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Hit The Road is an easy, fun, free and very useful app to create and manage your road trip itineraries and share your adventures and experiences with your friends and other travelers. ...

Hit The Road is an easy, fun, free and very useful app to create and manage your road trip itineraries and share your adventures and experiences with your friends and other travelers.

You'll be able to plan, book and manage every single aspect of your road trip: organizes your road trip, best routes, book cars, sourcing accommodation and discovering the best local restaurants, providing you with exclusive offers during your trip. The app gets updated daily with new content and offers.



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  • Road Trips are one of the best ways of travelling, but plan a road trip can be very hard work: finding the best routes, booking the right car for your trip, accommodation, restaurants, travel insurance or even find those incredible places that never come in travel guides can be really hard and time consuming.And because this is a mobile app in the travel category, its important to look at the British travel trends -> and according to ABTA (The Travel Association) UK residents take 36m foreign holidays every year and 1 in 10 UK residents take more than 4 holidays abroad a year. Also according to the UK European Consumer Center more than two million Britons hire a car for their summer holiday each year.In its latest market forecasts, the research firm Gartner estimates that 103bn mobile apps will be downloaded in 2013, a 59.4% rise on last year’s total. Gartner predicts also that global apps revenues will reach £16bn this year, up 44.4% on 2012′s £11bn. Free apps are continuing to drive the market representing 91% of all app downloads this year. According to the percentage of smartphone penetration in the UK between the age of 25 and 44 years old is 83%, so we are looking at a potential market size above 14M people.
  • The Hit the Road app will allow customers to plan, personalise and manage every aspect of their road trip, all in one place. They will be able to easily find the best routes, book cars, accommodation, restaurants, and the best of all, take advantage of shared experiences, reviews and our community. All in one place, to suit their interests and budget.The App will be developed for Android and IOS devices, and will be available on Google Play, Apple App Store and Amazon Appstore, covering 90% of all smartphone market. Functions like driving directions, driving time and stops, check-ins or points of interest with alerts in real time will be also available. Will be possible to share photos and travel experiences across all major social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest or the XX community, making this the ultimate social experience.  The App will work offline and store all the details about the customer road trip. With this functionality the customer will always have access to the all information even without an internet connection.
  • The travel app market is fairly cluttered with different offerings across Planning, Booking, Exploration and Navigation. The XX app will work across all of these areas.Competition will come in different forms – we will offer competitive hotel rates to compete with giant such as, and Booking.Com.Our biggest competitors are Roadtrippers (currently US only) and Google Field Trip. The differentiator is that Hit The Road offers bookings and all services are in one place.
  • Hotels.Com is a free app that provides hotel accomodation worldwide that can be booked through the app. It has a global reach being available in 76 sites in 67 countries. It is available on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices and here have been 25 million mobile apps downloaded since May 2011. (and sites similar) gains revenue through the buying of rooms at a wholesale rate and then selling on to the consumer. Roadtrippers is another free app which offers trip planning across America based on starting point, destination and interests and it will suggest accommodation, restaurants and attractions along the route. It is currently only available to plan US trips at the moment but there is a plan to expand into the UK and Canada. Revenue Model: The app is ad free and revenue comes through licensing travel content to websites and magazines, but expects revenue to be generated through powering websites for state tourism boards that lack the skills themselves. Eventually will offer hotel bookings as additional revenue stream. Currently has had 250,000 trips planned within 6 months. 2012 saw a 500,000 dollar venture capital investment.Kayak Pro – there are two versions of the app, the “lite” version is free but you recive in app advertising which is not present in the 69p version. Kayak offers flight and car searches, hotel search and booking, flight tracker and itenerary organisation. It is available across multiple platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android, Mobile 7 and Kindle). Money is made via referrals to travel suppliers and online travel agents. Ad revenue comes from advertising placement on the website and the free app. Advertising currently accounts for 58% of their revenue. Founded by the co-founders of Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz it has received close to 900m enquiries on the website, 14% of which were generated from mobile.Google Field Trip: A free app which alerts the user to locations fit for a field trip e.g historical sites, architecture, environment. The user becomes alerted to interesting places as you drive past them and the app customizes recommendations based on thumbs up or thumbs down to places already suggested.It currently only covers the UK and USA. The App is available for Android, Google Glass and iOS. The differentiator here is that hotels are not recommended and online booking is not supported.
  • KEY RESOURCESWe need seed money to pay for the creation and development of Roadtrip app, multilingual website, GPS services for real time alerts, marketing and IT services providers. Part of the money will go to freelance expert content creators, App and site translators. The success of the business primarily lies in the development of a road app with real time alerts, targeting tens of millions of mobile devices in UK and EU.Human resources is the cornerstone of every business. Group 11 will make up the human resource department to collectively run and manage the business without pay until the business becomes viable. Within the group, there is an aptitude of skills set to drive the business forward.
  • Our main channel will be the app itself.We want to be connected with our users in every single stage - while planning, during the actual trip and after their return.To accomplish that, apart from all the planning before the actual trip, the app can be use as guide and the users will have the option to upload photos during the trip, and mark each stage as done.One of the main features of the app, is the fact that it’s able to give live alerts. During the trip, the user can select an option to have live alerts about special promotions/events that are available on that location (discounts in restaurants for example).On the end of each trip, the user can review us and share his opinions.Each user, when registered, will have a personal area, where everything is saved (photos, routes, miles…). The app will also be linked with our social channels, so that the user can share everything, and be in touch with us.
  • We will also use other channels on the road to a relationship with our users.We will have a website, as a support for our app, targeting the users on desktops, mainly on the planning stage. The website will have the same functions as the app, planning routes, access to the community, activities/events on each location, and so on. With pages on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Pinterest, we can share our road trips suggestions, and some of our users experiences. We will also create a G+ Community, where the users can share tips and suggestions among each others.Being an app centered on personal experiences, word of mouth is a key thing. Great experiences told by the users are priceless. For that reason, we will have a review/comments section available on the app and website.With a monthly newsletter, we will use emails as another channel of communication, with suggestions and ideas.Our blog will share great ideas, news and events by destination, updating our users about the things they can do and see during their trip. All the posts from our blog can be share on our social channels.Finally, we are going to use PPC campaigns, mainly on Google Adwords. There aren’t many ads related to these theme yet, so creating an appealing ad can bring the right traffic to our app and website.
  • eg: 11 million 25 - 44 year olds, of which 90% use internet frequently, and of which 65% have smartphones, of which 80% go on holiday each year gives 5.148 million target users. If our website gets 0.5% coverage we have ~25,000 visitors to work with We won’t get that number straight away, need a customer awareness curve.MVP – no live features on the app, with limited road trip coverage, eg just UKMVP RevenueAdvertising10 * Charged at £100 per ad per month Affiliate revenue2.5% booking conversion rate of total audience (too high!) at 5% avg. cost of product, which is £70 on avg. (hotels mixed in with car hire and restaurants) £2197.51-2 years ahead – 100,000 visitorsAffiliate revenue5% booking conversion rate at 5% of avg. cost, at £70Advertising20 * Charged at £500 per ad per monthLead gen10% interested in content and road trips, which can be passed as lead gen - 10 % of those decide to go ahead: commission rate on flight bookings (~£400 on average) at 4% commission rate gives us £100,000
  • Operational costs:Content partners:connecting with hotel/car rental companies, getting them signed on etc, updating content, adding new road trips - £1,000 per monthAffiliate website creation (blogs, comparison sites etc) 3 releases in 6 months means ~£1,200 per site,£30 per blog + on-going part-time resource on blog and site content updatesMarketing is a permanent staff member on social media strategy (£20000 pro rata) + Digital Media Campaigns (depends on value of the business)Business development costs:Product: Fully fledged app - £100,000 – with live capabilitiesDeveloper + Senior Developer - £21K and £45KContent:Partners: 2 resources obtaining new affiliate partnerships at £30K eachAffiliate sites: 3 resources for maintaining new blogs and affiliate sites at £1200/month each, and 2 resources for building new blogs and affiliate sites at £2000/month each, including for SEOMarketing: SEO of website – semi-permanent resourceCPC and CPM – costs still uncertain (£15,000 for campaigns, may not be too much, but a successful social media campaign should bring in majority of content, along with word-of-mouth

Road Trip App - Hit The Road Road Trip App - Hit The Road Presentation Transcript

  • Hit The Road A Pitch by Squared Online Group 11 Ana Rocha Pereira, Nuno Pereira, Kushtrim Jutullahu, Gueorguie Vassilev, Rebecca Baldwin, Selma Ad, Stanley Mathew, Steph Riley Leal and Sue Pile 1
  • The Idea: In Summary A community of travellers who ‘do’ roadtrips have created the Hit the Road App We want insider knowledge and value with the ease and convenience of researching and booking special interest roadtrips. We know that our extended community of travellers and friends share our ‘want’ and we are already sharing insights and experiences that we trust. A one-stop roadtrip App makes sense and we have a growing community waiting for it. Why is it different? Our App works across a fairly cluttered travel app market with different offerings that may need several Apps to plan one trip. We combine accommodation booking, car rental, route planning and personal referrals to provide a one stop online resource by country, interest and budget. The App’s unique aspect is the added value of the shared knowledge and personal recommendations of fellow travellers, enthusiasts and experts with real experience. What is it? Hit the Road, developed for Android and IOS devices, is supported by a comprehensive website with dedicated areas for individuals. It works offline storing roadtrips for access without an internet connection. Driving directions, timing, stops, check-ins, points of interest and offers are delivered to the phone in real time. The community keeps in touch by uploading photos and reviews across all social media networks making it a living social experience. How An MPV will be piloted in the UK with affiliate partners. This will be developed to launch a pan European Hit the Road App being available in multiple languages with the information and partners to deliver international roadtrips. Investment, Revenue and ROI We are looking for £17,500 - £22,500 initial seed investment to develop the app. Revenue and ROI will be generated from affiliate commission and advertising. . 2
  • Positioning Roadtrip adventure fun and value all in one app. ‘Hit the Road’ is an easy to use app and website to plan and manage a roadtrip with the advantage of insider information and reviews from shared experiences when you connect with a community of like minded travellers and experts. You tell us where you want to go, what you are interested in and how much you want to pay. Then all you do is book your car and accommodation with us online and we’ll confirm. During your trip daily alerts to your phone give you updates on local information, exclusive offers and... you can share your roadtrip along the way. Points of Difference USPs Personalise your UK/Europe road trip based on interest i.e. surfing, beaches, wine tasting, dining, fishing, golf, festivals You get tips on where to find the best surf or most secluded beaches, for foodies the must go to undiscovered gem of a restaurant for limited budgets, chef’s secret favourites etc and alerts about offers along the way A UK/Europe road trip app that shares information and reviews from a community of like-minded travellers, enthusiasts and professional experts sharing their experiences and insights The information and reviews will be unique and relevant to your research You become part of the online trusted community The facts and community travels with you enabling contact, real time updates and flexibility Select Options by budget Booking is convenient and confirmation brings peace of mind. 3
  • Market Size and Opportunity 103bn App downloads 2013 (59% Increase comparing to 2012) £16bn Global Apps Revenue 2013 (44% increase comparing to 2012) 36m Foreign holidays taken by UK residents each year 2m Hire a car for their summer holidays 14m Total Smart Phone Penetration UK. Ages 25-44. 4
  • Value Proposition App Description Hit The Road is an easy, fun, free and very useful app to create and manage your road trip itineraries and share your adventures and experiences with your friends and other travelers. You'll be able to plan, book and manage every single aspect of your road trip: organizes your road trip, best routes, book cars, sourcing accommodation and discovering the best local restaurants, providing you with exclusive offers during your trip. The app gets updated daily with new content and offers. Platforms & Stores Platforms IOS Stores Apple App Store Amazon App Store Google Play Risk & Effort Privacy. Identity Need to register, add fellow road trippers, install the app Main Functions Main Functions Route Planner Book Car Book Hotel Book Restaurants Buy Travel Insurance Contextual Content Driving Directions Driving Time and Stops Points of Interest Road Trips Top Tips Alerts in real time Special Functions Social Login Upload Photos Check-in Share via Facebook Share via Twitter Share via Pinterest Share via Google+ Own Community Reviews App Works Offline My Account 5
  • The Competitive Market Planning Booking The Space Hit The Road will Occupy Exploring Navigating 6
  • Competitors Competitors to Hit The Road vary from function to function. We anticipate biggest competition coming from apps like the one outlined below. The app Roadtrippers is our nearest competitor. We have an advantage of offering a wider range of services (including booking functionality) and our pilot market is the UK which Roadtrippers has not (yet) expanded into. 7
  • Key Partners, Activities and Resources Key Partners 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. iTunes App Store Google Play Store Amazon App Store Car Rentals Hotels, B&Bs Event Organisers Restaurants Supermarkets Banks and Payment Gateway Providers Booking Partners The Community Independent Subject Specialist Bloggers (outsourced) Financial/Insurance Institutions Key Activities 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Customer Services Research and App Updates Online and Offline Promo Affiliate Marketing Develop app/website Pre launch, launch and post launch marketing, PR and online PR. Customer Services Testing Advertising Methods Research Key Resources 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Web Developers Digital Marketing Professionals Road App Developer App Server Database Developer EU, UK Linguistics Content creation/identity/app icon identity 8. The community 9. Seed Funding 10. Human Resources 8
  • Key Partners: Accommodation: Hotels, B&Bs, Hostels Food: Restaurants, Cafes, Takeaways Tourist Sites: National Parks, Museums, Zoos Map Services: Integration with Google Maps Transportation: Car rental firms, bus and train companies etc. Event Organisers: Nightclubs, Marathons, Congregations Developers: App developers, Affiliates App Promoters: Travel Agents, Local Councils 9
  • Key Activities Primarily focus on research and content building of the app. • Building and developing relationships with key partners. • Management of partnership relations and user feedback. • Assessing and inputting work for developers – keeping the app updated. • Promotional communications – using key partners to help in the process. 10
  • Customer Segments The Road Tripper: University graduate or young professional (University degree) Salary: 10k – 50k Age: 20-45 Gender: 55% Male, 45% Female Behaviour: Smartphone user, uses apps, use the phone as an Organizational tool, they are digitally savvy, purchases via internet. Pilot project: UK Region: 45% London (capital, main airports), 55% Rest of the Country Interests: • Travelling, • Nature, • Backpacking, • Cultures, • Adventures • Socializing with others 55% 45% Budget: • Low-middle budget in regards to trips. • Less money on accommodation and food, more on experiences. • Spend approx. £80 per day. 11
  • Customer Relationships Suggestions before the trip Helps plan the entire trip Guide during the trip (offline works) Social interaction during the trip Live Alerts during the trip. Personal Area Reviews/Comments Section – After the trip Social Channels 12
  • Relevant Channels 13
  • Building the ‘Hit the Road’ Community • Start with our networks and invite their networks • Create a ‘Hit The Road’ viral campaign • Promote is as a Club that you would want to be part of to share experiences, have fun, live the dream, the first place to go to plan your trip etc • Create images / videos to launch the App via social media channels - you tube, Pinterest, create blogs and invite specialists and enthusiasts to blog • Create incentives for first travellers 14
  • Revenue Streams Minimum Value Product Revenue • Affiliate Marketing Revenue: ~£2200/month • 2 Years Ahead Revenue • Affiliate Marketing Revenue: £80,000/month Advertising Banners: £1,000/month • Lead Generation: £16,000/month • Advertising: Banners: £10,000/month 15
  • Costs MVP Up-front Costs: £17,500 - £22,500 Operational: £4200/month Fully functional platform Up front costs: £100,000 Operational: Product: • App: iOS and Android -£10k - £15k • Website - £5000 for development • Product maintenance and updates - £1000/month • Platform integration Product: • £100,000 • 2 permanent resources on dev: £5500/month Content: • Partners: £1000 to set up • Web material: Scouring and populating costs. • Affiliate sites: 10 blogs and affiliate (trip comparison) £1500 for build, £1200/month to maintain Social Media: £1200/month Content: • Partners: £5000/month • Affiliate sites: £7600/month Social Media: £3600/month Commercial: Search Engine Marketing: • SEO and analytics: £1500/month • CPC and CPM: £15,000/month Advertising: £2000/month on CPC 16
  • Hit The Road A Pitch by Squared Online Group 11 Ana Rocha Pereira Nuno Pereira Kushtrim Jutullahu Gueorguie Vassilev Rebecca Baldwin Selma Ad Stanley Mathew Steph Riley Leal Sue Pile 17