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Roadmap monthly newsletter - March 2012

  1. 1. March 2012Roadmap monthly newsletter In this issue New Features Setting a vehicle to theEditorial Privacy Mode is now possibleA s you will read in the next pages of this issue of Roadmap, Frotcom is now Using Cost/hour instead of available in the United Kingdom too. Officially, Frotcom UK started its Cost/km st activities on March 1 this year, although preparatory activities started long ago, in mid-2011. News and eventsI’ll bet every Frotcom Customer or Partner will tell you that Frotcom goes all the way to Frotcom Bulgaria exhibitingexcel its services, regardless of how large or small the fleet of vehicles that customer at Transport & Logisticshas, regardless of what kind of business sector that customer is in and – last but notleast – regardless of where in the world this customer is located. We do practice the Always on the run“think global act local” motto. to meet clients´ needs So, is the UK any different? New Certified Partner Well, Frotcom’s launch in the UK represents a Frotcom now in UK presence in a very mature market, where customers of fleet management systems have had This and much more… access to many solutions for years; moreover, many of these companies do not just want basic tracking and tracing; they are already familiar with services such as navigation and messaging or integration with ERP, to name but a few. The UK telematics market is striding towards the future with enhanced features, such as wireless cargo temperature monitoring and door checks, and even reading security seals data directly into the system automatically.Frotcom International’s strategy has been to create a very competitive product andservice before venturing into markets such as the UK. Now, we are ready and feel veryconfident in Frotcom’s ability to compete in the UK as effectively as it has already provenin other markets.Frotcom UK also brings to the market Frotcom’s full integration with SecureSeal’s latestwireless RF trailer monitoring equipment. This places the Frotcom system at the cuttingedge of trailer monitoring as the only telematics system available with fully integratedwireless trailer sensors. Customers will benefit from the total control of their cargowithout the expensive, high maintenance and intrusive wiring operations in trailerswhich have been traditionally troublesome. This innovative new system has beeneagerly awaited in the tough fast-moving UK market and has already been field tested bycustomers, with excellent results.Once again, Frotcom sets a high standard and paves the way to third generation fleetmanagement.Valério MarquesCEO - Frotcom InternationalA note from the editor – If you would like to have your own say in the next edition of this newsletter please donot hesitate to get in touch at Monthly Newsletter | | Tel + 351 214 135 670 | Fax +351 214 135 678Frotcom vehicle tracking system | www.frotcom.comAngola |Belgium |Brazil |Bulgaria |Cameroon |Cyprus |Croatia |D. R. Congo |Greece |Italy |Kenya |Kosova | Luxembourg |Macedonia |Madagascar |Mauritius |Morocco |Portugal |Reunion Islands |Romania |Rwanda |Senegal |Seychelles |Sierra Leone |Slovenia |Spain |Tanzania |Uganda | UK | 1
  2. 2. Did you know? Preventing Road Accidents and Injuries for the Safety ofNew Features EmployeesSetting a vehicle to Privacy Mode is now possibleSome companies have a vehicle usagepolicy for some of their vehicles inwhich the drivers are allowed to usethe vehicles out of the working period, It is estimated that in Europe six outas their private vehicles. For instance, of ten work accidents resulting induring weekends, holidays, or simply death are road crashes, includingafter the working hours. Once a vehicle both crashes while driving for workis set to privacy mode, tracking data and commuting crashes. (Eurogip)will no longer be available in Frotcom. The only information available will be ETSC (European Transport Safetythe total mileage. Council) has launched PRAISE, a 3 year project addressing all safety aspects of driving ‘at’ work andUsing Cost/hour instead of Cost/km driving ‘to’ work.You can now configure Frotcom to PRAISE aims to:calculate the cost of each trip based - advance the need for work-relatedeither on distance or on time. Road Safety Management and provide the know-how to employers who must take on that challenge.Select, copy, cut and paste values and texts - raise the work-related road safety standards of EU Member States andActive input text boxes have a context menu you can use to help you select, carry out advocacy work at the EUcopy, cut and paste values and texts. For instance, when you are sending a level: work-related road safety is anmessage to a driver, in Interact, you can right click on the message field and area of road safety policy that needspaste a text previously copied from other software. renewed political commitment. - communicate the message that work-related road safety should include road safety ‘at’ work (driving on duty) but also road safety ‘to’ work (commuting). Using the roads is a necessary part of everyone’s daily business, increasingly for work-related purposes. It is therefore unacceptable that an ordinary activity leads to an incredibly high level of injury and death. To put it shortly, PRAISE is about “Mobilizing knowledge to createRoadmap Monthly Newsletter | | Tel + 351 214 135 670 | Fax +351 214 135 678Frotcom vehicle tracking system | work-related road safety leadership.”Angola |Belgium |Brazil |Bulgaria |Cameroon |Cyprus |Croatia |D. R. Congo |Greece |Italy |Kenya |Kosova | Luxembourg |Macedonia |Madagascar |Mauritius |Morocco |Portugal |Reunion Islands |Romania |Rwanda |Senegal |Seychelles |Sierra Leone |Slovenia |Spain |Tanzania |Uganda | UK | 2 Source:
  3. 3. Tip of the monthNews and eventsFrotcom Bulgaria exhibiting at Transport & Logistics Play vehicle route movieFrotcom Bulgaria exhibited at the 5th Having access to a vehicle routeEdition of the International Specialized movie from one place to anotherExhibition Transport & Logistics. can be very interesting for usersTransport & Logistics has established who want to follow closely theitself as a professional business-to- route of a specific forum, providing To be able to do this you have toopportunities for direct contacts, select from the map the vehicleexchange of experience and you want to track and then pressprerequisites for successful the Movie button placed on thecooperation with clients and partners. right side bar.In the eye-catching stand of Frotcom Bulgaria, Delyan and his teammates On the left side a floating panelreceived many visitors and showed them the latest features in Frotcom. will pop up. Also, on the map youROADMAP congratulates Frotcom Bulgaria for the participation at this great event! will see a moving representation of the vehicle’s path:Always on the run to meet clients´ needs Now, press the Play button on the floating panel. The vehicle will start to move as the time bar progresses. You can pause or reset.Frotcom Macedonia have recently transformed their vehicle in more than just ameans of transportation. With such a beautiful wrap, Frotcom Macedonia’sservices car surely cannot pass unnoticed. And it can be seen as a genuine wayto transmit the clear message that Frotcom Macedonia is always on the run tomeet the clients’ needs. With just a few clicks you can playRoadmap Monthly Newsletter | | Tel + 351 214 135 670 | Fax +351 214 135 678 your own vehicle route movie!Frotcom vehicle tracking system | www.frotcom.comAngola |Belgium |Brazil |Bulgaria |Cameroon |Cyprus |Croatia |D. R. Congo |Greece |Italy |Kenya |Kosova | Luxembourg |Macedonia |Madagascar |Mauritius |Morocco |Portugal |Reunion Islands |Romania |Rwanda |Senegal |Seychelles |Sierra Leone |Slovenia |Spain |Tanzania |Uganda | UK | 3
  4. 4. New Certified Partner Next, on RoadmapFrotcom now in UKFrotcom International and SecureSeal Systems create joint News and events,venture for the British market. more new Frotcom featuresFrotcom International is proud to announce an exciting new partnership withSecureSeal Systems Ltd for the launch of Frotcom UK. The partnership also sees and tips will be presented.the integration of the very latest wireless RF trailer monitoring equipment intothe standard Frotcom telematics system.UK-based SecureSeal Systems Limited ispart of the OEM Group of companies This and more, so don’t missestablished in 1976. SecureSeal’s the next issue of Roadmap.reusable security seal is already standardspecification on some of the largestglobal fleets such as Massmart, Ron Dimelow, Business Development Manager SecuresealWalmart, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, among and Valerio Marques, CEO Frotcom Internationalothers.For more information about SecureSeal Systems visit their webpage here.Cameron Grant, Managing Director at SecureSeal Systems, said that “This newintroduction and partnership with Frotcom goes hand in hand with the launch ofthe brand new RF trailer monitoring equipment placing the Frotcom system in aunique position as the only telematics system providing fully integrated wirelessRF monitoring for temperature, door and security on trailers.”Regarding the new partnership, Valério Marques, CEO at Frotcom Internationalcommunicated that “Having Frotcom UK as our new partner is a very importantstep in Frotcom’s positioning as a global provider of advanced fleetmanagement. SecureSeal’s impressive track record and market visionstrenghtens our confidence in this great partnership for the demanding UKmarket.”ROADMAP congratulates Cameron Grant, Ron Dimelow and the Frotcom UKteam and wishes them great success.About UK: The United Kingdom is a unitary state governed under a constitutionalmonarchy and a parliamentary system, with its seat of government in the capital city ofLondon. The UK has the worlds sixth-largest economy by nominal GDP and seventh-largest economy by purchasing power parity. UK remains a great power with leadingeconomic, cultural, military, scientific and political influence. > Capital: London > Currency: Pound Sterling > Language: English > Population: 62.26 mln > Territory: 94,060 sq mi > GDP: USD 2.253 trillionRoadmap Monthly Newsletter | | Tel + 351 214 135 670 | Fax +351 214 135 678Frotcom vehicle tracking system | www.frotcom.comAngola |Belgium |Brazil |Bulgaria |Cameroon |Cyprus |Croatia |D. R. Congo |Greece |Italy |Kenya |Kosova | Luxembourg |Macedonia |Madagascar |Mauritius |Morocco |Portugal |Reunion Islands |Romania |Rwanda |Senegal |Seychelles |Sierra Leone |Slovenia |Spain |Tanzania |Uganda | UK | 4