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SMC Gville May 2010

SMC Gville May 2010



Aaron Von Frank's May 2010 presentation at Social Media Club Greenville

Aaron Von Frank's May 2010 presentation at Social Media Club Greenville



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    SMC Gville May 2010 SMC Gville May 2010 Presentation Transcript

    • The story behind…
    • 5 Things To Discuss
      1. Who Am I?
      2. What Was Google On Main & How Did It Happen?
      3. Why Did It Work (& Stories From 3 Volunteers)?
      4. What’s Coming Next?
      5. Q & A
      If you’re still awake.
    • 1. Who Am I?  
    • 2. What Was Google On Main & How Did It Happen? 
      Profanity/inappropriate language will be blacked out to make this presentation safe for children
      and to protect the guilty.
    • 5
      February 22
      27 Daysuntil Google On Main!
      It all started innocently enough: The
      Swamp Fox, John Warner, calls a
      meeting to discuss the Fiber in his diet.
      Yeah. Not sure what this has to do with Google, but what the heck… .
      Hey, it’s the InnoVenture and Swamp Fox guy!
    • John creates a Google Doc spreadsheet for
      everyone to add thoughts and comments to. The idea
      that becomes Google On Main is born (proof of US
      citizenship below):
      February 28
      21 Daysuntil Google On Main!
    • 7
      March 3
      17 Daysuntil Google On Main!
      And 2 days before TEDxGreenville- yikes!
      I call a meeting of the
      community outreach team to
      Orange Coat International
      Headquarters (pictured on left)
      Glow sticks would be cool!
      You’re f***ing crazy!
      Google sites & services!
      We Are Feeling Lucky!
    • 8
      March 5
      15 Daysuntil Google On Main!
      March 6
      14 Daysuntil Google On Main!
      Day of Rest
      It’s a bed. It’s for decoration..
      Hey, what the heck is that thing!
    • 9
      March 7
      13 Daysuntil Google On Main!
      Few Small Problems To Overcome:
      No public announcement/zero public awareness,
      No website or social media presence,
      No money, no permission, no insurance,
      Etc, etc. Oh yeah, did I mention etc?
      You’re f***ing crazy..
      No prob. Just get me some coffee.
    • First draft of website, facebook page, twitter hashtags, YouTube channel go public,
      First SM interactions take place,
      March 8
      12 Daysuntil Google On Main!
      "well, I may not actually make it there that night, but I'll send emissaries! good luck Greenville! <3“ -Monica Munoz-Turres
      "So cool! Wish I could be there!" -Amber Osborne
      "Of course I will be there!  And bringing friends- many many friends!" -Kym Petrie
      "We can't make it sorry...have two prior commitments that night"
      -Dick Carlson
    • 11
      March 9
      11 Daysuntil Google On Main!
      Then a few good things started happening:
      Hundreds of people started pouring on;
      A little website called Mashable picked us up;
      People in the community like Victor Chen, Ed Wilmot, & TimTV pointed out
      that we should consider using a “greener” glowstick than the fluid-filled ones.
      Victor found LED powered glowsticks with 6 color settings; 
      I even came up with a final draft of the logo that even Evan @ Orange
      Coat liked OK (the one I put out at 5am on Sunday was pretty embarrassing).
      This logo officially
      approved by:
      Evan Tishuk
      Inspector #: OC01001
    • Then more media started calling & emailing to
      cover We Are Feeling Lucky/Google On Main.
      WYFF, Mashable, Tech Crunch, Fox Carolinas, Business Black Box, ABC, Fast Company,
      Then we picked up our first sponsor: James
      Akers, Jr and WOW Realty.
      March 10
      10 Daysuntil Google On Main!
    • 13
      March 11
      9 Daysuntil Google On Main!
      “It can’t be done.”
      “That’s impossible.”
      “I bet you don’t have what it takes to pull that off.”
      No prob. Get me the coffee..
      City said it’s impossible for us to do Google On Main.
    • 14
      March 11
      9 Daysuntil Google On Main!
      This did initially lead to some interesting exchanges between various team members… but then we got it figured out.
      • Make sure the city will let us submit permits if we meet their requirements
      March 12
      8 Daysuntil Google On Main!
      “We’ve got your back.” –Mayor White’s response
    • 16
      March 13
      7 Daysuntil Google On Main!
      • Find an organization to cover the $millions in insurance needs.
      • Find an organization willing to submit our permits.
      “Thanks Brenda & Russ!”
    • 17
      March 15
      5 Daysuntil Google On Main!
      • Raise $4,500 in 24 hours to cover costs.
      • Order port-o-johns and medical personnel.
    • 18
      March 16
      4 Daysuntil Google On Main!
      • “Notify” Main Street businesses about Google On Main.
      “Thanks Jake Knight & Kat Hardaway for getting these promo fliers out to Main St businesses.”
      “Thanks Kym Petrie for paying for printing costs.”
    • 19
      March 17
      3 Daysuntil Google On Main!
      We get our official approval for Google On Main@ Falls Park
      from the City AND the Peace Center grants us access to their
      Amphitheater. Now we can fully market Google On Main.
      That’s helpful. Cause we have to get 3x more people in 3 days.
    • I order my first helicopter (little nervous that Visa fraud
      alert didn’t call about this- or the 2,200 glow sticks for
      that matter).
      We also release our Google On
      Main “Instructional Video.”
      March 18
      2 Daysuntil Google On Main!
    • The volunteers & organizers do a dry run at the park.
      TIC Properties emails me back to say they’ll try to get
      their lights turned on/off to do what we need.
      March 19
      1 Dayuntil Google On Main!
    • 2,200 people start coming out to play. Minor problems:
      We’re missing sign in sheets & the volunteer who was supposed to print them.
      We can’t hear Falls Park & they can’t hear Peace Center.
      Text messages say encouraging things such as, “No cops are here,” “oh s*** park is still full of people,” “We’re not ready yet. Stall.”
      March 20
      0 Daysuntil Google On Main!
      Everything is going according to plan- sort of. Well…
    • 23
      “Welcome to Greenville, South Carolina.”
      March 20
      0 Daysuntil Google On Main!
    • 24
      March 21
      1 DaysinceGoogle On Main!
      Mike Bergen from AidJoy.org (our helicopter
      photographer) delivers the bad news…
    • 25
      March 21
      1 DaysinceGoogle On Main!
    • Part 3 – Why Did It Work: Top 5 Reasons
      Message: We, Not Me– Never, Ever
      Focused Competition: Our Tribe is Better Than Your Tribe & We Have 2 Weeks to Prove It
      Ice Cream Shop: Something for Everybody
      Wow Factor: Purple Cow... erGlowsticks
      Greenville: Special City, Special People (and amazing team)
    • 27
      Part 4 – What’s Next?
      Is it possible for Greenville to fully
      understand, harness, and replicate
      what happened on March 20, 2010?
      Please tell us it’s impossible. 
    • Part 5 – Question & AnswerThanks for your support & attendance.Thanks Trey & SMC for the invitation to share our message.