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Prof  presentation   nuno saramago 07-2010
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Prof presentation nuno saramago 07-2010



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  • 1. Professional Presentation NUNO FRANCISCO BRUNO SARAMAGO [email_address] + 55 41 99837612
  • 2. Presentation Executive, graduated in Mechanical Engineering, with a high level experience in managing businesses in a multicultural environment and highly competitive markets, with full control of all management functions, including those of strategic nature, with a strong action in building and developing teams focused on company objectives, generating measurable results and expressive gains in market share and profitability. Multinational experience in Europe and South America. Occupied C-level positions for the last 9 years, 7 of them as CEO and was Board Member at 3 Boards. Born in Portugal, in Brazil for 11 years, with fluent English and Spanish and Board Member graduation.
  • 3. Achievements Record
    • Positioned the enterprise as 15th among all Brazilian enterprises in liquidity and 19th with lowest debt in 2008 (1)
    • Positioned the enterprise as 10th best among the Brazilian enterprises of the steel sector in 2008 (1)
    • Executed the cost reduction plan for adjustment to the 2009 crisis( -25%)
    • Implemented ERP
    • Developed and structured new operational procedures
    1996 1998 2001 2003 2008
    • Implemented the integrated supply chain management model
    • Defined the location of the second plant in Brazil
    • Implemented the management system
    • Restructured the Commercial, Finance, HR and Controlling areas
    2010 (1) Magazine Exame: as Melhores e Maiores
    • Coordinated the implementation of the industrial unit in Campinas
    • Hired and trained the plant start-up team
    Campinas Plant Paraná Plant
    • Achieved a profitability level 20% higher than the average of the sector
    • Stopped the generation of fiscal liability
    • Grew from the 7 th to the 2 nd position in the Brazilian market from 2003 to 2005
    ArcelorMittal Gonvarri CEO Gonvarri Brasil CEO Gonvarri Campinas Plant Manager Gonvarri Paraná Logistics Manager Gonvarri Portugal IT Manager
  • 4. Expressive impact in the company value CEO 2003 - 2010 (1) 2009 drop proporcional to the market. (2) Market average of multiples of EBITDA
    • Tripled the turnover with a R$1Bi record in 2008 (1)
    • Converted the R$180M debt in R$124M cash
    • Increased the company value in R$680M
    • Took the EBITDA from R$28M (2%) in 2003 to R$90M (12%) in 2008 (1)
  • 5. Broad Professional Offer
    • Differentials
      • Restructuration of enterprises (Turnaround)
      • New project implementation (Green Field)
      • Merger and Acquisition of enterprises (M&A)
    • Supported by broad managerial competence
      • Business vision
      • Team development
      • Execution
  • 6. Differential of the professional offer
    • Evaluated businesses financially and operationally, identifying their main risks (“Due Diligence”).
    • Defined credit attribution (structure and committees) and receivables recovery area.
    • Identified, managed and recovered fiscal liabilities.
    • Has juridical expertise (fiscal, civil, corporate, labor and criminal).
    • Coordinated fraud investigations.
    • Reduced work accidents and stopped environmental risks.
    • Implemented management methodologies for process control and productivity increase.
    • Implemented a continuous improvement culture.
  • 7. Differential of the professional offer
    • Built the business plan.
    • Executed the location study (logistics, incentives and taxes).
    • Negotiated with suppliers and authorities.
    • Evaluated and approved the technical projects and layout definitions.
    • Managed the project chronogram, guaranteeing both budget and timing accomplishment.
    • Expertise in price negotiation for the business transaction (deducted cash flow, EBITDA multiples or patrimonial).
    • Coordinated the necessary juridical support to the acquisition operations.
    • Structured the escrow account.
  • 8. Basis of the professional offer Broad Managerial Competence
    • Business vision, allowing the structuring of growth strategies and the definition of short, medium and long term goals (strategic planning).
    • Business model definition in fiscally complex and multicultural environments.
    • Development of high performance teams in multicultural environment able to autonomously manage the businesses.
    • Training of managers in financial concepts allowing a cash focused management.
    • Building of budget and forecast model.
    • Structuring of systematic for goal deployment and results follow-up.
    • Implementation of management methodologies able to promote productivity gains through continuous improvement of processes.
    • Implementation of corporative governance models in multinational or family enterprises with matrix structures and BoD.