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BRAGMA Project 1st Newsletter

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Bragma newsletter 1

  1. 1. BRAGMAP ROJECT STARTS! January 23-24, 2012BRAGMAProject kick-off andGMES and AfricaCoordination Teammeeting in LisbonHosted by IICT in Lisbon, Portugal,the meetings of the GMES and  Africa Coordination Team and which resulted in the adoption of Discussions were focused on theBRAGMA Project kick off took place. “The Lisbon Process on GMES and prioritisation of the GMES and AfricaThe BRAGMA project, coordinated Africa” which required developing , thematic areas, the organisationby IICT is a Coordination and an Action Plan in 2010. of consultation workshops inSupport Action to GMES and Africa and the establishment ofAfrica, supported by the European These meetings where attended by a GMES and Africa Secretariat atCommission. all BRAGMA project partners and the AUC. During the GMES and representatives of the European Africa Coordination Team meeting,GMES (Global Monitoring for Commission and African Union a work programme for 2012 wasEnvironment and Security) is Commission, including also established in order to presentthe European Programme for representatives of the Nigeria tangible results by the end of thethe establishment of a European and Egypt Space Agencies, of year.capacity for Earth Observation: the Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS) and United Nations EconomicThe “GMES and Africa” process Commission for Africa (UNECA).was launched by the MaputoDeclaration, signed on 15 October The Global Monitoring for2006. The initiative aims to Environment and Security (GMES)strengthen and further develop and Africa Coordination Team,infrastructure for a more coherent consisting of members from Africaexploitation of Earth Observation and Europe, met to discuss the waydata (space and in-situ), forward for this initiative, taking  technologies and services in support into account the recommendationsof the environmental policies for Link to video: of the Space Troika meetingsustainable development in Africa http://www2.iict. between both African and Europeanand ACP countries. pt/?idc=21&idi=18035 Commissions with participation (bilingual video, with of Portugal, at the African UnionIn response to the Maputo subtitles in Portuguese) Commission (AUC) premises inDeclaration, a large event dedicated December “GMES and Africa” was setup in December 2007 in Lisbon,
  2. 2. BRAGMA Project OverviewBRAGMA (Bridging Actions forGMES and Africa) is supported bythe European Commission with co-funding under FP7.Within the context of the SpaceTrack of the 8th Africa - EU StrategicPartnership (Science, InformationSociety, Space), BRAGMA isspecifically focused on Supporting  GMES and Africa coordination and endorsement and implementationpromoting awareness by: - Marine and Coastal Areas of the GAAP, by working in (which includes fisheries, collaboration with key stakeholders - Organising coordination and integrated coastal zone to identify and facilitate the scope thematic expert workshops management, transport, etc.) and definition of high priority - Facilitating participation - Water Resources Management projects. of pre-qualified African (which includes integrated stakeholders at relevant basin management, ground events to ensure pan-African Thematic Expert water, water scarcity) engagement Meetings during 2012 - Long-Term Management - Building the GMES and Africa of Natural Resources (which community, by engaging with includes forest resources, One of the key priority areas biodiversity, land resources, key stakeholders, establishing identified in the Second Action land cover change, protected and connecting networks face Plan of the 8th Africa-EU Strategic area management) to face and online Partnership for the period 2011 - It also provides In-loco support 2013 is to finalise the development to the development and A multi-day thematic expert of the Action Plan based on the implementation of GMES and meeting will be organised by Baseline document on GMES and Africa Action Plan (GAAP) BRAGMA partners for each of these Africa taking into consideration through thematic areas and preparations for ongoing deliberations and guidance - Investing on the connection these meetings are well advanced. on the process since it was initiated with governance in 2007 for the implementation - Contributing to the process of GMES and Africa. sustainability of the GMES and Please register on the BRAGMA Africa initiative Portal, specifying GMES and The current base line information - Providing in-loco consultation Africa related thematic areas of of the GMES and Africa addresses and dissemination primary interest based on your 9 thematic areas as well as 5 cross skills and experience. More cutting issues.BRAGMA will produce reports on news on the timing and locationthe contribution of GMES services of the 2012 thematic expert During 2012, at the request of theand GMES & Africa related projects, meetings will be announced in European Commission (EC) andto support a coherent strategy May 2012. African Union Commission (AUC),between Europe and Africa BRAGMA will focus primarily on three of the nine GMES and AfricaFinally, BRAGMA supports the Thematic Areas:effective development, conclusion,
  3. 3. BRAGMA Organises GMES Next Eventsand Africa Workshop inDar es Salaam, Tanzania, A workshop on Marine and08 May 2012 Coastal Areas and Coordina- tion Team Meeting is planned toBRAGMA is organising a one day happen in Kenya, June 2012.public workshop focused on GMESand Africa on 08 May in Dar es A workshop on Water Manage-Salaam, Tanzania. ment is planned to happen in Nigeria, July 2012.The BRAGMA Workshop will bringtogether key stakeholders from A workshop on Long Term Man-Africa and Europe, to discuss agement of Natural Resourcesprogress to date and showcase and is planned to happen ina number of relevant projects Egypt, September 2012.supporting work in differentthematic areas within GMES and A GMES and Africa Coordina-Africa. tion Team to take in Addis back to back to the 10th EUMETSATOrganised as a pre-conference Forum, October 2012.event to IST-Africa 2012, targetparticipants include thematic Next BRAGMA project meetingsubject experts as well as will take place in the 9th AARSEsophisticated end-users of GMES Conference, Morocco, Octoberand Africa related applications. 2012Online registration is opened fromApril 2012.