w w. c e o i . a c . u k / i n d e x .p h p ? o p t i o n = c o m _ c o n t e n t & v i ew = a r nrm/sensing-event-wednesday-23rd-january-2013&catid=7:latestGMES & Africa future Events• GMES&Africa Coordination Team Meeting: Brussels, Belgium, February 2013• Water Resources Management Workshop - technical consultation forum: Abuja, Nigeria, Spring 2013, date TBC.• Natural Resources Workshop - technical consultation forum: Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, Summer 2013, dateTBC.• Validation Workshop: South Africa, Summer 2013, date TBC Links: