Roadmap monthly newsletter - August 2013


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Roadmap monthly newsletter - August 2013

  1. 1. Roadmap Monthly Newsletter | | Tel + 351 214 135 670 | Frotcom - Vehicle Tracking . Fleet Intelligence Angola |Belgium |Brazil |Bulgaria |Cameroon |Cape Verde |Colombia |Cyprus |Croatia |Egypt |Georgia |Greece |Italy |Kenya |Kosova |Luxembourg | Macedonia |Madagascar |Mauritius |Morocco |Namibia |Portugal |Reunion Islands |Romania |Rwanda |Seychelles |Sierra Leone |Slovenia | South Africa |Spain | Tanzania |Uganda |UK | 1 Roadmapmonthly newsletter Editorial ne of Frotcom’s characteristics is its extensive market footprint. You will find vehicles carrying Frotcom technology in the most metropolitan cities and in the wildest plains; you can find it in 18 wheel trucks and in motorbikes; you can find it in jeeps moving along the slopes of the Kilimanjaro and in boats navigating their way through the delta of the Danube; you can find it in long haulage trucks and semitrailers, or on vans involved in local distribution. Naturally, there are many issues faced by fleet managers in all these cases. Some of the issues are common to most of them. Some are quite different. Although it can be said without a shadow of a doubt that most fleet managers are concerned with productivity, cost control, quality of service and security, the importance of each of these factors and – most of all – the way to achieve their optimization will often differ. In some cases, fuel management, involving the control of refuelling operations and the detection of fuel theft, is paramount. Due to their bigger tanks, trucks are a typical target for fuel theft. In the case of lighter vehicles, productivity tends to be one of the most important issues to control. Some requirements tend to be more influenced by the territory, due to either local trends or applicable laws. For instance, protection against vehicle theft is a common requirement in some regions, whereas maximum driving time law enforcement is a concern in other regions of the world. Some other requirements, however, seem to be very universal, even if the reason may be somewhat different. Take Eco-driving, for instance. In some countries, a better driving behaviour is looked after by companies, in order to have lower fuel consumption and the associated costs. In other countries where the cost of fuel is not as high, the main factor to be achieved with an improvement in driving behaviour is the reduction in downtimes, since the inexistence and price of spare parts can hold vehicles off the road for months. Giving an adequate response to these various requirements is Frotcom’s mission. Valério Marques, CEO - Frotcom International A note from the editor – If you would like to have your own say in the next edition of this newsletter please do not hesitate to get in touch at O August 2013 In this issue New Certified Partner Frotcom has a new Certified Partner Frotcom Cape Verde New Features Driving teams Maximum speed used in the calculation of best paths (directions) New and Events Frotcom East Africa at the Hino Trucks launch Frotcom South Africa launches the “Big 5”! This and much more…
  2. 2. Roadmap Monthly Newsletter | | Tel + 351 214 135 670 | Frotcom - Vehicle Tracking . Fleet Intelligence Angola |Belgium |Brazil |Bulgaria |Cameroon |Cape Verde |Colombia |Cyprus |Croatia |Egypt |Georgia |Greece |Italy |Kenya |Kosova |Luxembourg | Macedonia |Madagascar |Mauritius |Morocco |Namibia |Portugal |Reunion Islands |Romania |Rwanda |Seychelles |Sierra Leone |Slovenia | South Africa |Spain | Tanzania |Uganda |UK | 2 New Certified Partner Frotcom has a new Certified Partner Frotcom International is very proud to announce the arrival of its newest Frotcom Certified Partner: Frotcom Cape Verde (Cabo Verde in Portuguese, the Cape Verdean official language). EASA, Ltd. has obtained the Frotcom Certification for Cape Verde. This company has been active in the area of automation and supervision systems for industrial equipment and plants. The recognition of Cape Verde’s companies needs in the area of vehicle tracking and fleet management was the reason why EASA started looking for a Partner in this field. “I am sure that joining the wide network of Frotcom´s Certified Partners was the best choice for us. Companies in Cape Verde are looking for a reliable vehicle tracking / fleet management solution at a competitive price. With Frotcom International’s knowledge and support we will be able to play an active role in the Cape Verdean market. I am confident that pretty soon Frotcom Cape Verde will gain a respectable position in the market.” said Jorge Fortes, CEO at Frotcom Cabo Verde. ROADMAP welcomes Jorge Fortes and the Frotcom Cape Verde team on board and wishes them successful operations. About Cape Verde Cape Verde officially the Republic of Cape Verde, is an island country, spanning an archipelago of 10 islands located in the central Atlantic Ocean. The economy of Cape Verde is service-oriented, with commerce, transport, and public services accounting for more than 70% of Gross Domestic Product. Since 1991, the government has pursued market-oriented economic policies, including an open welcome to foreign investors and a far-reaching privatization program. It established as top development priorities the promotion of a market economy and of the private sector; the development of tourism, light manufacturing industries, and fisheries; and the development of transport, communications and energy facilities. > Capital Praia > Currency Cape Verdean escudo (CVE) > Language Portuguese > Population 523,568 > Territory 4,033 km2 > GDP $2.305 billion Source: Wikipedia Did you know? Proposals to boost use of alternative fuels would ensure drivers can fill up or plug in at more stations across EU If more drivers switched to cars powered by electricity, hydrogen and natural gas – rather than petrol and diesel – it would help make the EU less dependent on oil imports, as well as curbing greenhouse gas emissions. However, the widespread use of alternative fuels is being held back by the high cost of vehicles, low consumer acceptance, and a lack of recharging and refuelling stations. To remove these barriers, the Commission plans to set binding targets and common standards. The main proposals cover: Electricity – a minimum number of recharging stations per country and a standard plug so drivers can recharge anywhere in the EU; Hydrogen – common standards for fuel hoses and other components at filling stations in 14 EU countries; Liquefied natural gas – filling stations for trucks every 400 km along the proposed unified European transport network; filling stations for ships would also be required at all 139 maritime and inland ports along the network; Compressed natural gas – accessible refuelling stations, with common standards, available to ordinary cars Europe-wide at least every 150 km by 2020. EU countries would be able to implement these changes by adapting local laws and taxes to encourage private sector investment. EU funding is already available to support such changes. The proposals do not address other alternative fuels that either use existing infrastructure (biofuels and synthetic fuels) or already have core infrastructure in place (liquefied petroleum gas). (…) Source: European Commission Jorge Fortes, CEO Frotcom Cape Verde
  3. 3. Roadmap Monthly Newsletter | | Tel + 351 214 135 670 | Frotcom - Vehicle Tracking . Fleet Intelligence Angola |Belgium |Brazil |Bulgaria |Cameroon |Cape Verde |Colombia |Cyprus |Croatia |Egypt |Georgia |Greece |Italy |Kenya |Kosova |Luxembourg | Macedonia |Madagascar |Mauritius |Morocco |Namibia |Portugal |Reunion Islands |Romania |Rwanda |Seychelles |Sierra Leone |Slovenia | South Africa |Spain | Tanzania |Uganda |UK | 3 New Features Driving teams The simultaneous association of two drivers – driving team – to a vehicle is now available in Frotcom. This means that companies will be able to associate two drivers to a vehicle, which will be reflected in several functionalities in Frotcom, including the activity reports. A driving team is sometimes used in long haulage. Team drivers will take the wheel in turns, in order to keep a truck rolling with as few interruptions as possible and without forcing drivers to work beyond the maximum recommendable periods and/or allowed by law. Maximum speeds used in the calculation of best paths (directions) Companies with heavy vehicles can now specify maximum speeds for their vehicles, providing Frotcom with information to generate more accurate estimated trip times when the Directions operation is used. When generating directions (best path between two points and corresponding itinerary), map providers used by Frotcom – Bing Maps and Google Maps – will use, by default, the maximum allowable speed for light or heavy vehicles, for each route section. News and Events Frotcom East Africa at the Hino Trucks launch On the 18th of July, 2013, Frotcom East Africa was honoured to be a participant in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) ceremony at the Nairobi Railway Club. Bringing together partners recognized for their leadership in their industries, the ceremony, held by Hino, Toyota Kenya truck and bus division, unveiled the integrated fleet management system targeted at the truck and bus market place. Frotcom comes on board to offer speed control in trucks and buses, as a function to encourage road safety, among other monitoring functionalities. According to Jackson Karisa Fagio, Commercial Director at Frotcom East Africa, “this partnership will help to quickly bridge the gap for those many investors who have been looking for a reliable Fleet Management Solution and at the same time have little time to sample the many operators in the market. With Frotcom, they will get their choice right from the start”. ROADMAP congratulates the Frotcom East Africa team for this successful project! Tip of the month Workforce management Form templates This feature allows you to use a more customized output for the forms received from the mobile devices. This can be extremely useful when you want the information coming in forms to be printed “inside” an official or company document, for instance. Basically you must create the document you need to print as a Word file. Inside that file, some tags or placeholders will be associated to form fields: text, numbers, images or signatures, for instance. The fields are referenced in the template file by using the @@ characters followed by an identifier and finished with ‘;’. Your Frotcom Certified Partner will help you prepare a form template and also configure Frotcom to use your form template.
  4. 4. Roadmap Monthly Newsletter | | Tel + 351 214 135 670 | Frotcom - Vehicle Tracking . Fleet Intelligence Angola |Belgium |Brazil |Bulgaria |Cameroon |Cape Verde |Colombia |Cyprus |Croatia |Egypt |Georgia |Greece |Italy |Kenya |Kosova |Luxembourg | Macedonia |Madagascar |Mauritius |Morocco |Namibia |Portugal |Reunion Islands |Romania |Rwanda |Seychelles |Sierra Leone |Slovenia | South Africa |Spain | Tanzania |Uganda |UK | 4 News and Events Frotcom South Africa launches the “Big 5”! During July 2013, Frotcom South Africa arranged two regional conferences, one in the “mother city” of Cape Town, in the shadow of the iconic Table Mountain and one in “Egoli” – Johannesburg, the economic national “power-house”, 1,600 km from Cape Town. The conference theme was “Unzip Hidden Profit – Potential from your Mobile Fleet Assets” and the guest speaker and presenter was Nuno Liñan, CMO at Frotcom International. Frotcom conferences had some 20 industry representatives from several vertical markets such as the Petro-Chemical, Mining (Yellow Metal), Pharmaceuticals, Fishing, Major Chain Groups and other Distribution & Logistics companies. South Africa is a mature market vehicle tracking market. Frotcom South Africa has consequently developed an effective strategy of effectively focussing on the following “Big 5” differentiators: 1. Cost Reduction management tool; 2. In-cab workforce performance optimization; 3. Integrated Wireless Sensors; 4. Back-Office System Integration; 5. Geo-fencing matrix and eco-driving. Nuno Liñan introduced the Frotcom Fleet Intelligence system, described the benefits and did a live demonstration of the product. The audience was astounded at the superior performance of Frotcom as opposed to the competitors’ products. Almost without exception, Frotcom scored tops in the fields of Cost management and Workforce modules and how the system can interface with the various corporations’ ERP systems. “We have a winner!”, said Colin Doyle, CEO at Frotcom South Africa. This has been proved by the fact that Frotcom South Africa has within the space of 10 days moved onto “Project specification” level with four major clients. “It is the intentions of Frotcom South Africa to make significant inroads into the Fleet Intelligence environment by its unique focus of the “Big-5”, this time not the Lion, Cheetah, Elephant, Buffalo or Rhino”, reiterates Colin Doyle, “and we look forward to a long and profitable partnership with Frotcom International”. ROADMAP congratulates the Frotcom South Africa team for these successful events! Next, on Roadmap News and events, more new Frotcom features and tips will be presented. This and more, so don’t miss the next issue of Roadmap.