Roadmap monthly newsletter - September 2013


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Roadmap monthly newsletter - September 2013

  1. 1. September 2013 Roadmap monthly newsletter In this issue New Features Editorial Extract tachograph files without leaving the office News and Events I n my country, Portugal, people work a lot. We really do. In fact, on average we work more than in most other countries in the European Union. And this is a fact, as you can check in the statistics of the OECD – Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, for instance ( And yet we are not – sadly for me – among the richest countries in Europe. Why so? The answer is that we lack efficiency. In other words, we work a lot, but not as efficiently as we should. Not as efficiently as in the richest countries, anyway. Here’s an extreme example to make the concept clearer: “If you put two men working 24 hours a day, one digging a hole and the other filling it back, they will for sure have worked a lot; and yet they will have achieved nothing.“ Efficiency is about making the best possible use of resources. Efficient firms maximise outputs from given inputs, and so minimise their costs. The result is that they can produce more per employee. Efficient companies achieve a higher productivity. Frotcom keeps bringing more and more tools to increase your workforce’s productivity. It’s not just about knowing where your vehicles are, anymore. For instance, we launched the Eco-driving module in 2012. With it, you know how each vehicle is being driven, contributing to lower fuel and maintenance costs and increasing vehicle availability by reducing downtimes. In April 2013 the Workforce Management module was made available to companies wanting to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their mobile workforce. It is now time to launch the Remote download of tachograph files, reducing significantly the dull and unproductive task of frequently going to each and every truck, simply to collect the data files (mandatory in Europe). More productivity tools will become available in the months to come. Valério Marques, CEO - Frotcom International A note from the editor – If you would like to have your own say in the next edition of this newsletter please do not hesitate to get in touch at Roadmap Monthly Newsletter | | Tel + 351 214 135 670 | Frotcom - Vehicle Tracking . Fleet Intelligence Angola |Belgium |Brazil |Bulgaria |Cameroon |Cape Verde |Colombia |Cyprus |Croatia |Egypt |Georgia |Greece |Italy |Kenya |Kosova |Luxembourg | Macedonia |Madagascar |Mauritius |Morocco |Namibia |Portugal |Reunion Islands |Romania |Rwanda |Seychelles |Sierra Leone |Slovenia | South Africa |Spain | Tanzania |Uganda |UK | 1 Frotcom Namibia exhibited at the Ongwediva Trade Fair 2013 Case Study Scootaxi relies on Frotcom to ensure customer safety and satisfaction This and much more…
  2. 2. Did you know? A smart digital tachograph New Features Extract tachograph leaving the office files without Frotcom’s Tachograph Remote Download feature makes it possible for companies to obtain files without having to send someone to each vehicle, to retrieve data from the tachograph. The operation can be done over-the-air without leaving the office. Frotcom’s Tachograph Remote Download is targeted at transportation companies and other companies using heavy vehicles, in Europe, needing to obtain the tachograph and driver card files for legal purposes. With this new feature it is now possible to download tachograph files remotely, from both the tachograph’s mass memory and the drivers’ tachograph cards. In the same scope, automatic driver identification is also possible by reading the number of the driver card inserted in the tachograph. This feature has to be activated in the tracking device, which has to be connected to truck’s CAN bus. Every truck and bus on EU roads must be fitted with a tachograph to record information on each journey such as driving times and rest periods. Tachographs were first introduced in 1985. Now digital, they are installed on board six million trucks and buses and can record data such as speed, distance covered and driver identification — with much greater accuracy. These data once processed make it easier to check compliance with EU rules by operators and drivers. Tachograph legislation moves to final stages of approval process In June 2013, the European Parliament’s Transport Committee approved the agreement reached with the Council in May regarding the new generation of “smart” tachograph devices for recording driver hours. This new regulation will allow use of latest technology in tackling tachograph fraud and misuse. The proposal introduces higher standards for workshops authorised to install and calibrate the tachograph. A new EC internet based help desk will also allow drivers, control authorities, companies as well as the public to raise questions and concerns. There are new provisions on the training of control officers. […] Remote download structure and components Roadmap Monthly Newsletter | | Tel + 351 214 135 670 | Frotcom - Vehicle Tracking . Fleet Intelligence Angola |Belgium |Brazil |Bulgaria |Cameroon |Cape Verde |Colombia |Cyprus |Croatia |Egypt |Georgia |Greece |Italy |Kenya |Kosova |Luxembourg | Macedonia |Madagascar |Mauritius |Morocco |Namibia |Portugal |Reunion Islands |Romania |Rwanda |Seychelles |Sierra Leone |Slovenia | South Africa |Spain | Tanzania |Uganda |UK | 2 The proposal includes a new exemption from the obligation to use tachographs for nonprofessional drivers using their vehicles for carrying materials or equipment within a uniformly extended distance of 100 km, up from the previous level of 50 km. The final vote in the European Parliament is due in the autumn. Source: ETSC’s Newsletter on Transport Safety Policy Developments in the EU.
  3. 3. Tip of the month Establishing and associating the use of driving teams News and Events Frotcom Namibia exhibited at the Ongwediva Annual Trade Fair 2013 Widely accepted as one of the biggest B2B trade exhibitions in Namibia, the Annual Ongwediva Trade Fair is an event organized by the Ongwediva Town Council and focussed on Trade Fairs for Consumer Goods Industries. The 2013 OATF was held from the 23rd to the 31st of August, 2013 at the Ongwediva Trade Centre under the theme "Propelling innovation for business success". In its booth, Frotcom Namibia exhibited the abilities of the Frotcom system and had the opportunity to do live demonstrations to visitors. According to Hiskia Nangolo, Managing Director at Frotcom Namibia, “This fair had more than 65.000 visitors and gave us the opportunity to promote Frotcom, highlighting the benefits of a vehicle tracking system”. “Numerous visitors to our booth commented that Frotcom appears to be well ahead of the competition in terms of equipment (GPS trackers), software and services offered. Significant interest was expressed in the products and services offered by our company.” A driving team is sometimes used in long haulage. Team drivers will take the wheel in turns, in order to keep a truck rolling with as few interruptions as possible and without forcing drivers to work beyond the maximum recommendable periods and/or allowed by law. To specify that your company will be using driving teams, go to Administration > Company profile and Edit the Driving conditions folder: By default, this option is set to No. To activate it, specify that you will Allow the use of driving teams by selecting Yes. At the end, click Save. Once you do this, you will be able to specify teams of two drivers per vehicle, instead of only a solo driver. To create a team of drivers, you must associate both to the same vehicle. Go to Administration > Vehicles, select the vehicle and select the names of both Driver and Co-driver: Hiskia Nangolo also stated that “This trade fair was the best way to launch Frotcom in Namibia as it brought us many direct contacts for prospective clients. It is therefore time to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty.” ROADMAP congratulates Frotcom Namibia for the participation in this event! Roadmap Monthly Newsletter | | Tel + 351 214 135 670 | Frotcom - Vehicle Tracking . Fleet Intelligence Angola |Belgium |Brazil |Bulgaria |Cameroon |Cape Verde |Colombia |Cyprus |Croatia |Egypt |Georgia |Greece |Italy |Kenya |Kosova |Luxembourg | Macedonia |Madagascar |Mauritius |Morocco |Namibia |Portugal |Reunion Islands |Romania |Rwanda |Seychelles |Sierra Leone |Slovenia | South Africa |Spain | Tanzania |Uganda |UK | 3 The driver is the person who takes the wheel at that moment. The codriver seats with the driver and waits his/her turn to go behind the wheel.
  4. 4. Case Study Next, on Roadmap Scootaxi relies on Frotcom to ensure customer safety and satisfaction Scootaxi, a startup company from Kosovo, is providing taxi service in Pristina with environment friendly scooters, which are fast and easy to manoeuvre in heavy traffic, for just 1 € per journey. Scooters are monitored through Frotcom to ensure a proactive service, responding in due time to customers' calls, manage driver behaviour and control the 50 km/h speed limit. Frotcom helps guarantee the safety and satisfaction of all passengers. According to Diellza Xhemajli, Project Manager at Scootaxi, “One of our biggest concerns was to ensure the safety of our customers. We also wanted to be sure that we were sending the driver closest to the customer’s location and we were using the best routes to arrive on time. Frotcom Kosova presented us all the options and features we needed, and by implementing Frotcom reliable GPS vehicle tracking system to control driving behaviour and speed limits of Scootaxi’s drivers, we accomplished our goals.” For more information about Scootaxi visit their webpage (in Albanian) here. ROADMAP congratulates the Frotcom Kosova team for this successful project! Roadmap Monthly Newsletter | | Tel + 351 214 135 670 | Frotcom - Vehicle Tracking . Fleet Intelligence Angola |Belgium |Brazil |Bulgaria |Cameroon |Cape Verde |Colombia |Cyprus |Croatia |Egypt |Georgia |Greece |Italy |Kenya |Kosova |Luxembourg | Macedonia |Madagascar |Mauritius |Morocco |Namibia |Portugal |Reunion Islands |Romania |Rwanda |Seychelles |Sierra Leone |Slovenia | South Africa |Spain | Tanzania |Uganda |UK | 4 News and events, more new Frotcom features and tips will be presented. This and more, so don’t miss the next issue of Roadmap.